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The series of X-Com is preparing to return to us for the occasion but takes a whole new recipe. It will always take control of a very special agency fighting against the alien menace, but I owe you no longer take the form of a strategy game. Indeed, XCOM is a FPS rather unusual: you also have to count on your reflexes on your brain to overcome the villainous aliens who want to settle on our planet.

For the benefit of PC gamers: XCOM is very different from X-COM, the venerable strategy game, but you’ll probably see for yourself anyway. Just for console gamers, XCOM is a reinvention of X-COM, the venerable strategy game, but you’ll probably see for yourself anyway.

There are not many licenses would also be dicey in reviving the Xbox 360 as the UFO: Enemy Unknown 1994, also known as the X-COM: UFO Defense. Many experts advised (including myself) make regular apology as one of the best video games ever made. Even after 16 years of projects done by fans and suites unofficial, not counting derivatives official truly appalling, nothing has succeeded in restoring its remarkable blend of strength, strategy, chills and atmosphere Series B .

All this was done by X-COM a rare and precious. The reactions of veterans of PC gaming with the revelation in April that 2K would resume X-COM and make a shooter in first person as was expected unqualified, because they came from people who really had the heart broken. They had waited so long for the return of the king, they now feel betrayed.

About the game:

XCOM is the re-imagining of the classic tale of humanity’s struggle against an unknown enemy that puts players directly into the shoes of an FBI agent tasked with identifying and eliminating the growing threat. True to the roots of the franchise, players will be placed in charge of overcoming high-stake odds through risky strategic gambits coupled with heart-stopping combat experiences that pit human ingenuity – and frailty – against a foe beyond comprehension. By setting the game in a first-person perspective, players will be able to feel the tension and fear that comes with combating a faceless enemy that is violently probing and plotting its way into our world.

Fans of strategy games may cry heresy, but the next episode of the series of X-Com is indeed a FPS. You can also say goodbye to the futuristic atmosphere which generally characterizes the license, this album takes you into the America of the 50s. XCOM simply entitled, as such does not necessarily deny its origins and still offers some features that should please the fans of the series. In fact, do not expect an action game that Lambda would look like two drops of water to its counterpart released last week. In XCOM you need to exercise common sense and restraint to complete your missions. The game’s title refers directly on behalf of the government agency which is very special hero, a William Carter. The purpose of this agency is to fight the unknown, she finally takes care above all to prevent at all costs alien invasion looming on the horizon.

This organization is ubiquitous in the mechanisms of the game this way from its headquarters located in an aircraft hangar that you can access various missions and upgrade your equipment between both games. Specifically, a large map of the United States dominates the central hall and you can directly choose your next destination. Please be aware that all missions are not worth, you must make your choice based on your priorities: would you like to save civilians, advancing research on aliens, or just earn some money. As part of the presentation we were sent to a small tower next to a residential suburb of Los Angeles to see what was afoot strange. Before launching into the fire of the action, we must also make a detour to the armory cover story out. Conventional weapons like the shotgun are available, but you’ll find a bit more exotic equipment directly from research on alien technology like the Lightning Gun, which projects a kind of arc energy on all enemies surrounding strange or incendiary grenades filled with black slimy substance which does not inspire confidence.

The objective of the original X-COM was to repel an alien invasion of earth on a large scale two very different but closely interconnected. In general, you build bases, you’re looking for new technologies and you are coaching a high-tech army. On the ground, you send a squadron of soldiers operating on sites where the aliens were spotted and then you supervise directly the ensuing gunfire. Once again, it’s about having a plan – and then see if this plan works, in often violent and dangerous.

In XCOM (by the way, would you kindly pay attention to the presence or absence of the hyphen? I am tired to specify “original” each time. So, indent = original, no indent = new XCOM), you already have the base. The action takes place more in the near future, but in the 50s, especially in America. You play the FBI agent Carter and director of the new unit XCOM, a specialized ultra-looking all suspicious alien activity on Earth to counter them.

To do this you need to plan activities for your underground base: looking for new technologies, build new weapons and oversee the airwaves and phone lines in America to detect signs of foreign operations. When you find something odd, it appears on the card in your office. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to go and see what happens. The vast majority of the game is not linear and you can instead choose the tasks according to the importance you give them. For example, a report may suspect animal attacks. The agent that you should look into that and it’s an opportunity for a little role play.

You look at these dirty business long enough to know that the mysterious animal attacks are indicative of something very special and very scary – the Blobs. It’s time to take a decision, Mr. Officer. You’ve already fought these things before, so there will not necessarily have much information to collect. On the other hand, have already fought for, you are now well equipped to destroy them. Until next time. We will not talk about the next time.

