Mafia II Review

Mafia II’s announcement in 2008 was one of the surprises held by many
users, especially the PC community, where the original game became an
almost cult-also made adjustment to PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Although
Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven might not enjoyed a media success
comparable to the Grand Theft Auto, for many players the title of
Illusion Softworks, 2K Czech today, offered what Rockstar does not: a
more realistic approach to the world of crime a very attractive setting
in a lively city and a history adult, serious, which has been maintained
even in the memory of the players despite the graphic evolution of
competition in recent years. And this is that the world of gangsters has
a charm that no off street thugs stories today.

Mafia II is set in the heyday of the Cosa Nostra in a fictional town,
Empire Bay. We really do not will be unknown, as its streets are a
replica of New York, including twin towers, mixed with influences from
San Francisco, Chicago and Detroit, in the decades of 40 and 50. Fans of
The Godfather enthusiasts can enjoy this game, not even the official
adaptation of the film to introduce you to the family get in the way
that makes this production of 2K Czech.

The argument begins with the knavery of the young Vito in North America,
an Italian immigrant is caught one day at work. The Government offers
an alternative to avoid jail, participate in the World War II as a
soldier, something I accept. Vito start and a short chapter, which acts
as a basic tutorial to display the controls, which jumped on a building
and learn the use of weapons and coverage. In this sense, Mafia II is
controlled in a fairly traditional action games, something stiffer than
expected, but also fun and realistic. On a pad, front triggers are used
to point and shoot digital address the crosshairs to select weapons, and
buttons to perform actions and other movements, like crouching or
walking coverage.

Without going into details of the story, Vito returned to America and
then encounter a serious problem. His father has died and his family has
a large debt that turns the protagonist into the world of theft along
with his old friend Joe Barbaro. From here, Mafia II will be narrating
the rise of these gangsters by smuggling business, death, extortion and
of course, winning quite a few enemies.

In short, an argument that addresses issues of Coppola’s trilogy of the
series The Sopranos and evolution, and self-destruction "of Tony Montana
in Scarface, or the difficulty of choosing between an honest life, but
tough, and easily filled another luxuries, but also dangerous and just
having a great cost, a clash of philosophies reflected in A Bronx Tale. A
constant conflict between family values, Vito still has a mother and a
sister who cared-and disregard for the lives of others. And though at
first the game may seem an amalgam of ideas and views on film or
literature, as it progresses discover the personal touch of this story.

The first thing to make clear is that Mafia II is not a sandbox or open
world game along the lines of GTA or Dead Red Redemption. This can be a
disappointment for new users, unaware of the original Mafia, "as happens
with whom he expects the Yakuza series resembles something Rockstar
games have only one city in the background. No, Mafia II is a great city
with wide streets, sections playable vehicles and police, but is
approached as a linear action game in a very large map, a linear hidden
that will not allow a mission to stop and put on hold another subject,
"its creators are not looking for that," although it is possible to walk
around town and visit some of the local arms, costumes, garages or gas
stations. What many players can make a corseted adventure, for others is
a more interesting, better working and less chaotic. The decisions in
the absence of dialogue or the plot-there is only one final-and
secondary objectives remain attractive but if something of interest to
the second game, because the development consists of going from point A
to B and generally play action section.


Another feature of Mafia II is its tone film. Packed with sequences that
narrate dialogues and situations, the game makes it clear that is meant
to be enjoyed quietly and without hurry to go straight to the point,
understanding the argument and personal motivations. The cinematic,
sometimes several minutes, not just an excuse to entangle shooting and
driving sections. The Castilian dub generally good standard, it helps to
be introduced in these plots, including some dialogue in Italian to
further enhance the setting, but has lost the accent of the original,
the characters of both Italians and the Irish. A lesser evil.

Mafia II is divided into more than a dozen chapters, filled with great
little work in this world that is Empire Bay, always linked with jobs
that we bring in money. Interestingly, the psychological profile of the
protagonist and how to try to find an honest job, but circumstances soon
lead him into crime. And we will, learning how to steal cars, stores,
and carrying bodies in the trunk and doing all sorts of dirty work
characteristic of the mafia, where the shots are a rather common. As an
action game, works well, but sometimes problems arise they should not,
as in coverage, not always deliver what they promise and get a shot, we
do not know if it penetrates the object. Mafia II no indications that
warn of the direction of the damage taken, so if falling into an ambush
position may change without knowing who fired us, to die a few seconds.

If we play with confidence and master the situation, easily survive, but
we almost certainly surrounded our death certificate does not help
much-needed touch of a button to leave the coverage, unnecessarily
complicating the action at critical moments, "and therefore we as rivals
require fewer shots to be sent "to another neighborhood." Because we’re
talking about a game very scripted and predetermined, the spectacular
nature of the situations and events are insured.

