Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light Review


For over a decade, a study called Core Design with Eidos Interactive
released a proposal that had already been seen in more than one occasion
in the world of video games, although not as well captured. So to wait for Tomb Raider fans between episodes, Eidos drops a bit the
bridle of its Pitchounette English. Far from being a by-product quickly
pays for itself quickly developed, Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light
appear incredibly immersive thanks to achieve high quality and gameplay
perfectly oiled. Chronicle of a revival based on several highlights.

The idea was simple, collect an adventurous character, display a live
three-dimensional world, a multitude of dangers, puzzles and, above all,
create a new character that would make history. Thus was born what for
many is the epitome of women in video games: Lara Croft, a young British
archaeologist who has clear ideas, he does not doubt for a second to
get into the most mysterious and dangerous catacombs of the planet with
sole purpose of discovering its secrets … and its treasures.

And it has come a long way since the launch of the first Tomb Raider
title that brought about a revolution within the genre and became an
instant classic, and its protagonist, who ceased to be a character to
become an icon in the video game industry. As mentioned, much time has
passed since the launch of the original work and title after title we’ve
seen a clear evolution of the franchise, some with better quality than
others, but always maintaining the freshness and great details that make
the franchise: secrets, hazards and puzzles. Perhaps one of the titles
that came out was worse off the Angel of Darkness, which was the first
to arrive on PlayStation 2 and changed some aspects of the series
faithful, unhappy followers of heroin. However, the latest titles that
we enjoyed us back to the origins, in part thanks to good work of
Crystal Dynamics, current owners of the rights of the series.

About the Game:

When we take a look at Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light, the first
game that comes to mind is not necessarily Tomb Raider. We think in fact
more to Diablo or any other hack’n slash forever linked to the 3D
isometric. It may also be surprised that the devs have opted for this
mode of display is hardly compatible with the phases of platforms
generally requiring a lot of skill and precision. Yet, and little that
is not totally impervious to the camera angle, it will not take us more
than twenty minutes to find as in a cocoon.

Indeed, based on the handling of previous episodes, is played with a
grace shameless 3D isometric to quickly show the height. Therefore, we
will quickly take its brands to collect the artifacts and other relics
allow us to increase our defense, speed, our weapons, etc… However, we
would have liked a more important evolutionary aspect especially in the
state, it is difficult to say with certainty whether these items have a
real effect. Conversely, it will be possible to reap health
improvements or weapons that have a real impact on our progress.

In this regard, note that three modes of difficulty are present that
range from easy to hard. If the challenge is real, we note again the
willingness of Crystal does not hinder the pleasure of discovery. Thus,
one benefit of a system of automatic backup and perfectly placed
checkpoints, they being neither too large nor too far apart, and always
to never take a fight too long or difficult passage. In addition, the
balance between action and reflection is perfectly proportioned, they
like to be able to enjoy a good variety of weapons (flamethrower, spear,
machine guns, shotgun, grenade launcher …) used to solve a puzzle.
However, despite still remember that most riddles are right in line with
those of the previous Tomb Raider. Mechanisms to activate, globes grow,
to meet timing; everything will be good for you to think some extent.

Redefining the concept:

First include the complete disappearance of the name Tomb Raider. The
study has already ruled that this game will not be a proper sequel, but
will attempt to spin-off series that will change some basic concepts of
the series to make it unique. In fact, the game will not appear in
physical form but will be released for digital markets currently
residing in the market for PC and Mac Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation
Network, leaving aside the afternoon of Nintendo.

Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light is the name given to this new
supply of heroin, which, as mentioned, change some aspects of the
original. First, the game has gone from being in third person, with
total freedom to control the camera-to offer a broader view of the
levels, relying on an isometric view that will help us explore every
corner of the level in an instant no time. And perhaps this is the a
priori element that has changed most with regard to old supplies, but
the thing is just not there. On the other hand the game to become far
more than the original arcade, aiming to have fun without too many
headaches, and a cooperative component, as has been demonstrated other
securities of the same size, it works very well in this type of works.

We will have to Lara, we weapons to deal with the dangers and we
puzzles. At first everything aims to be a title in the series, but the
changes make this Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light with its own
light shine, assuming it could be the beginning of a new series of
titles to please the new players in the series, but yet to see the
success achieved by this title.

