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Like everyone else, I expect some games more than others. For some of you, it’s StarCraft II, for others, the next episode of Nancy Drew. For me, there Mafia II and Cataclysm. Many players will remember with particular affection the manicured Mafia, a title that was added to the then-emerging trend GTA, looking for a setting much closer to the classic gangster movie. This second part has had to wait long, and we began to see if it will be worth it or not. And we have been testing a more advanced version, but still unfinished, this Mafia II, which has already shown us the main key promises to be one of the most important releases of the year for 2K Games. Its main features: mafia, 40s, and a gaming experience more realistic and consistent, a trend that is gainingweight over the years against the proposals.

Mafia II, a beautifully crafted look into the dark and unforgiving worldof the Mob. Expanding upon the original hit that captivated more than 2million gamers around the world, 2K Czech takes players deeper into theMafia with a mature and compelling narrative that will immerse players like never before. Powered by the all-new Illusion engine, built specifically for Mafia II, players will experience the true evolution ofthe Mob game that defined a genre. Gunfights, hand-to-hand combat and vehicular exploration feature new depth and dimension that allow playersto experience the world of Mafia II in a way that will keep them comingback for more.


About the Game:

This preview of Mafia II let us discover a total of four chapters of thegame. But not really essential points reveal the title story, since it will be very important and it is clear that drafts of the script hides important we aside as far as possible all those elements of the story sothat you can completely surprised when it finally hits stores. In essence, control Vito, an Italian-American who recently returned to the U.S. from the European front of World War II in the mid-40s (the war is not over yet.) It is winter, and return home, I used to catch up after years away from home with his mother, his sister and some friends will be dangerous to those who use forced by the situation. It will not be the only time period, he will have a jump and the Vito will have become in a few years around a mobster.

Everything is set in the fictional town of Empire Bay, but clearly inspired by the great cities of the east coast (or center) of the U.S., sometimes with elements that remind us of that country’s large metropolises as New York or Chicago, that have been, of course, the great cities of the mafia, in reality, and fiction. The imagery used in the game, in fact, is well chosen, and everything has a right tone between filmmaker, easily recognizable, realistic and very appropriate.

Also, the game has translated and folded, so there is nothing to fear: the location at the Castilian promises good quality. Some lines of dialogue are not very well synchronized with the lips of the characters,but it is still very common in video games. The important thing is we have not found failings in this field, so that the quality of the translation seems to be beyond doubt, something much appreciated in thisgenre, and more on a title in which the story is so important . Are lost, yes, accents and other nuances in similar items that are in the English version, but the quality, we insist, is good. The radio, yes, itis entirely in English (such as advertisements, for example), and is a combination that at first strikes a little, but the dialogue, display text, and everything important is in our language.

Game Features:

  • Gangster-Movie Experience: Through strong, authentic characterization and compelling narrative, the mature storyline will make you understand the pull and impossible escape of life in the Mob Empire City’s Lush Authenticity Breathes Life into the Golden Era of Gangland America: Discover the beautiful and breathtaking world of Empire City and explore a dense and vast landscape filled with skyscrapers, landmarks and residences that reflect the style of America’s most recognizable cities
  • Action-Packed Gameplay: Take part in heart-stopping car-to-car gunfights, white-knuckled hand-to-hand combat and scintillating gunplay, all of which come to life through the magic of next-generation technology
  • All-New Engine Powers the Next Generation of Mob Videogames: The Illusion™ Engine, 2K Czech’s next-generation free-roaming engine, allows gamers to travel from beautifully rendered outdoor environments to intricately designed interiors seamlessly without the need for loading times
  • Authentic Script From the Writer of Mafia I: Daniel Vavra returns to deliver another powerhouse script that portrays a stunning tale of survival, camaraderie and the pitfalls of pursuing the American Dream
  • Music as Environment: Players will be immersed in the Golden Era of America as car and home radios feature tracks from some of the era’s most influential artists

The ambience of the game wins the whole lot of dubbing, of course, for some skilled players with English will have no problems, and you can concentrate on seeing how it has built the world created for the occasion. It is a surprisingly lively city, with curious details, such as the campaign for troops in the war on the streets, and print a score.With over a hundred tracks that will sound on the radio, through its various stations, the game bet on occasions get music: the snowy street,back home with the suitcase and the uniform, from the front, and as we reached our home to see family after years of war, is playing Let It Snow. 2K Czech, the group responsible development, is creating a fully interactive experience (there are video clips, but the feeling is that there are as many as in other similar titles) but with a very solid filmdesign.

One thing missing from the game, yes, is the presence of real vehicles. As in the GTA series, it is certain that the models are strongly inspired by cars of the time, but it lacks this dot being completely real. There will be no problem, and driving is very satisfactory: sometimes the cars are gone, and you notice even the braking problems onthe snow, and the control far more inaccurate as the damage received from the car (by bullets, impacts on chassis, etc.).. Similarly, some vehicles were very rough, as expected at a time when there were no support systems to drive or anything like that.

