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Driver is a series that has now some years old in the world of video games (since the days of PSX), but has not been lavished over all these years. The game belongs to the genre of driving (no surprise with the title you have one) and spent at a whole city, focusing on the persecution. The game in question, Driver: San Francisco, comes after years of absence and brings important new features that can hit even a priori, once we have proved we can say that work fine.

With Driver: San Francisco , Ubisoft also makes us the scope of reboot. Back to square from or to almost Driver , owned by French publisher since mid-2006, and Tanner, the protagonist sets off again with his nemesis: Jericho. And this time, the theater of action will be San Francisco, as might be expected with such a title.

Story and Gameplay:

As its title indicates quite clearly, this sequel takes place in San Francisco, therefore, partially reproduced and charming village which offers over 320 kilometers of asphalt to go, the speedway to the hills which made the success of many films. Moreover, developers do not hide that movies like Bullit or French Connection are among their direct influences. Apart from its design and ambiance very 70s, who are already sufficient to earn him some sympathy, Driver San Francisco and is noteworthy for a feature that was the main subject of his presentation at E3: the shift.

To understand what is going on, he must first make one thing clear: following an accident, good old Tanner was in a coma, except him, he knows nothing and he has the imagination, which rotates, which is why he is able to change their car without having to park on the sidewalk and then go steal one. When using the shift, the camera rises a few feet above traffic, then the player free to move a cursor and choose which car he wants to ask her buttocks. Throughout the progression, the shift evolves, a bird’s-eye view, we move to the sight of a neighborhood, then to that of the city in its entirety. In addition, in case of urgent need, it is also possible to go through a quick shift, a shortcut through which you jump from one car to another instantaneously. And then, of course, the question everyone asks is: what is it but it is this bousin? If you do you ask, we at least we is asked.

Concocted by Reflections , the British studio behind the saga, this fifth episode of Driver opted for the Californian city of San Francisco as a starting point for new adventures motorized Tanner, a place that is obviously act wink first look at the driver . If we also continue to stare into the 60s and 70s with cars driving very oversteer (but accessible) in memory at this time and movie car chases of Bullit or French Connection, the scenario However, in our time be located in a city not reproduced identically, but adapted. We find at least in a world entirely open downtown and huge buildings, including co-head with an urban area less conducive to a bit of off-road or another where the tangle of highways to race High-speed supercar. Car Driver: San Francisco will offer a hundred vehicles from the Fiat 500 and the Pagani Zonda, through a Bentley and even a truck. And the good news is that we can move from one to another in a snap thanks to almost Shift system.

Specifically, it allows virtually out of his car, take a little altitude and explore the surroundings or rather the available cars in the traffic around you before jumping behind the wheel, all without loading time course. It is surprising that this functionality is a good part of the title, career allowing to upgrade this device to be able to post highest ever observed for the site and thus improve responsiveness. The Shift system will indeed be one step ahead of our opponents in our pursuits as we can for example very quickly jump into a truck into position across the road to block the flow – simplified action by the light of the action slowed after the Shift mode engaged (this will however not the case in multiplayer). This is not all as this system can also discover “life” or the persons occupying the vehicle which we take possession. And they have some things to say, or rather we propose missions. This will quite take part in a race between two police cars on the corner and a madman. In this case, one could even pass a police car to another using a single button for even more responsiveness and the possibility of setting up small scenarios to achieve our ends.

Well aware that when embodied in a car, there are people who live their lives. When the player looks for his next car, he can display a window with its owners. If some are ordinary people whose insurance bonus will soon melt, others may give you a mission. The example given in the E3 demo was that of a police car in full pursuit. If Tanner is embodied in this car, so he can carry out this action. And again, the shift will be helpful. Following the runaway, yawing are frequent and instead of trying not to fall off a bridge on the highway, the player can make a quick shift to teleport to a car yet stable. But better. Using the shift to large-scale, small and smart driver karmic can find a trailer coming in the opposite net and stop the offender from a good shot bumpers. Immediately calms. And the least we can say is that it is rather original and that this mechanism gives a certain dynamic to the game

The action is always happening in San Francisco, always more fun with the bumps, and the opponent is always Tanner Jericho. At least it is familiar ground. Then, it is possible to “zoom out” to get an aerial view of the city and see the tasks you are offered through short videos. If you agree, then you must zoom into the area and you can teleport in absolutely any vehicle. Hop, the chase begins immediately, and therefore the choice of the car is crucial. You must already know a few you not to find yourself driving in a city while you pursue a Porsche. Yes because the game features real brands, it’s new! The deformations are waiting for you in case of shock, the animation is fluid and quick, short, it’s all good!