The best part is that parallel the story of the solo mode, offering only
time that Lara playable character, the co-op mode (online or local)
involving the warrior Totec, propose riddles slightly modified. Not
enough to beat a T-Rex but interesting enough to return twice the
adventure. Thus, besides some specific movements to one or the other
characters, we note a real complementarily very well exploited. For
example, Lara can use a grappling hook on which Totec will move to pass
over a precipice. The soldier, meanwhile, will plant spears on which
Lara and her hourglass figure can be supported to reach inaccessible
places. In the same vein, Totec can enjoy a shield to block projectiles
or return huge load of arrows from the pitfalls many and varied. In
short, a good number even if duo is surprising that some puzzles are
more difficult with a friend than alone in its corner.

Looking for a new treasure:

The history of The Guardian of Light not involve the continuation of
Underworld , the latest work that appeared for the new generation, but
is established in a completely different level, opening a new storyline
and featuring Lara Croft seeking a Mirror of Smoke in a tomb located in
South America. This mirror has a tempting range of powers for typical
bad movie, although its role is not to give powers to the holder, but
locking up an evil spirit whose sole purpose is to destroy all human
life. The argument, as you can see, is a mere pretext to introduce a new
journey for Lara, and, as we have said before, our main character will
not be alone at any time.

In fact, the whole game is completely designed to be played in
cooperative mode, as Resident Evil 5 . The second character is a native
of the place, a man named Totec whose sole purpose is-or rather, was "to
protect the mirror to prevent the evil come to the surface. Once the
seal is broken, which will start shortly after the game, it will be our
task on returning things to normal, going through multiple levels
designed to play by joining forces.

Without doubt, one of the distinctive elements of Lara is the …
pistols. Without these, and other weapons that we will be getting as we
go along for the adventure, "would rather be naked, and this time would
not be an exception. However, with its inseparable companions will not
get very far, since it will have to join forces with Totec-whether
playing with a friend over LAN or online or the game’s artificial
intelligence itself, to overcome each and every one of the puzzles. The
characters are different: Lara is agile and can reach places where the
native, a burly man armed with a spear great, cannot reach. Cooperation
will be necessary at all times. For example, you can Totec spearing the
wall to Lara jump on it and climb a wall that can open a door whose
mechanism is high. While Lara holds the mechanism Totec have to keep the
door open for semi heroin pass without problems. Puzzles of this kind
coupled with a series of matches where the action arcade is the order of
the day is what this new title promises to Crystal Dynamics.

On the other hand, the game aims to be one of the most played online
titles, including markers and points during the development of maximum
levels for generating that pique between partners. Overcoming one level
may seem easy, but get the maximum range in a given time and without
dying can be an ordeal not suitable for novice, especially if we
consider that there are achievements and trophies at stake.

The technical section looks pretty good, although perhaps the fact that
he opted for an isometric view does not do justice to the game because
the graphics engine is exactly what its title predecessor: Underworld.
While the show more details on screen, as well as enemies, and
others-have had to neglect some details, we are confident that the final
result will not leave anyone indifferent, like the sound section, as it
has always been a marks representative of the house.

Final Climb:

Ultimately, this spin-off of Tomb Raider shows that the franchise still
has enough distance to land in order to offer something fresh. Of
course, if in absolute terms, the background does not really change the
shape and especially how to get another way to enjoy a game featuring
the Miss Croft is a pleasure to see. With an extremely long life for a
game XBLA correct, technically sophisticated, Lara Croft and The
Guardian of Light seems to have put aside because no evidence has a
right to a new version but uneven in the line of those old Tomb Raider.

In sum, at least to brandish a fist stubbornly refusing this variation
of a familiar world and recognized, it would just sulk criminal
foreshadowing this excellent game, one imagines, multiple suites if
there is success at the end of the tunnel. It’s all the evil that he
wishes for because once a set is recovering more or less concerned,
through a parallel saga, it would be wrong to play the virgins. Lara
Croft and The Guardian of Light is presented as one of the musts during
this year in terms of downloadable games. The game’s staging seems most
addictive, and given that we are faced with a franchise that has given
hundreds of hours players around the world … should do so badly for
this new outlet contact is considered a failure.


Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light is a pleasant surprise that should
delight fans whiles the gringo to a wider audience. If the isometric 3D
view was a challenge far from over, especially for a game with phases of
platforms, Crystal Dynamics has once again risen to the occasion.
Lovely as a truck, handy, enjoying a good complementarily between the
solo and coop, this proves that Lara Croft of law that the British Lady
evolved with the times. Ultimately, if this spin-off can be confusing in
the chosen direction, it should hopefully mark the beginning of a great
adventure at the crossroads of slash and hack’n plates-forms/action



  • Tomb Raider more nervous than ever
  • The level-design
  • Graphics very successful
  • Coop friendly
  • Very many secrets and challenges
  • Lifetime correct


  • Aspect platforms withdrawal
  • History mat



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