Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Xbox Review

It seems clear that the new fashion is coming to digital distribution is
to offer specific games for these platforms do serve as a prelude,
complement, or who knows, launches "major" in physical distribution.
These games will keep the keys to basic playable game that will follow,
thus capturing the attention of the public, offering a good example of
it, and inviting him to think that if I have a good time with it, that
has cost relatively little, why do not go for the full game later when
it hits stores in a few weeks. Capcom has made this bet with Dead Rising
Case 0, but other companies are now joining the bandwagon … maybe it
was what other spoke when he said that the "demos to pay."

But beyond all the reflections that invites us to do about the video
game industry and its existing mechanisms and advertising business
models, the fact is that while games are being offered as this, there is
no reason to complain. At least not too much. This release is exclusive
to Xbox 360, Dead Rising 2 but will also come to PC and PS3, and serves
as a direct antecedent of it. Not necessary to enjoy Dead Rising 2, but
is a complement rather than interesting. We will not give key details
of the history of either of these games, but it is clear that the whole
experience and not be limited to the title itself
(and-sometimes-unscrupulous downloadable content), but such advances. At
least that is what, more or less happens here.

The interesting thing is that, for example, the Case 0 done a better job
to put ourselves in a situation that Dead Rising 2 with a better
initial sequence referred. Then the narrative moves much more physical
play, of course, but it is clear that the limited space that has served
to raise Capcom better how to tell things from the start, despite being
also in media res.

End of introduction, the game can begin. As you probably know, Dead
Rising 2: Case Zero invites us to discover what happened some time
before Dead Rising 2 while teaching us the mechanics of gameplay. A sort
of giant tutorial exclusive to the Xbox 360 except that here we are
indeed in the presence of a true prologue offering more importantly an
entire city a priori more peaceful. Of course, this is what you want us
to believe during the first seconds of play even if very quickly, the
problems will not delay to rain.

In any case, we will be never-ending fight against hordes of zombies
while trying to achieve for small Zombrex Katey, a playable approach
modeled on that of Dead Rising 2, which also takes elements such as the
use of the clock, or cycle time for injection of medicine to prevent the
poor child becomes a zombie.

Checkout Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Gameplay:

We must say that having a girl infected by the arm is not really a
panacea. Fortunately, top researchers have developed a revolutionary
product bearing the name of sweet Zombrex. Only problem, all expensive,
is becoming more and more rare and requires an injection every 12 hours
to inhibit the disease. Chuck is not going to be praying to find a dose
as a villain after he lambasted his vehicle had just arrived in Still
Creek, he found himself short of Medoc. In doing so, he will then meet
many refugees it will escort his makeshift hideout to retrieve money or
points, themselves stumbling convertible currency and you used to level
up. In this regard, please note that you can just go up to level 5 in
this prologue, your attributes (skills, attributes and combo cards) are
then exported in Dead Rising 2. And then I see you dumbfounded, his head
between his hands, to ask what are those cards combos. I just do not

In fact, as with his grandfather, Case Zero allows you to use a
multitude of items to get rid of zombies. On the rifle to snipe a
bowling ball through casino chips, you will constantly try anything to
see the result. In addition, it will be possible to create your own
weapons by combining such as nails with a baseball bat. Once done, you
get one of these famous maps. Finally, using these means of fortune you
amassed over PP through which you progress and earn more movements and
other developments. Note also the radius of the innovations it is now
possible to save in three different locations. Exit then save the system
a bit limiting point of the first game.

We regret that we are still here still limited by time. In sum, while
being careful to respect the time slot for the administration of Zombrex
to Katey, it will also speeder to find five pieces of a motorcycle to
restore history to be synchronized with the arrival of the army in the
village. So, he must act quickly, talk to good people, collect
information and line up capitals where indicated. Unfortunately, there
may be very heavy duty each time back to our hiding place for our
findings, especially as this will cause a loading time.

The control system is the same: to collect objects with B, we change
what we have in hand with the side buttons on the top of the command,
and hit with X (if pressed longer, give a strong shock). Likewise, we
must be attentive to the objects that are marked with a wrench icon, as
are those who will serve to combine with others and make new weapons,
sometimes bizarre, but always far more powerful than the standard.

