Tron: Evolution Game Preview


You are aware that Disney is preparing a sequel to Tron 80s who called
Tron: The Legacy. Obviously, a video game accompany its release. The
game at issue is not the direct adaptation of the film. Instead Tron:
Evolution to be a link between the 1982 film and its sequel.

Since the beginning of its history, video games have always been
associated with movies, no doubt because the tapes are a must great
success when promoting a video game. So it’s normal to prepare a juicy
film accompanying a game. As these titles, has been of variable quality
from really bad games that were just trying to pull others to take more
care also completed the story shown in the film.

Propaganda Games, the developer of TRON: Evolution, which is the
counterpart of this year’s Disney movie TRON: Legacy, aims enviable but
difficult to make a game that meets the standards of the securities
action / adventure modern while evoking nostalgia for the neon lights of
early arcade games. It is somehow strange that the games that come up
most often in our conversation with the developer are not Battlezone and
Tempest, but Prince of Persia: The Sands forgotten and Split / Second .

The Game:

TRON: Evolution is one of the immersive third person action-adventure
video games that pulls the player into the exclusive digital globe of
TRON. Players travel around TRON’s metropolis using the liberated
running phenomenon Parkour, navigate between sole rebel factions, and
fight an marathon encounter against a dictator’s apparently inexorable
army in the prequel story to the blockbuster film, TRON: Legacy.

The game’s tale occurs earlier than the "TRON: Legacy" events and offers
insight into the film’s past. As an included entertainment experience,
the film will reference rudiments of the game’s story. Fans will desire
to play the game to be trained more about the TRON mythology observed in
the film, but each entertainment experience will stand on its own.
TRON: Evolution is planned for release in Holiday 2010 before the "TRON:
Legacy" film turn up in theaters.


  • High
    Mobility Combat – Fight the rivals of the TRON world with your light
    disc by means of a energetic blend of Parkour and martial arts movement
    on your daring assignment across the grid.
  • Vehicular Action – Speedy paced thrilling light cycle racing and
    battle in the digital TRON world.
  • Bridge the Legacy – TRON: Evolution is the prequel tale to the film
    TRON: Legacy and unbolt mysteries in the rich TRON myths.
  • Online/Multiplayer – TRON: Evolution has an original online
    experience featuring unrelenting character progression.

In other words, it’s a sequel that takes place before and long enough
before, in 1989 in the Gregorian calendar. The game will be released
before the movie at the end of this year and the script will include
references to events that take place as a sort of wink to the fans of
TRON. It happens entirely in the Matrix, the story depicting "a series
of seismic events in the universe ranging from the utopian vision of
Kevin Flynn’s dream became a nightmare TRON: Legacy . He tries to make
the foot-cons look of Legacy – Or to change one of the original TRON –
to show the state of the world of fantasy virtual human program in 1989.

At the retro-future, a balance is awkward, and it must be admitted that
the final result is close TRON: Legacy But it does not really matter:
austere, minimalist and elegant, with enemies and friends clearly
differentiated by color, it’s really pure TRON.


This simplicity and austerity is reflected in the gameplay on foot
because the "future generation of Supervisor System" created by TRON to
combat malicious programs, as well as platforms and fighting – we are
told inspired by parkour and capoeira – are extremely fluid thanks to a
logical layout of the controls and simplified with interesting
combinations and permutations.

Hold the left trigger button is sprinting to the Supervisor System,
which allows him to jump and run on walls anywhere in the environment
(even if the interaction points are clearly shown in this demo that
clearly offer a tutorial). The A button (on the Xbox 360) skips. With
this geometry and fatally simple flat Grid, it is easy to chain racing
platforms graceful and rhythmic.

You then have two attack buttons, which triggers a sudden close combat
or run away from your self-targeting disk of light resembling a
boomerang. They are modified when used in a neutral position when it
stings a sprint, or when one is warned by pressing the trigger left.
Finally, you can assign to a third special attack Y – an explosive in
the demo disc. What is unusual for a game of this type is that there are
no combos to learn, just to support a patient on the buttons to make
their way through small groups highly mobile enemy came to nothing

Link between the two

The film, Tron Legacy which is a direct sequel to the original account
as the son of Kevin Flynn (star of the first) should go into the world
of Tron to find her missing father. The game developers have worked
closely with authors of the film, so it is expected that we find a good
argument to complete the film.

Tron: Evolution is a platform adventure that combines simple, action and
a bit of action in addition to the parts of driving. The game is set in
the world of Tron where we will have some amazing abilities like being
able to walk through walls (just as typical in this type of games) and
in the fighting, which we will use our hard to kill enemies. Parts of
platforms, so we will be fairly straightforward, although the control
does not make things entirely straight. And is that not everything goes
fine we would like, causing occasional leap in the dark until we do with
it, but after a while we got used. When moving, jumping is usually
combined with platforms that allow us to reach higher and with parts of
exploration, since some parts of the scenarios will have multiple paths.