Although we do not know in detail the argument will play, if you know some facts, as you’ll see the protagonist and the villain of the first game or the protagonist awakens from a coma with incredible power, the shift. It is this ability the most important innovation of the game and is certainly at any time we teleported to any car you want. So as always, we use the shift, choose a car that we like and act and continued driving. We know that at first sounds a bit weird, but creednos, the formula works.

If you like the car, go for it:

The center of the game are the car chases, and block must pursue an objective which we mark and highlight color trailing in their wake. As we go after him may be the case that the car crash, focus on the wrong path or simply not fast enough, but there is no problem, because at any moment we can use the shift and find another car that comes to us to be better and may be closer to our objective. To choose the new vehicle that we want to move you have to press a button and we will see the city from above, first close enough and later, as we move forward in the game, with two more distant perspective. Once we have this view (either the default zoom view or helicopter) can move the control lever sideways to move around the city and find the perfect candidate to make the shift. Once you choose (they will be automatically marked by cars going to go, showing features on the screen) is sufficient to give a button and immediately will be driving. And throughout the time we decided to take car, we should not worry about the vehicle we were driving and that either alone or just the protagonist is in the “ether”).

It may seem that grace takes away the issue actually adds strategy to know when interested in changing the vehicle and, above all, that vehicle is the one we want. On the show the way for a player who taught us we saw the end of the demo chose just a big truck colliding with the persecuted and so ended the chase. And is that as the developers told us in Driver: San Francisco cars are just tools and we must choose the one that best suits our needs.

The game will have a quest system, but how to accept will be quite special. Since the game map we see people who are inside their cars, a box appears with the person in question talking about something that concerns you. However, among these people will find some that are in the middle of a chase, with the missions themselves. In the demo we saw, for example, we saw a policeman chasing a criminal. Well, the teleporter to your car we accepted the mission and we should reach the poor. In general, we have considered very fluid and fast, but will have to see how it works when we control in our hands.

But the game does not have only one player mode, but will include an interesting online so that we could play in person. In the game we played the goal was to chase a yellow car, trying to keep as long as possible in its wake. Of course in this way the shift is still present, so it may be transported to virtually any car you want (we can not get into the car that we pursue not that of the other players). No doubt the strategy of knowing when and where to teleport promises to be a fun and a lot of game.

Welcome to San Francisco:

The possibilities are numerous, but the game can sometimes limit your choices in order not to ruin all the suspense of a lawsuit. Finally multiplayer, it was really fun. The goal for all players was pursuing a car and earn points by staying in the light of its rear lights. We ride, we took a car cons-sense, we zoom out once to hop in a car shifter closer to the target, and so on! And it got even funnier when it was realized that they were the developers themselves (who played with us) who enjoyed shifter in the car against the grain to slow us down!

Graphically the game looks great, with a recreation of San Francisco very good, especially the huge size it is. And do not be recreated only the part of Downtown, but we found a really big map that will take us across the bridge and beyond. Apart from its size the town is very accomplished with a great level of detail and intense traffic, plus a large number of pedestrians that make you feel comfortable at all times that the city is alive. The cars, on the other hand, are well made and also have a very good finish. Regarding the car, we must say with 100 graduates and all are damaged in real time.

The truth is that this driver: San Francisco was very pleasantly surprised us. The truth is that we thought the shift would spoil things, but we must admit we were wrong, as the gameplay gives a very original, funny and, above all, full of strategy. The truth is that since the first time that we code the command and what we were having fun, partly because of its accessible control. If we add a great job from the point of view graphics and a gigantic city that we will track, we find a game that not only will not disappoint fans of the saga but also promises to enchant gamers arcade driving in general.

Content side, we still know very little, but the title will include a hundred vehicles licensed manufacturer. The big American cars are obviously the game but the developers have also announced a pleasure integrating funds not necessarily known for their high performance, as the DeLorean or … the Fiat 500. Note also that both views will be proposed to cover a simple but well made and above all an inside view of adopting a style of film making in the spirit of the 70s generation. If solo play still keeps some mysteries (especially regarding the conduct of missions and scenario), multi driver: San Francisco really brings something new and really funny.


As per now , we know little of this fifth installment of Driver, but it must be said that the shift system takes a lot of room. The original mechanical approach is interesting and kind of gives San Francisco a dynamic driver not unpleasant, and even drawing the line a little later “tactic” to the extent that a lawsuit is not resolved simply by taking a turn as quickly as possible without ending up in the decor.




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