Acer beTouch E110 Mobile Phone Review

Introduction and package contents

Unveiled in March this year, the Acer E110 beTouch is offered at an entry-level mobile from the Android. Boarding version 1.5 "Cupcake" of the OS developed by Google, the smartphone developed by Acer offers fairly basic functionality, all for a price more attractive. That is, the Acer beTouch E110 works with Android 1.5, an earlier version of the Google OS that properly reflects its positioning on the entry level. But it has a slab resistive, less reactive than the capacitive and multitouch screens which is not supported. However, the screen is relatively reactive.

Ideal for users with a limited budget it still comes with the functionality of a smartphone from Android. This new Acer beTouch E110 smartphone will be sold in black and dark blue.

Its very aggressive price is 159 Euros TTC without subscription.


The Touch Screen mobile phone offered by Acer is delivered in a box, in which one finds no gross deficiency in terms of accessories.

We thus find :

- AC charger
- USB cable
- A stereo headset
- a CD with an installation manual
- A leaflet
- microSD Memory Card 2GB
- A microSD / SD card

We therefore note with pleasure the presence of a microSD memory card of 2 GB, which can is expandable for the storage capacity of the device (up to 32GB). For the rest, all the accessories seem well made and trimmed for a long-term use. The supplied headphones yet seem to have a questionable sound quality, a flaw that we discuss in more detail throughout this review.


Design and handling

Acer beTouch E110 does not carry a very good looking figure. The manufacturer did not opt for a very eccentric aesthetics and proposes a smartphone and looks somewhat austere.

The 2.8-inch touch screen does not seem very strong and it looks too "plastic" and does not allow finding a real strength. On the screen, you will find the four dedicated tactile controls for navigation. From right to left, button are located for "home", which gives you access to the home screen of your mobile phone, a touch of "search" to perform a quick search on the internet, a touch of "previous" and a menu key is also placed.

Below these four buttons are, drop out and hang up orders are also located. Apart from the directional button, which satisfied the users somewhat is reluctant to touch and everything. On the top of the phone is the 3.5mm jack. On the slices, you find the volume control button, the mini USB and microSD slot. On the back of the phone 3-megapixel sensor is located. There are no covers on this sensors, which makes it very vulnerable to dust.


The screen size is somewhat limited, the keys remain fairly close. Writing text messages can then be likened to a veritable obstacle course for people with finger nails without imposing. Therefore, we may regret the absence of a stylus, which would certainly ease the task to a number of users.

The weight of the

I own an Acer Liquid, bought arnoud New Year 2009/2010 and back then it was really great (the first one using the 1st Gen. Snapdragon that's inside Nexus One). It's still my main phone and with CM7 (Android 2.3.7) it works like a charm. But I wouldn't recommend anyone buying it today, it's simply outdated :)

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