Limbo Review


The Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network has often proved in the
past they were a wonderful breeding ground for unusual and original
productions. Limbo is in turn certify this and the best way possible.
Developed by Playdead, a studio of Danish, Limbo is a game released on
Xbox Live. LIMBO features a little boy who plays in a strange world with
many dangers, he must cross to find his sister. Already a staple of the
Marketplace, and costs 1200 MS Points.

In essence, Limbo is as simple as a platform game with elements that
have to take advantage of physics and solve puzzles, in addition to
escape many dangers, ie, something that in reality we have seen in one
form or another on many occasions. But it’s different. Although
monochrome graphics give off a totally bewitching charm, enhanced by the
flickering light effects that suggest the beginnings of Cinemascope and
a nice job on the development of the camera.

About the Game:

Visually, already, Limbo is a marvel. In black and white, it puts you in
the shoes of a little boy with bright eyes well. A boy, a gloomy
forest, strange animals and trees, that’s the basic set that accompanies
you during the initial chapters of the game led to a scene change and
thus bring you to the heart of unsavory wetlands, before succeed on a
disused factory. The progression is well understood scrolling classic,
lr. Two buttons, A / X B / Y are each jump and interact with the
environment. A simplicity that marks its originality, with an unusual
level design and a foot chart is just as important.

The idea of making a game entirely in black and white is not
revolutionary, but adapt to such reflection and horror theme is
definitely fly. A two-color filter image of old movies on film and a
mournful sound environment, it does not need anything more to make a
complete change of players. The shadows are everywhere, so it’s taking
much time to observe the environments that often found how to move
forward. Beware pitfalls mortals who will not hesitate to expose the
bloody guts of the young man outdoors. And even if the blood does not
appear in its natural color, it is easy to imagine what it’s like a
human body impaled on a giant stung or cut with an electric saw.

The title has a strong character, which stems from the absence of many
things. To begin, the player will notice that there is no color, but it
is all done in grayscale even resulting in the interface and menus, the
only color tone is given by the info window when we add achievements,
and that is something quite peculiar. Similarly, the game has no music
(except for a couple of key moments where their presence is soft notes,
however, as little shocking) is full of sound, ambient noise as the
water moving, some flies buzzing rain, wind, etc.., etc., etc., but no
music. And do not miss, largely because the sound effects are as
important to the gameplay as you see on screen.

The development platform is a two-dimensional, but after a bet sinister
aesthetic reverie in which is played with multiple layers of different
shades of gray, starting with a natural environment, a forest full of
dangers, but alive and organic, then give way to an industrial setting
cold, dead, where the risks are lower, but the puzzles become more
important. But this dream is more like a dark nightmare, in which a
false step involves a cruel death.

It is so easy that a trap will burst, like being crushed by a rock, like
drowning, like dropping in dozens and dozens of traps that we must
overcome with skill and decision-making capacity necessary to overcome
the puzzles. Furthermore, death is instantaneous, making it a game Limbo
of trial and error. But not frustrating, actually appears to die near
the test or enemy killed us, ready to try again. Little time is lost,
and the feeling is that it is not frustrating at all. It is important,
because some puzzles are not at all obvious, and there are pieces that
require great precision and skill.

Similarly, Limbo demand reaches a certain preset face a runoff. And
although the first game can give us six or seven hours of play, thanks
to the repetitive puzzles and deaths, as among the challenges is
proposed to overcome the die up to five times the total length can be
quite superior, in fact. The challenge we can mark time shall in any
case as difficult as the few deaths, with many pitfalls are so well
hidden and have to walk with feet of lead or have a good memory.


In terms of gameplay, two buttons are enough, one for jumping and
another for power interact, nothing too complicated. The place is
clearly dangerous, and the player does not take long to realize that any
setback will cause death, so it generates an urge to get out of that
forest loss as soon as possible, without needing to say, explain, or say
anything, and is where one realizes that art created for the title
works perfectly. Create an atmosphere and tension audiovisual aesthetics
only really urge to move, resulting in a number of disturbing moments.