Packed with Action:

As for the action, the game also features a combat system simple and
accessible to everyone, but fun and with a good chance. A time to fight
we will have two types of hits (one strong and one weak) and a ranged
attack, as well as leap, allowing us to make shots in the air. In
addition, the game has a combo system that allows us to easily chain
attacks, battles creating quite attractive. In this regard it is noted
that we have tried to make a game for everyone, which is certainly good
news, because although it is not too complex a system is fun and
enjoyable for everyone and works really well. Of course, you have to see
if it evolves over the game because you would assume that the early
demo of the title, but we assume that there will be a proper

The fight in TRON: Evolution is a simple tactical game where you have to
manage the space around themselves and their positions. It combines
perfectly with the fact that health and energy (which you have in both
cases only small reserves) recharge by making certain movements of
parkour lit areas. We would like to see it at work in less restricted
areas and design more complex than those presented in the demo, but
there is clearly potential for an interesting take on fighting in the
third person, and the need for withdraw permanently from the battle to
come back then really gives rhythm to the general movement.

The defeated enemies relate experience points. Like all other games
released in 2010, TRON: Evolution has a system of progression. You can
go up to level 20 in single player until level 50 when taking part in
multiplayer competition, which supports both the combat on foot and in

Bikes again:

The other big part of the game will star as motorcycle racing, no doubt
inspired the film. When driving on roads that we will certainly
minimalist delight fans of the original film. Our goal will be to avoid
obstacles at high speed, without touching the edge of the road because
it will end up dying. We must also destroy the enemies that go on our
way, also mounted on motorcycles, something he will have the support of
our records, we will use as weapons. No doubt these races will be very
hectic and will require our reflexes to overcome.

On the bike – other vehicles available, including a tank (yes,
Battlezone!) – You are not limited to the corners at 90 ° characteristic
of the 1982 version, the reason being that they have evolved as as
machines over the past seven years. This is a racing game action direct
and very simple controls are the only ones slowing down, braking and
attack with the disk of light against the enemy motorcycles.

Simply largely avoid hostile trajectories motorcycles, the Recognizers
(the crosses between a menacing Space Invader Arc de Triomphe) which are
blocking roads, patrol of tanks and oranges pixelated holes that dot
the scenery when enemies are trying to disband around and below you.

Sounds and Graphics:

Graphically the game is very faithful to the movie, sharing the same
aesthetic. And that just look at one of the images of the game we
realize the good work that has been made to keep perfectly the essence
of the world of Tron. We found a minimalist world of blue and cold in
highlighting (at least in the phase that saw us) Red computer virus that
spreads through the world and we should avoid, otherwise it will hurt
us. About the characters we find the same costumes and designs in the
movies. The only thing that we liked too is that at least in the demo we
played only had variety of enemies, which we hope to change as we move
forward. When the hero will fight a good list of moves and animations
will be smooth and fluid.

As the sound and effects are mitigated in this game based on Unreal
Engine 3, it does not give as much as he should do an impression of
speed, driving motorcycles lack of materiality, and the process of trial
and error enough manual for avoiding obstacles on your path continues
to break the rhythm instead of keeping you always on edge. It seems
enough cinematic and dramatic, but its gameplay is just not catchy.
Piloting a motorcycle is an absolute must for fans of TRON, we hope that
Propaganda will have the opportunity to develop this mode a little

The power of these disks can be increased throughout the game, as well
as the capacity of the central character. This will include a permanent
evolution taking advantage of both the single player mode, but the
multiplayer mode. The adventure will be visibly punctuated doors leading
to multiplayer challenges. Players will be free to raise or not,
knowing that they will resume their game where they have also stopped
enjoying all the improvements retrieved from the multi. This is rather
interesting. Of course, the bikes in Tron lights are present: Evolution.
They are even used in several situations. For our part, we’ve tried a
level two-wheeler on a road attacked by the virus. Pieces of scenery
disappeared without warning and so many elements crumbling before our
wheels. To cope, one solution: to have quick reflexes to avoid any
integer and arrive at your destination. Already not easy, these
sequences quickly become difficult when enemy motorcycles also fall on
the track to push us to the fault.

Something that certainly can be said about Tron: Evolution is that it is
very faithful to the movies, which will appeal to his followers. Also
serve as a bridge between the original film and which opens this year,
which will surely answer some of the doubts generated. As for the game
itself, we seem to be an adventure for the whole world will have enough
quality to entertain. The only but we’ve seen has been the control in
parts of platforms, which we hope to fix it to depart, but we admit that
the battles are simple and fun and motorcycle racing provide a variety
very appreciated.

It is less to have the game in our hands and see if it has done justice
to the movie that inspired, but our impression after the game proved is
that it is getting pretty carefully to offer a valuable experience to
complete the film .It’s certainly a question of habit but the short demo
shown at E3 does we will not permit full control of the conduct of our
craft. Some adjustments may still remain to be done to this level.


As an action / adventure is a solid and well thought on which to build
something decent. We must admit that we have not seen much of Tron
Evolution. The demo was pretty short and revealed only offered only a
few minor things to do. However, the special world of the series and the
promise of a game that links the two films are powerful arguments that
make us want to see more. We therefore look forward to the next session
of play to explore other elements of gameplay and especially the famous
multiplayer stages.


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