Here we move from one village to which we flee from this threat as a
zombie, but some unscrupulous survivor steals the car and we left
abandoned in the same, without Zombrex for Katey, not many resources,
apparently, for our protagonist, a tough guy who will do whatever it
takes to get the medicine. Still Creek is a place not very big, but full
of houses and buildings, and a huge population and growing zombie.

Nevertheless, the map is very useful to locate in the village,
especially as we move and we got the goals for the following missions.
We must emphasize, especially, the effect achieved on the main avenue,
which runs in full, without charges, and is infested with zombies to
extreme levels, which is visually stunning. The engine used is clearly
the same as physical play and size of the game is not exactly small
(with the restrictions that were in Xbox Live Arcade until relatively
recently even taking into account that the maximum size of games has
gradually increased, it would have been completely impossible), which
helps make it an equal game experience at all levels, to their next "big

However, it suffers from a severe visual problem popping as exaggerated:
There may be a few meters have a van, and just suddenly appear like
that. The zombies do not, fortunately, but other elements of the
scenario is not generated awkwardly drawn in a very near horizon, it’s
there at your nose out of hand. Some textures are rather low resolution,
the shadows are generated with huge pixels on occasion, but they are
minor faults which do not affect gameplay. Found running in an address
to the desperate and suddenly you encounter an obstacle in front of your
nose while a couple of hundreds of zombies are coming for you … it is

That yes, there should be no illusions: Case 0 is intended to be an
appetizer, and that is what it is. Without being short, the truth is
that it is perceived as low, despite offering a variety of missions and
objectives outlined. As in the full game, we must add PPs, points that
will enable us to achieve improvements, which is being acquired by
killing zombies, but also by making secondary objectives, such as when
we find survivors. Add points to improve to Chuck is important, so do
not always have to flee from the zombies, taking into account that it is
impossible to completely eliminate them all.

Overall, what we find is with an additional chapter of Dead Rising 2
that is distributed digitally, and a good way to counter eliminated
zombies do not start at zero when metamos the game for the first time in
our console. The first sensation is that it is very short, and the
truth is that the extension is not one of his virtues, but can give
about an hour and a half of play, which actually places it above the
original estimates. Not too much, but is offset by a restrained and low
price for the standards of these launches, located at 400 Microsoft
points (4.80 euros), which seems designed specifically to give everyone a
chance to discover the virtues upcoming release.

As a standalone game, but the fact is that Case 0 does not hold water in
major fronts. To begin with, there is a separate experience, something
obvious, but people may wonder, on the other, has some visual defects
(which we reviewed earlier) that are not found in Dead Rising 2, so
maybe there are people who provide these physical errors in the title,
given the intention clearly advertising (and inspiration for demo) This
downloadable game. That, in any case, judging by things that are not,
but we must bear in mind that we have rarely encountered a proposal of
this caliber in their commercial intentions, and it may take months and
several more pitches ( of this and other companies) until the public is
receptive and sympathetic to such proposals.

What stands out most of Dead Rising 2: Case 0 is that we have a
downloadable game shows that we arrive in physical form at the end of
September. It’s a cool concept, since it is a demo, but it certainly is
intended to show exactly what the public can offer Dead Rising 2. The
story closes reasonably well, although links completely with this game,
so it is not self-contained, and that might not please the public, with
good reason. It is aimed, therefore, the public is already interested in
Dead Rising 2 being very interested or has not yet decided to purchase:
This starter will most likely convince them, it is a great button
shown. It lacks substance, its own, as its satellite product design has
been weighed down too much in this field. It is entertaining, and so it
costs provides a good dose of fun.


  • Massacre of zombies and gore exulting
  • Good replayability
  • Transfer characteristics in Dead Rising 2
  • Very good value for money


  • Objectives sometimes obscure
  • Realization just correct
  • Too loads
  • Control of the bike disastrous
  • Only on Xbox 360


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