Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Preview

The first Kane & Lynch was a title like that emitted by the
personality within the generic ad ever field of action, although it is
quite true that his personality was the star duo, as the gameplay, as
such, managed to shine with sufficient intensity, which is not why I
became a bad game, but simply one that needed to be reviewed, locating
what he had done worse, and improving it to achieve a higher overall

This second part is clearly pointing in that direction, as we have seen
in the latest trial version you provided Square Enix Europe, a full demo
with four different sections in which we have seen that developers are
giving a title good step forward in its conception of the game.

The change of air, leading to Shanghai, one of the world’s most populous
cities, and with that exotic touch but oppressively metropolitan
characterizes it, is the first thing you notice the player. The
atmosphere seems to be one of the points in which more care is set for
this second part, titled Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, and it is clear
that the decision is shown as more than right.

This well-rounded atmosphere is important, because the bet on a game
promises intense action with little time to relax, but that is precisely
what makes the player needs to be aware also of the world around him.
Bundling is not the same shot in a deserted city in the middle of the
field, or in outer space in a city with millions of citizens, a site
that actually feels alive, and sometimes dangerous, something that is
achieved through That combination of gritty city, but an exotic Asian.

Be seen, with the final version, if we then real time to enjoy these
environments, because the truth is that the test sections offered in
this demonstration were not only time for anything. The title game
injects a very intense pace where no one can confuse even a moment. The
action is simply continued, without giving any chance at any time, in a
cinematic concept that serves to reinforce-let-this feeling, especially
when the camera moves, as if we were in a scene recorded with camera in

It is one of those little tricks that are winning cinematic presence in
video games, adopting the language of cinema beyond the level changes.
The use of cameras is increasingly important, because it reinforces
feelings, and it is clear that work has been done in this area specially
designed to ensure that the most intense moments of action are also
overwhelming. We refer, for example, situations where the alleys are
narrow, dirty, suffocating, and the camera also stirred nervously as the
action does not stop for a moment.


The general feeling therefore is that IO Interactive, the group signing
the saga, has managed to improve the consistency of the action of this
game, largely thanks to the inclusion of a highly efficient system of
coverage, and a control responds very well, mainly through the use of
both analog sticks on the remote, which allows a very dynamic coverage
areas of open action, making it easier to aim and shoot with confidence.

Similarly, we noted that scenarios are much more interactive, to the
extent that there is a much more developed physically at the time of
destroying the environment, which gives them a certain dynamism, in this
moment of the game, yet with a way to go in its development, has not
submitted outstanding bugs. Likewise, enemies are seen much more astute:
they are able to protect themselves, and often we will have no choice
but to make a good session of suppressive fire to weaken the structure
behind which are protected. Of course, hiding behind a column is a good
idea, but do it behind furniture, for example, will protect us (and
protect them) a few shots, but sooner or later made a sieve no function.

This means that in the wild action that is sought is a strategic
component in the trickiest situations, forcing the enemies are running
out of range or force them to use the least useful of the area. Of
course, we’re not fooled: just as they did with the first delivery, the
same is that we find in Kane & Lynch 2 is the day our daily bread in
this genre … but this time it seems that is making highlight the
personality of the game not only for its screenplay and its peculiar
character duo, but also distinctive in the field playable.

In Kane & Lynch 2, one finds all the ingredients of the action game
in the third person. It is the system of dynamic hedging, shooting blind
when the character is hidden, an intelligence Artificial not too
stupid, which contrasts sharply with that of the first episode. There
are also permanent change of weapon: when a charger is dry, you run pick
up another gun. A button can also easily find abandoned weapons here
and there by the defeated enemies. In the particular radius, we note the
presence of the feature "down not dead." Specifically, when the
character is wounded, he falls to the ground but may continue to gun
down to 360 degrees.

Will have to see how to curdle in the overall development of the game,
but the sequences that we could enjoy the demo the new elements offer
experienced a good result. For example, it introduces a mechanism in
which our hero recovers energy by itself after having received a good
beating, so do not rely entirely on the partner. If we survive, that
time is tight, but it will serve as a last resort. It is not true, as
cool as the genre, but it is an inclusion that works very well playable.

Keep in mind, first, that shuns the title of realism to bet on a
shooting fast, very efficient, a very generous health care system, and
an arcade action and unpretentious as possible away from realism. In
addition, checkpoints to resume the game after dying are plentiful, but
this is something that could change a lot in the final design of the
levels, so we’ll wait to see if this trend continues. Perhaps this is a
huge amount of enemies to blast out to the player, printed in this way
much of the intense development of the games.

One of the negatives that may result from this is that, precisely, I can
finish the game too focused on that kind of action, neglecting some
variety in their development. The phases presented in the demo were very
similar in concept, and this is where you can see one of the potential
weak points of Kane & Lynch 2. We hope that with the full version,
the narration of the facts, and all the development stages, the game won
in variety, and correct and one of the least convinced the public in
its first issue, because the truth is that offered in phases to
demonstrate we could not get a good idea about the final set.

On the visual level, it is clear that the developers have done a good
job in improving the technical aspect, with visual filters and a city
design that gets us down to all associated with an imaginary Asian
population as Shanghai. Caring artistic aspect should also add a strong
technical aspect that shows a strong stability in the rate of frames per
second, and similarly, the absence of failures as a dance of textures
or errors in the geometry of the models, we are confident that the
technical level is maintained, and perhaps even better, with a view to
marketing. Similarly, the noise is overwhelming, and promises to delight
us with the same dialogue bizarre that the first part.

All this, coupled with a commitment to multiplayer promises to be very
strong, with several new modes both competitive and cooperative side,
seems to point to Kane & Lynch 2 is a successor who will overcome
without problems to the first part. Be seen, yet, how about walking a
variety of situations, and if the story falls short of its protagonists.
In any case, will be in late August when the final version of the game
is ready to be shown, and we hope that the good feelings are confirmed


The idea is excellent but you can still ask whether the methods to
betray his teammates are unlikely to quickly turn to anarchy when we
know the competitive spirit (if not preservation) of players online
(especially at the sight of digits ). Even if the accuracy of some
weapons remained low, this trip into the underworld of Shanghai has been
very enjoyable and look forward already to plunge when the final
version will fail Learning Center. A final version that will allow us
finally to them tasting multiplayer modes: deathmatch nag to the desire
and the main season lived cooperatively in split screen or online.




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