Isolated this part of the gameplay, we are certainly not to the more
refined mechanics of the genre, but also falls into major defects, the
environments tend to have many destructible elements-columns, wooden
objects, glass …-, cars explode, the bodies recognize accurate shots
to the head, and the story always explains why we fight, which no other
evidence. Automatic regeneration is used for a classic time-today-and
also for food in our apartment. In short, there is still room for
improvement to make shooting more flexible or comfortable, but not
talking about a particularly weak point of Mafia II. Parts of secrecy on
the other hand maintain a good tension and add more variety of
missions, if there is something you can not criticize, is that at no
time comes to be repetitive, or to submit a single mission under the
same conditions.

One aspect to highlight is the driving, which is widely used as the
extension of Empire Bay is too large to consider walking. These phases
are well, do not add anything revolutionary to that seen in other
similar, but perform their function. The control is good, when we
noticed ice on the road, is not the same drive a truck than a compact
car. We decide to drive like a model citizen, using a speed limit,
respecting traffic signals and each signal, or do the Kaffir, driving
the wrong way and running over innocent pedestrians.

At times, there is no choice: it is the case for trial missions with
tight times in which we must also make use of the map and your GPS
system, "said the desired goal and the game shows us the best way to
reach. For example, we have a mission to visit six stations in an
hour-dummy-scattered around the map, and we must choose wisely what to
visit, because if we choose the wrong path, it is physically impossible
to reach in time. The game map does not miss driving, so I do not
usually necessary to open the details-just the thumbnail in the corner
", so there are no such interruptions that disconnect the player from
the tension.

But of course, Mafia II is an arcade game and looking for realism.
Behaving as Carlos Sainz in the streets of Empire Bay is punishable, and
that’s the police. And it is abundant, very abundant and aggressive. If
you see us doing something suspicious, like walking down a street in
depth, we will pursue and a fine to be paid, although you can download
and start shooting, if no time-limit, let alone if we are caught killing
or smashing furniture with joy. Also when we decided to steal a car,
with easy minigame picks, take care that no police patrol cars, but we
can use a faster method to get the car: to break the window.

In short, the presence of police can be somewhat annoying to prevent
attention or behave in a crazy way, but is also part of realism that
forces us to try to go unnoticed. If for any reason, we are caught, and
we will be more than one occasion, it is not too difficult to slip a bit
between street driving, leaving the car or facing down, as our patience
or inclination to spit lead. Unfortunately, there is a small and
incomprehensible "failure" if it makes a phase of driving we reached our
goal, say for example go to a key-house, it does not bring the entire
city department breathing our tube escape, if we enter the area marked,
skip the cinematic, as if nothing had happened: it does not matter that
we look into four patrol cars, we have fulfilled the mission. It would
have been more logical to ask as a condition to get without being
watched by security forces.


The game makes use auto-save at certain points of the chapter, perhaps
too arbitrary and not very balanced. An example: in an infiltration
mission, we must enter quietly steal two objects. Once achieved the
first, the game does a checkpoint there, and in less than a minute, we
can access the room very close, which contains the second of them, then
flee-robaremos another checkpoint to leave the building. With less than
two minutes we have two controls to repeat the mission, in case of
death, without too many problems. In other works, for example, the
distance saved is much greater, if the sections are involved in vehicle
travel. And, getting to a corner of the city may take 15 or more minutes
of simple walk around the map, which must be repeated if we suffer a
critical accident or are shot by police. Nor do we like to get
everything done, but a more performance at critical points would be

There are several dozen vehicles, including organized into one of the
extras in the game, a gallery of these collector-real gems are not
licensed, but the resemblance is the real suspect. On the map also find
workshops useful to change tuition and tires, better motors, repair
damage and even provide a layer of paint to mislead the police that we
have profiled on payment of a sum of money. Mentioning that the game
features three channels of radio with songs from the years in which the
story, but if not we will jazz or rock music changes depending on the
time of each chapter, or the songs of the time, always We can turn it
off. Related to the change of vehicles, there is also a change of
clothes, for the same purpose: to give the slip to the security forces,
besides being a curious little touch of personalization to the

In addition to the action with guns, sometimes you’ll bite the bullet
and be forced to fight with fists, for example, when we need to
intimidate people who oppose paying a fee to the head. The fighting
system is quite simple, and works with a button to defend and escape,
and two strokes, strokes and strong. Is basic and there is no depth too,
but not bad, is more than enough, and the mechanical works well. In
addition, later learn some combos and counterattacks, very useful for
dealing with tough thugs. Usually these sorts of battles are reserved
for specific moments in history; it is not boxing clever to light out in
front of three armed police.

