Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Review


Out of the spiral of the game mediocre comics that only fans will love,
it is possible. Batman: Arkham Asylum had already shown the way. But
Marvel’s rival, the curse has not yet been lifted. Spider-Man Shattered
Dimensions will try to rebalance the scales of cosmic super-hero games,
which would still be inclined damn. There is an absolute rule in the
comics to keep the interest of readers: the hero does it so easily. And
generally, Spider-Man, the hero who crosses an ocean of Scoumoune with a
smile, is the ideal subject to being in the gutter to the neck. His new
adventure, Shattered Dimensions, is no exception to this convention.
Thinking quickly finish with Mysterio, Spidey accidentally breaks a
magical stone that will cause a social divide dimensional. He will have
to pick up the pieces of the precious MacGuffin through different
continuums before his nemesis learn to use its powers, necessarily

One of the heroes that more adjustments to the game have received has
certainly been Spider-Man, and their presence in this world goes back
almost to the top, with numerous appearances on all platforms. In fact,
is lavishing a lot even today, now in the hands of Activision, who has
launched a number of Spider-Man games in recent years. The types of
games that has walked the superheroes have been mixed, although
virtually always trying action games, though in different genres (even
took part in fighting games one on one). The truth is that in general,
the last game of the character were fine, but fans looking for something
new and it seems that Activision has found that, although it has to
have four Spider-Man.


A dimension, Spider-Man:

The game’s story takes us through four completely different dimensions,
each of them starring its own Spider-Man. The aim will be to gather the
four pieces of a medallion in charge of controlling the flow between the
different worlds and that twist of fate, ended up in the hands of four
of the enemies of Spiderman. When we play to decide what size we are
going, being able to choose the next world to which we want to go, which
is certainly good news, because we will not have to face the game in an
established order.

In this dimension everything is black and white and it embodies the most
realistic Spider-Man of all and therefore the most unprotected. The
essence of this world be stealth, because the enemies have guns and our
protagonist does not have too much resistance to them, so a couple of
shots and we’ll be dead. The level we were shown took place at a fair in
which several enemy patrol. The goal of Spider-Man was hiding in the
shadows and attacks them before we saw the hard way. Then, with your web
immobilized them and left them out of sight of other enemies. Something
we saw is that we can use the environment to destroy our enemies,
putting on an arc, for example, and attacking the enemy that passes
underneath to kill it without being seen.

The second world that we had more to do with what we’re used to the
Marvel hero, but still present several differences. The graphics is
quite colorful, with strong shades and finished comic style by using
cell-shading technique. This world will run in a forest near the city of
New York and seems to be geared more towards the action. In the demo we
did so we could only see a battle against a boss that took place in a
ring, showing a new Spider-Man skill, the ability to strike the first
person in order to see directly where our blows are directed.

The fact that each part of the game takes place in a different universe
is very interesting, because each one could go through a separate set of
superhero. Each universe has its own graphic style and must be
addressed differently than others. Beenox is trying to put together
lesser-known worlds of Spiderman comics in a unique adventure, while
offering interesting varieties playable. Despite the differences between
them, which we detail below, the worlds observed a common pattern of
play. They are all based on the repeated appearance of the villain of
the moment. As we move around the map by defeating enemies minor to
occasionally meet up to three times, with the final boss, with clashes
increasing order of difficulty, as the piece of the tablet that makes
them have increasingly powerful . In the presentation only showed us two
of these universes: Amazing and Noir, while dropped another of them
would have to do with the city of New York.

A different experience in each world:

What really works with Shattered Dimensions, it is not trying to play in
the big league as the previous ones. Since they are in 3D, games
Spider-Man more or less trying to offer a sandbox gameplay. We know the
recipe: Spidey who walk in Manhattan more or less well modeled, and
passers-by to save the inevitable little bonuses to get flashing on
roofs. But generally, lack of ambition and probably budget, these worlds
are still less successful than excavated and neighborhoods of older
brothers to the GTA. So rather than making a game "sandbox" of the poor,
Beenox Studio has chosen to limit the game more linear and controlled:
we cannot come up on the roof as before and there are invisible walls
everywhere which will require dial. In fact, swinging at the end of
cobwebs was more convincing in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, but it is the
only area where this happens.

The last universe was very well liked us as it seems to be quite
different from the other two. This time we will move forward, to a city
of huge towers and flying vehicles. The protagonist of this dimension
will be a Spider-Man with a mechanical suit that will give you the
ability to fly, among other things. We could not see much of this
dimension as we would have liked, but if we see that flying is something
fundamental in this world. And is that in the demo we saw was
Spider-Man fly between buildings, avoiding the obstacles and defeat
enemies in truly spectacular sequences.

Graphically the game has very good finish and a lot of attention as each
dimension has a fully differential graphic style, the most consistent
color palette for each of them. And although the difference between the
first dimension of which we speak and the rest is obvious (the end of
the day it is black and the rest in color), the difference between the
latter two is also very clear, using tones totally different. For the
rest, the game looks great, very smooth moving all the time. The design
of the characters, especially the various Spider-Men, is very good, and
their animations, they fit the world they are.

To justify the presence of the quartet, the writers did not try to make
things complicated. They developed the story around the tablet of order
and chaos, a magic stone that appeals much to Mysterio, so that the
odious character decides to steal it. Spider-Man wants to stop him but
he accidentally destroyed the tablet is found then scattered across
dimensions. Fortunately, Madam Web intervenes and calls other Spider-Men
to the rescue. Besides the classic Spidey, as we still have seen in the
trilogy by Sam Raimi, is embodied by the black Spider-Man, from the
transposition of the Marvel universe in the 30s, Spider-Man New Look
version and the Ultimate Spider-Man 2099, where we find Miguel O’Hara
and not Peter Parker under the mask of the Spider.


The truth is that this Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions looks good. It
seems that Activision has ignored the criticism and has managed to offer
something new. What we liked is that, at least for what we have seen,
each dimension give a totally different playing style, which makes us to
different experiences and therefore more diverse. With a dream cast and
plastic remarkable, Spider-Man: Dimensions is an excellent title for
any fan of Marvel respectable. One can only regret that the game has not
been able to renew itself more in terms of gameplay.




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