Worms Reloaded Review (PC)

In 1995 appeared the first installment of this long-lived series that
began on the Commodore Amiga computer but after its success would be
ported to numerous platforms including Mac and various game consoles
like Game Boy, Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, Jaguar, Saturn and
PlayStation, but still the more successful version compatible computer
and where they would release the subsequent sequels. In 1997 came the
second part in 1999, the third titled Worms Armageddon and in 2001 the
last date for the PC, Worms World Party.

17 In 2003 Team was the leap into three dimensions with Worms 3D, a
title properly received but not enthusiastic about the critical and
somewhat warm by the public more faithful than he was accustomed to the
gameplay in 2D. In the next two years would come Worms Forts: Under
Siege and Worms 4: Mayhem, two new attempts in the first 3D improved but
still failed to win the hearts of the players.

In 2006 again to return to the classic gameplay in two dimensions with
Worms: Open Warfare for PSP and Nintendo DS which was enough commercial
success, and launched its sequel the following year and in 2007 came to
the Xbox 360 version of Worms somewhat limited but very welcome,
versioning a couple of years later to PlayStation Network and iPhone. In
between would be launched Worms: A Space Oddity for Wii, or as is known
in Spain, A gusanodisea space, taking advantage of the possibilities of
this particular command console. Last year appeared on Xbox Live Arcade
Worms 2: Armageddon, the sequel that greatly expanded the possibilities
of the first delivery, both in gameplay modes such as weapons and
scenarios, making a success of sales.

After the commercial success of his last games for download platforms,
many of them and Worms on XBLA version for the AppStore, as Alien Breed
Evolution, Team 17 decided to dispense a distributor and finally
physical format to focus on digital distribution , launching this new PC
Worms exclusively for Steam, returning the franchise nearly a decade
after the place where she was born. This new release is based on Worms 2
Armageddon for Xbox 360, developers have dared to describe its as an
extended version of this.

Who has not tried at this point any installment of the saga that Worms
is a turn-based strategy game in which we manage a team of worms which
we control alternating with the movements of our opponents, whether
controlled by others players or the game’s artificial intelligence.
During our shift, time-varying depending on the type of game but still
normal 60 seconds, a worm will move our two-dimensional environment with
the ability to jump and to use weapons to attack our opponents leaving
them less points. We may also use objects that can be built as beams of
destruction to our way around the stage like a drill or torch, and
displacement as rope, teleport and the jet pack to fly across the stage.

Game Features:

The game is also packed with customization options, and includes
thousands of possibilities for your team of worms, tons of game options
and custom levels, so you can play the game how you want!

  • Extensive Single-Player Content: Campaign mode – Bodycount mode – Training Mode.
  • Online And Local Multi-Player: Up to 4-player online and local multiplayer action with multiple leaderboards.
  • Massively Increased Customisation: Wild worm customisation and personalization.
  • New Fully Featured Landscape Creation Tool: Fully featured landscape editor, vertical landscapes and scheme editor.
  • Worms Weaponry And Utilities: 47 weapons and utilities including new and classic weapons.
  • Game Modes: A range of classic Worms game modes and new modes.
  • High Definition Visuals: 13 HD graphical themes, widescreen support and optional blur effects.
  • Pc Specific Controls: User defined controls, function key support and USB gamepad compatible.



A straightforward gameplay and easy to understand in some depth rapidly
but takes time to master, due to the large amount of weapons and
objects, especially requiring great skill to use throwing weapons like
grenades in which to reach give the right point and power management
taking into account the strength and direction of the wind becomes an
art, or use the rope with which we need to go jumping as a ninja and
that by mastering can be done real fancy stuff. The scenarios are
destructible and sometimes we will find mines that we avoid or flammable
drums cause major damage, we also find the damn water in the bottom of
the levels of it for us automatically convert corpses, an element use in
our favor to be returned many times against us.

A very fun and addictive saga, a claim that anyone who has tried any of
their deliveries can see, both for its simple gameplay but full of
possibilities as the mood off his funny characters with funny voices and
gestures. Some worms have been too long away from the PC users but is
eventually return to this review appeared in the latest title for Xbox
360, without any news about its but with a lot more than the PC last
visited nearly a decade ago

Entertaining Game modes and customization options:

In the single player modes have the training, where through various
tutorials will teach us to move and shoot and are perfect for first
timers in a Worms but are not bad for those who for years without
touching a supply of the franchise. Then we have Quick Play, where if
you do not want to complicate too with multiple configuration options we
can start a fight quickly. In the Custom game will make use of the
levels created in the level editor, whether owned or downloaded, or we
can create them randomly defining certain characteristics, such as water
level, number of mines, random objects, and so on. We play against up
to four teams of four players a total of sixteen worms on the screen and
can be controlled by both teams play like us and other players as we

The other modes with more packaging and capacity of addiction begins
with the campaign, 35 missions (the last five will have to buy at the
store, but quiet with money given to us in the game itself) which mixes
both with the team finishing rival with other skill, ingenuity and even
playing against the circuit by using items like jet pack or rope, not
being a big problem to overcome until we reach the last ten where it
will get quite difficult but terribly funny time. Every time we passed
one of these missions will receive money in return then we will use in
the shop section, we will detail later.