It’s worth going there. Thanks to the scientists of the laboratory, you are now in possession of a small surprises for these deadly foam balls. It will be a balanced fight and you’ll have a chance to recover a significant little Elerium, mysterious alien substance and infinitely precious than those invaders from outer space tend to have on them. The party is engaged, Carter. Take two of your best agents, made off the powerful device that you call the Enforcer and go within the confines of a suburb.

Thanks to the items you’ve collected during previous missions, scientists have been able to do your research on Blobs and find a way to counter them. The results have been sent to your engineers to design a weapon, and you can now order as many incendiary grenades as you need – these changes every few seconds a blob into a puddle of tar. Yet they must be used sparingly. You can take a limited number in each mission and they cost a fortune to produce. Money does not grow on trees, the money comes from government grants and you deserve it.

But for now, your only concern is survival. By crossing a lawn to go into a house that looks straight out of a postcard, you’ll be trapped and surrounded by these monsters of black tar and exciting. Throw another incendiary grenade in there causing carnage – burning down the walls, furniture and staff. Seriously ill and covered with a tar-like substance abrasive one of your men eventually succumbed to his injuries. You’re no more than two. (A digression to talk about the characters – the nature of your control over the men of support remains a mystery. It is clearly an important element for the fans of X-COM, who were accustomed to controlling squads of a dozen soldiers and more. 2K Marin / Australia has confirmed that there are good reasons to worry about other agents and they should not be silent robots in this demo, but we can not yet make that assumption.)

It must continue to move and fight – and constantly keep an eye on your supply of ammunition which diminish dangerously. When there will be more, there will be more, and you will no choice but run. Do not expect especially not find a box of ammunition, helping drag down the street. This is a real world and the reality is cruel. You come out and you finally find the Elerium. This metallic substance has a geometric shape and not a wall Blobs revolves around her. Another battle, and you can walk out of there. If only it were that simple! Once you grab this Elerium, the sky changes. The world darkens. Something slowly descends through the clouds, and it looks like both a building, a ship and a creature. This huge obelisk begins to transform into a necklace of huge diamond shaped gems.

You do not know very well what happens next. Was it a death ray, or some kind of giant vacuum cleaner? In both cases, it was enough to break the road surface and disintegrate the agent you left. The thing turns to you. The pistol bullets, the shotgun shells and incendiary grenades are ineffective. You run. End detour before leaving on mission, it must also choose two teammates from the team. The management of this famous team will obviously be a crucial point. Neither one, nor two, this little band soon found himself on the famous residential area and does not take long to discover strange tracks in the ground.

By following up behind a flag, the team finds a corpse covered with molasses rather unsavory. Finally some aliens traveling on the road and I must admit that their appearance is rather disconcerting: they are gelatinous masses blackish bluish, developers nicknamed the blobs. These nasty critters apparently kill their victims by creeping into their bodies. Other words, he must not stay too long in one of them hooked to your face … These aliens are also very tough, in fact one of our companions made the charge at time of presentation: he died in battle and should not be too much to hope for a miracle worthy of a video game come on revive.

That’s works XCOM – nothing is simple and we must fight to the end, until all aliens are dead. You fight as long as you can stay alive as long as you have enough health and ammo to continue. For cons, the longer you stay on a mission over the threat grows. The Blobs become the Titans, the Titans can become … God knows what. The trailer for the latest gives us to see strange creatures cube decked as housewives, and maybe some enemies they will draw the end of X-COM – weapons to control telepathic creatures and capable of laying eggs to hatch faster inside the body of living men.

Despite the loss of his colleague, William still managed to calm the situation by having shoot down anything that does not seem very human. It remains for him to find his car when a very odd phenomenon appeared: a black monolith hovering in the air, quickly turns into a giant lens capable of launching an incredibly powerful beam. Your last friend in fact also the costs and left literally to ashes before your eyes. By the way this process is reminiscent of the weapon used by the aliens in War of the Worlds by HG Wells. The first thing to do is then to take this strange event alien pictured so that scientists can study it and find a way to fight against this thing. Most importantly take your legs to your neck scampering as fast as it is the only valid decision in this situation, it should obviously not always play the hero in XCOM.


XCOM is not a strategy game, but it is a game about strategy. It is in this case to prepare for battle, managing its progress and to properly estimate when to avoid losses. The next time you have a weapon to respond to this strange obelisk, thanks to what you have collected and given to your investigators. Next time you look at the evidence and prepare you to better your equipment according to the threat you think to face. That said, you always end up running.

The main advantage of XCOM is without doubt its originality. The SPF redolent of 50s America has preferred to bet on a neat atmosphere rather than action phases endless. This does not mean that hunting Aliens is a walkover, instead they turn out really tough and it will take determination and nerves of steel to survive this kind of meeting.




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