Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Review (PS3)

It’s been almost three years since IO Interactive, makers of the Hitman series, launched the first Kane & Lynch, it was a good action game that added to the trend of titles of fire with a star duet. The result was good but not outstanding, perhaps somewhat below what was expected of a study with a history that had given much more prominent play.

During this time, it is clear that the Danish study has reflected deeply on what were the points that do not jell finished in that first part, and have focused on delivering a product to forget these aspects and at the same time, focus in which the players liked best, that is, setting, and sense of black humor derived from a star duo formed by a psychopath and a professional murderer.

And the truth is that I have: one does not take long to realize that Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a major step forward from its predecessor, but, similarly, the genre of third person action has been one of the heaviest in this generation, and competition in a saturated market gives many mainstream games and a good amount of outstanding securities. This means that competition is much tougher now than some years ago, and that is something we must take into account.

One of the points that put this game above many of its direct competitors is in the right location to our language, it reaches its high quality dubbing allows us to enjoy much more natural in its history and its – insist-black sense of humor, with some dialogues that are sometimes bizarre open thanks to the mental instability of one of the waiters charming protagonists. It may seem silly, but in a highly competitive market, all these aspects should be taken into account, and besides, this is a quality work.

The most important thing for the players, however, is that major changes have been introduced in the control system to improve the systems coverage, which will inject greater dynamism and less accuracy in command, so that the shootings are more fun and intense, without creating problems for the user, who will not feel frustrated by the control, as it was easy to happen in the previous delivery.

To that we must add that the system also extends its possibilities, in what appears to serve a twofold purpose: to provide more realism, and even wilder action. For that we can, for example, using human shields, and if we assemble what we can throw it and make it explosive detonated a precise shot, creating a wave of destruction on the enemies that will be a full-scale carnage. Actually there are other games in the genre who have already done this, but the fact is that integration and mechanics is very good, easy to do, and is a major improvement over the first part, which was much more simplistic in this field.

Something I have put so much emphasis on creating a game experience much more cinematic, playing with the camera, image textures, and other elements to convey title in many ways the feeling of attending a action film, trying to make it have no effect at any time in the gameplay. The truth is that the spectacular hit, which is reinforced by the outstanding feel of the game, is beyond doubt, but at times the baroque visual excessive.

This results in a few moments of disorientation when the game starts to play with the camera until you get used to, but ultimately there are times when it is a little excessive. The accumulation of visual effects to emphasize when we get a shot, for example, creates a feeling somewhat excessive, in fact, it is annoying. It is logical to search for this confusion, but perhaps the whole is a dot abusive and angry too, although it has some logic into the rhythm of the action.

Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Gameplay:

The game takes us to Shanghai, and the digital representation of the streets is impressive, and combined with a story that gives much more importance to Lynch (the "crazy" partner), results in a degree much more attractive in this sense , and more field to capture screen crazy situations, making room for unbridled action which will soon be added Kane. And is that Lynch is involved in shady dealings with a British mobster, Glazer, and for some work for help to his old friend Kane. From here, things begin to complicate and how to fix it is dead.

The action, in general, is tighter and denser than in the first half, more interactive environments in which the coverage took an even more important role than before. Overall, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days leaves little time to relax, with an ascending scale levels. It really manages to convey a sense of rhythm elaborately intense, which is accompanied by a control system more reliable, and something important and places it on top of first delivery.

That feeling is enhanced much more by the dynamics of the scenarios that the waves of enemies that threaten us in an almost endless. And we mean both dynamism how the city is perceived as a real live environment, and the fact that the scenarios are much more interactive. The impacts of bullets visibly affect the furniture and other items placed on the stage, resulting in a more visceral combat in which no final refuge is the place to be protected.

Similarly, the enemy AI is very aggressive, sometimes excessively so, and almost suicidal. This is not to be in single file to be removed, but who take decisions in which it is noted that little or no appreciation have to protect their polygonal existence. The funny thing is that this touch, say, suicide does not hide programming errors: other characters that we will use its share of fun taking these bullets to attack from the sides.

The battles are, so much more dynamic and less rigid than in the first part, where a couple of tricks you could overcome almost any situation. Dog Days in the situations we face are different and varied (in what is a genre in which you just have to shoot anything that moves, of course), and what may work in a situation in another may lead to fall into a trap. This is due to the artificial intelligence we have told you already, and also the level design that is very linear but is sufficiently interesting.

On the one hand, one can not shake the feeling that Kane & Lynch 2 is a very "pasillero." In fact, the vast majority of games in the genre they are, even its greatest exponents, but get more or less hide luck. Dog Days confident that we may not mind too much by the interaction with the scenarios, multiple enemies, and how well designed it is everything but the truth is that turn out to be more than obvious tricks. It’s like watching a microphone hovering in a scene in the middle of a film you’ve seen how the issue and break the magic for a while. The feel is balanced with the artistic style also has been injected into the game, with all the image filters and camera games, but the feeling is still there, very present.

Nevertheless, the fact is that Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a game that seems to have been designed specifically thinking very veteran players, which shows the level of difficulty of the game, a little above average, and not too many contemplations for novice players. It’s not particularly difficult, but it offers a greater challenge than other competitors, who try to mimic the player much more novel. There are four initial difficulty levels (easy, normal, hard, and extreme), and the thing is much more manageable in easy, but it is possible that many users are normal problems to move comfortably, and certainly in the levels above the jump is more than evident. Nevertheless, thanks to a choice of difficulty, do not believe anyone has difficulty finding the most convenient option.

The whole title if it wins in cooperative play, split screen or Xbox Live, betting also a number of competitive multiplayer modes, although most are variations of the classic little chicha modes king of the hill, deathmatch and other, although very well suited to the game world.

On the visual level, what stands out is the dirty image, a slight grain of television image, and the use of filters, like the refraction of light in the glass of the lens itself would be recording the situation. The character models, interestingly, are from less privileged backgrounds, especially in comparison with scenes and objects, but appears to respond to the need to make quite a few on-screen shooting. Similarly, the camera varies slightly when we are facing, as if his shoulder, which reinforces this view kinematics. A curious thing is that there is nudity and out pixilated … like a movie directed by idiots prim, since blood and other offal not cover anything, and that the game is starting strong. It is absurd (by mechanism that may be) to cover up a pair of boobs with pixelation, but then the game’s visceral touch explicitly on many occasions. And that the title is rated for Older than 18 years. Using innocent as human shields, that everything is full of blood, which make cuts in the body for torturing people … with all that, nothing happens. But naked girls, no, that can hurt sensibilities.

The game features sound much more for their effects and voices for the soundtrack, which falls short of the circumstances and takes us almost immediately to the Asian world. But the setting, background noise, and all these elements that accompany the action are much more impressive. The Spanish voices are well, sometimes poorly integrated sound in action, but it is a bug which often happens in film and television also a result of dubbing, as the audio tracks do not always mix with sufficient accuracy.


We have taken a giant step forward with respect to the first part. Not only have they managed to remove or correct what was wrong, but also has emphasized the salient points of the game for a second round much. What happens is that gender is very competitive, as we have said on several occasions, and values are not always enough. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a good action game, with lots of personality, both for his characters as for its aesthetics, and that puts you in a good position on the titles lacking distinctive personality and essence, but its gameplay puts you in an equal footing with many of these, and without offering something much greater that, yes, it is something to brag about … and that the first part could not do.


  • The crazy atmosphere
  • Style voluntarily "dirty"
  • Arcade mode / multi Original


  • No originality in the gameplay
  • The handling imprecise
  • Quick loop
  • Lack of pace and tension


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