Curiously, it is in cars where they note where the game is greener stillhas to work on scenario generation display. There is some pop-up (abrupt onset of objects), mostly vegetables and additional decorative elements, or pedestrians, which is very evident at certain speeds, it issomething that assume that can be corrected in the development time left, or least to alleviate it is not so obvious. Similarly, although the effect of fire is very successful when our engine smoke volume effect is far from achieved, and is even somewhat annoying to see the estate disappearing and appearing in a very strange, once more, it is clear which is something that is still in the inkwell. In fact, the gamedisplays a frame rate per second very stable (not perfect, but solid enough to be an unfinished version), and very few graphic glitches, so loose those little nuances can be corrected without too much trouble , we believe.


The gameplay is the most classic of the genre. When we walk, we fight using the A button (defense and dodge), and hit with B and Y (beating fast and strong shocks, respectively) chain is a knock in a combo, and when the enemy is stunned we can give a good beating, even on the floor.Similarly, no weapons, shoot with the triggers, using the left to zoom the camera in hand and aim more accurately, and pulled the trigger with his right. At the time of driving, with multiple cameras at our discretion, accelerate with a trigger, we stop with the other, and the parking brake is on the B button It has nothing to do special, but it istrue that a control scheme is proven quality and tradition of the genre.

The work to be done are common in the world of the Mafia: extort a little, steal something out there, give some occasional beating everyday… Vito will immerse you in a history of violence and crime that will change definitively . The game’s interface, we say, is reduced to a minimum, with little interference, but when we go in the car the speedometer and the map is always in the lower right corner of the screen operated as GPS, which is very useful, and do not mind that it isunlikely. One of the problems of gender was what it took to locate in the city, and unpleasant to use the map, stopping the pace, every now and then, the use of these imitations of GPS to target where to go are ablessing , and is more than welcome.

One such realistic detail that has the game is that when we can steal a car while forcing a lock through a minigame with picks (after minigame in itself is unrealistic, of course, but there it is), or break the window. First, until we see it, is much more discreet, and facilitates the subsequent flight from the crime scene, the second fastest and crude, has the problem of being very evident. The player must decide in each situation what is best for you. Similarly, police chases are also very much in the GTA, with the score of stars and the possibility of reaching a garage and modify and Swift car in case it has been damaged: change the registration number, color, rims and tune the engine are the main options. If you leave the vehicle with their hands up, the agent will go to stop. Do you let him handcuff or a surprise attack? That can give you a second chance, and manages to escape persecution seemed that it would not end very well for you, but it is likely that we give to ourbones in the dungeon.

Similarly, it is relatively easy to die. " Vito’s life is limited, and even sleeping and eating (or drinking) restore our energy, a couple of shots are more than adequate in normal situations, and for our characterfalls in battle. The power system in general, is similar to the increasingly prevalent in games of first-person action: there is no energy bar itself, but the screen goes blood staining, and blurring, as received damage. When we do not get hurt for a while, begins to regenerate.

Yes, not everything is going to gross. There is an important element, aswe have proved, by stealth. Well, rather picaresque: dress up a little,try to go unnoticed, and as close as possible to the enemy is one of the tasks we have faced, only to give way to an intense action sequence where we see, also, that the scenarios are highly interactive and designed very realistic. Not only do the houses have their kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and so on, is that everything looks realistic, although you can not open any building that is in the city.

All these elements are introduced in a very well thought out and dynamicin the first chapter we’ve tested in this demo, and presumably the final version of the game maintains the same structure. Already in another section of the chapters available, the game jumps, and the city presents summer, and it is as if it were reinvented. I really hope the final game made more jumps of this type, since the fine art is worthy ofmention. After this leap in time the city is something different, and cars, fashion, and everything has been adapted: the years have not passed in vain. Vito is also different.

The truth is that the jumps are the chapters that are included in the demo, conveniently numbered (the first is actually the second chapter, and another tenth is already included, for example) offer substantial changes, and that we are like. Be seen how the narrative has been the game, and how this affects the sense of unity and cohesion usual in the genre, but as far as we could see the thing promised, and it seems that in this sense, will be much closer of a novel than a video game use. Moreover, it seems that everything is always done thinking about precisely that any more consistent: that is, these jumps we also show how life progresses Vito to go up in the family, how to improve its economy, and how they change other elements of his life. It is, once again, adding more realistic to go dollar jet and finishing with twenty or thirty real estate located throughout a city.


Overall, we must stress the tremendous strength shown by Mafia II in thetechnical section: missing weeks to come to light, and there is barely afew tweaks to be done, and, of course, is already ahead of any other title of the same gender. Atmosphere, location, and technical section and place it in the posts of head of a competition that is hard, also, history promises to be really mature, but without giving up the topics that one expects to find in the realm of the mafia, so we hope that the execution falls short of the circumstances, but that is something that we can only play on a final version of the title. It has been expected, but it is clear that the time it will be worthwhile. Mafia II is finallyabout to reach stores on August 24th this year and promises to be an experience not to be missed.




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