In the end, the linearity of Mafia II above is appreciated. The
development of missions are varied, and one chapter includes several
events, so for example we can look for work-order driving-long section,
make some trade-simple-fighting, stealing cars, shooting-and scrolling
scrapping – more driving. Despite the fact that everything takes place
in an intricate map of several square miles, everything has its logic
and order. Perhaps there are those who prefer not total freedom, but
more options to select the desired mission or some kind of parallel role
element, in which case, Mafia II is not what is wanted.

We must recognize that a story like Vito would be impossible to have a
completely free and uncontrolled manner. 2K Czech has opted for
something we like: create a great plot and turn it into play. Perhaps we
do not feel our destination guides, but the result really worth it, is
consistent, although it is true that it could have created some kind of
optional minigames, which was not affected in history-to give a break to
the main quest. As entertainment to explore with some attention to
interior locations find Playboy magazine spread for the game, but little
else. A pity, because the recreation of cafes, apartments and other
interior is fantastic and could have been exploited, gives a look at
local as well acclimated with only one moment of glory.

A graphic level, a distinction on the one hand adjustments console and
PC. As a rule, and it is hardly necessary to comment, the balance tips
in favor of the computer, but sometimes it is not very big advantages,
like better ant aliasing and more overall detail, perfectly acceptable
by the user who does not own a computer so powerful enough to stand on
its high setting. In the game at hand, the difference itself is high
enough to be brought

Currently shows available for all three platforms, a good way that each
user has their own impressions. It is true that the console versions are
a step behind, more due to the teams that have been translated into
code that the power of both PS3 and Xbox 360, -. It is very pleasant to
nearly constant vertical synchronization failure, which causes image cut
very often, regardless of the situation, interior or exterior location,
or characters that are displayed on the screen, or the visible jaggies,
which abound many edges of objects. The PC version, on a machine with
performance that offers the best results, easily scores a point in the
graphics, although I must say that the result is not pledging to certain
images of the game.

Anyway, say that the game, regardless of their platform, has low quality
graphics is completely false; is supported by a superb recreation of
U.S. cities with no intermediate loads, we can drive miles and enter the
map on our floor without pause, varied textures, interior care to the
smallest detail and some very good animations. In addition, the
narrative arc takes us to see Empire Bay in different seasons, beginning
in winter, day and night, with climate change at different times.
During the first part of the game in the 40s, the city is bleak, a
feeling enhanced by the snow covered streets and rooftops, but after a
temporary break in the early 50’s, we will witness the American
Revolution with a bang color, new fashions in clothing and vehicles more
modern and powerful. A twist in the decoration that reminds us of the
historical context of films as Grease and the rise of rock, rather than
the decaying frame of black cinema. It is the same city, yeah, but at
times seems like another.

Summarizing this section: Except for the allergic irreconcilable with
the problem of inconsistency in the image, get technical defects mar the
game a little, but do not pose a critical challenge. Users of any
platform, console or PC performance, this should not dismiss the game
only by these failures. It lacks a pop-up although there is
exaggeration, but it can be assumed-the art style is far superior to GTA
IV, to name another game, this section, if similar, the sequences of
history-with its own light shine in They also seem to cut away the
image, and the interface is not very intrusive.

Although Castilian dub is quite acceptable, perhaps the voice for Vito,
the protagonist, we sin to be a little charismatic, without too many
emotional ups and downs, as if you only read the text. But Mafia II has a
good collection of secondary, starting with Joe, who underpins the plot
of a way with snappy dialogue worthy, most of the time something bawdy
humor or black, giving some memorable moments of this release.

"The original soundtrack has also remembered that the mood-classic
themes, on the other hand, is fantastic and used for specific moments,
like the cut scenes or action. Since the issue only serves to introduce
the game menu is among one of our favorites of recent years, and
compositions for strings are worthy of the best productions of the big
screen. A pleasant surprise.


Mafia II is an outstanding game, despite some technical problems in the
console versions, keeps the player engaged for more than ten hours in
one of the titles that best reflects the environment and the lives of
the mobsters, is The Godfather video games. Globally, we feel that
something else could have given him, particularly in the field playable,
it’s fun, but not offering anything particularly novel, and shooting
parties are usually pretty easy, we recommend to play it on hard-trodden
genre currently third-person action. However, you may be asked to Mafia
II what is not, and within its premises, providing even more variety
than usual. And that is what makes such a good game Mafia II, with
chapters and difficult situations that we will forget in a long time.

The game from 2K Czech is one of the best releases this summer. It was
ambitious in its staging, the cinematic sequences are sublime ", the
script puts us squarely in the bad life from the first minute and repeat
missions hardly feel there is always a twist or a new situation that
tests our expertise with the trigger or steering wheel. Got a couple of
aspects to polish, as a more refined control for action-especially for
the coverage, "that this adventure would solved almost perfect. If you
like gangster films, Mafia II will welcome you with open arms, they’re
one of us.




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