In the area of war we must overcome our team 30 fights of increasing
difficulty starting with simple opposing teams with as little life that
will go beyond missions becoming more resistant and hard to beat. The
final single player mode that remains for us to detail is the massacre,
this will handle a single worm that will face unlimited enemies that are
defeated by will be replaced by tougher than previous ones, all with
the aim of obtaining the highest score possible as premium is also the
speed that we annihilate our opponents, a game mode that becomes a real

We can play multiplayer in both local and network in five different ways
starting with Normal and Expert, which engaged the enemy in one or the
other depending on the difficulty that we demand, the difference in
combat conditions more or less severe. In the stage will be crazy boxes
full of these, which contain life and weapons, and will be essential to
them for making us go over the turns and we start very few weapons.

Then we have bazookas and grenades, which as the name suggests we will
make full use of these, two of the weapons more skill and training hours
required of the player but the most rewarding. And finally there is the
probably more fun for everyone, Fortin, in which two teams will face
from their respective strength with water in between, so our ability to
prevail long distance weapons. Here players will be assigned to one of
the mandatory two teams so often accompanied by other players will play
against the other fort, which is great fun.


As for the possibility to edit the first thing we do at the beginning of
the game is to create our own team of four worms. The customization
options are many and choose its name, the helmet, the skin color, the
stone that represents us when we kill, dance and victory waiting and
their voices as in all installments of the saga are numerous and funny.
As a novelty compared to other deliveries we found the shop in it with
the money earned on campaign mode will buy new helmets, scenarios,
tombstones, weapons and unlock the last five missions.

Although Worms is a series not known for speed deliveries and playable
from each other by a slow evolution, the fact is that the years between
Worms World Party to this cause Worms Reloaded reach new intermediate
deliveries that are not had been enjoying so far in PC. Until fourteen
new weapons as bunker-buster, Ferrets, Sentry Gun, Buffalo, Worship,
etc., added to the classical make a total of 48 numbers to keep in mind.
In the scenarios we will find some new details, like the fire that left
the explosive barrels that this time shift persists for several things
making us more difficult, the turrets of attack that we will play some
trick or magnets that repel or attract the projectiles and give an added
complexity to the game.

This title appears in the game download platform Steam and uses it to
make use of some of its functions. For example includes twelve
achievements to which perhaps some people do not see the sense, others
will fall for the first time in their networks and already have become
addicted to them about consoles will have another medium in which to
continue collecting this type of rewards . We may also make use of
community features implemented in the platform, given the importance of
the online multiplayer of this game come and work very well.

It may not be the most Worms game modes and number of missions for a
player appeared in every PC, the Campaign mode in about four or five
hours you may end up being the first Worms much longer and difficult,
but we have the War Zone Carnage and prolonging the life of the title
fairly, but we must not forget that we have a downloadable game reduced
price so the relationship between price and hours of play is undoubtedly
excellent, especially in If we want to enter the area multiplayer that
we can provide hours and hours.

It covers the war between these worms as thugs better than ever:

The game’s graphics look great thanks to the high resolutions we can
make use today on a midrange PC and activate all the options although
visually the most of the game is running smoothly without needing a
particularly powerful computer. A well-defined colorful designs that
allow us to follow the action from different zoom levels that you can
change at any time. We have a wide variety of environments where they
develop combat: medieval, sports, construction, Manhattan, pirate,
London, space, war, snow, surf, etc., varied and with many details that
characterize them, certainly the more impressive Worms the all appeared
so far that it even features the odd luxury.

Although this is a saga that has always opted for functional and nice
graphics this release has an effect that was a pleasant surprise as the
shock waves of the explosion or fire that looks great with a great
animation appearing "live" and leaving a trail of smoke to be a cartoon
is the best we’ve ever seen recreated in a game with 2D graphics, a
detail that is appreciated.

The music always accompanies the action as a very secondary to be mainly
environmental and leaving all the attention to sound effects. These are
the most notable in paragraph sound and the effects of many weapons as
the voices sound great, the latter are numerous and funny and although
many of them come from old supplies, and fans want so already fond of
them have been remastered for the occasion to sound better than ever.


A fifteen-year saga behind it and today maintains the spirit of its
first deliveries playable is the less meritorious and that says a lot
going for just this detail should draw the attention of gamers who have
never tried a Worms; a game that maintains the same mechanical playable
after so many years and continues to achieve success must have something
special. Who has only played the PC and take delivery of ten years
without having tried a new Worms is at a perfect time to return to the
good times of yore, with a game that gives us lots of fun for the price
he has, and that among small new playable characters, the whole game
modes and technical section we can say that we are facing the best Worms
of all. In the only case where it is not recommended if you have played
the last appeared on Xbox Live Arcade, as it is an extension of this
and offers no noteworthy new features.

We welcome the return of these worms so much fun to your PC and hope to
continue in such good health in future deliveries, but Team 17 should be
careful not too bogged down in the formula, including new playable
noteworthy that encourage play without reaching new Worms losing the
spirit of the franchise.




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