One of those early times disturbing, but particularly significant is
when one of the ropes by which we climb at a given time, very early,
there is a dead body. Not seen anything, nor is it possible to give
disgust (at last, after all, only a completely black mess), but the
hovering flies, his piercing noise, and how it balances going up the
rope (and also what we must do to move forward) give a hint that, as
mentioned, is purely disturbing without resorting to offal, blood or
anything explicit, but quite the opposite.

The same applies to the few but not very nice creatures that we
encounter in this forest, and even when we meet with other children …
or something. Limbo can play certain chord in the player with resources
of very good taste. The truth is that, in this sense, the forest is a
tremendously successful location. When we go to the city, completely
deserted, the atmosphere changes, but does so beyond the stage. The
loneliness, the total absence of creatures, transmits another set of
feelings, and body puzzles and weight gain. The progression of the
difficulty curve is well liked throughout the development, but it is
hard to see how in this second half has been full attention in each of
the puzzles and plataformeo with physics.

However, perhaps due to lack of enemies, the absence of a narrative to
use, the game ends abruptly, almost without seeing him coming. Or, in
fact, not see it coming at all. Overcoming the last obstacle, and the
game surprises you with its closing sequence, which will delight the
player that has minimally connected with this child and his adventure as
dangerous and deadly environments. It lacks some rhythm in the sense
that it seems that the game is short and it lacks a playable character
or narrative climax much more intense, but the icing on the final good.


Limbo can be a very difficult game, that we should acknowledge. Even the
most skilled with platforms and puzzles will find times when you should
stop for a moment before acting, because the deaths can be reached by
fall. These moments are solved, usually by applying some lateral
thinking, which is exactly what it is. Thanks to its rhythm, since, as
mentioned earlier, almost immediately reappear just before the obstacle,
the game avoids frustration. Moreover, since many deaths are really a
great brutality and cruelty, there is even a touch of fun to discover a
new way to see what evil lurks just that trap new find. Furthermore, the
treatment so stark, devoid of ceremony and dignity that gives it to the
protagonist’s death, produce an intense empathy with it.

The game keeps track of our progress, and as we have told you, there is
an interesting achievement on end it with few casualties. Precisely, how
easy it is to die, it seems strange that is not including some sort of
counter or statistics, local or online, to register those numbers, it
sure would be overwhelming, or at least tell us to finish the game.

Among twenty-four chapters are composed of puzzles of increasing
difficulty. Levers, ropes or get cash to move, quickly mixed well to
time and gravity, just give trouble to your neurons in platform puzzles
that require a good dose of logic to be resolved. Mini-puzzles that are
not really the only motivation here is to find ways to move toward the
next obstacle and toward the end of the game which ended by the way
happens after just over five hours , which lets the player equally
puzzled. But no matter, the atmosphere itself is unique and has a
hypnotic effect rather unexpected! The real blow was the heart of the
drafting XboxFrance only available on Xbox LIVE Arcade!

Limbo is a simple game played with the directional lever, a button for
jumping, and one for actions (which are usually grabbing). With that is
enough to spare to build situations are different, one after another,
making our ability to work in the platforms and puzzles, ever-ascending
scale, making it a beautiful piece of level design. The funny thing is
that it keeps the pace very well, and is not heavy or short, though, of
course, when we already know how to solve this, the game can be overcome
in just a couple of hours, but still well worth taking another full
turn. Its unique atmosphere, intelligent design, and its challenge for
the player make it a magnificent jewel in the catalog of Xbox 360.

Already gripped by 2D graphics with a smoothness and a rare poetry,
Limbo gathers with the soundtrack subtle and terribly successful. The
atmosphere both naive and cruel mature emerges from under PLAYDEAD is
rich as it never tires dig into the intricacies of this reality
monochrome as enchanting as disturbing. Dotted intricate puzzles and
challenging, our journey is often abruptly interrupted by sudden and
violent deaths, not necessarily frustrating, but that some might find
off-putting as the gameplay is based on this progression by failure. In
addition, the absence of a real story and can sometimes feel slightly
disturbed our involvement in the venture, especially when the end
arrived suddenly after only four short hours of play, Limbo has its
flaws, but it did prevents certainly not be as endearing, poignant and




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