Sid Meier’s Civilization V Review

Among the turn-based strategy game that concerns us today is one of the
paradigms of the genre. The arrival of Civilization V is great news for
fans of this saga that has been in business since 1991. On the verge of
fulfilling its twelfth anniversary, the saga of Sid Meyer becomes more
complete than ever. Now we intend to thoroughly analyze all their
insides for the player to see the hidden potential of the game.

The player will always see this fifth edition of the game contains some
substantive changes. The incorporation of hexagonal board gives a
different aspect to the game. On this occasion we will have to buy
different hexagonal areas to expand our city apart from the fact that
our troops will have to move in one of these six directions to change
the boxes. The group of units in the same box also happens to a better
life so the attack must be clearly measured before sending our army to

The creation of both units as scouts or warriors workers has increased
their cost in this case and we will have to spend more time and money
creation. The availability of these units later causes the game is slow
and depend on our strategy to be prepared prior to a possible attack.
The viability of the battles in previous editions is a bit depleted in
exchange for a greater development of our city before any races with the

Little by little we are discovering the game go hand in hand with our
leader, who will choose between 18 different civilizations among which
we find to Bismarck for Germany and Russia, the Czarina Catherine,
Alexander and ancient Greece or the United States George Washington
among many others. It should be noted that this election will begin to
mark the future of civilization we want to create from that moment. At
the time of selection are unlocked a number of unique features at
different times as the B-17 for the Americans, the figure of paper in
China, for the Greek hoplite warriors or war elephant of Indian
civilization, that Gandhi is the leader.

After selecting the civilization we will configure the type of game. The
map type, to choose between the normal formation of the land, islands,
continents or pangea. The size of the map from two cities to the
configuration is huge where twelve players will face each other in 24
cities been going on for four more degrees of size.

The difficulty level will also open another great range of possibilities
and we could find from the level a settler, to the deity, level eight.
Among these will be six levels that increase the difficulty of the game
increasingly supporting the artificial intelligence of our competitors
and providing aid for improving your civilization making we have to work
flat out to prepare for any attack.


The last item that we can pre-configure before playing is the game that
will speed up rapidly through standard marathon epic. Note that the
longer marathon mode shifts to convert each time it would last a game in
standard mode. This makes the game in a civilization where the steps
are very slow and allow the player to be on top of all the items and the
possibilities offered Civilization V.

Beginning to create:

The first thing you find to begin a new civilization is a map covered
with fog where we have available to settlers and a group of warriors.
The main action is that the first group founding a city which is the
principal of each civilization in reality. The creation of this
city-state will see the borders of this and the limits to which we can
build. As we move forward in the game we can buy new plots – hexagons –
which to create new pastures, barns, farms or mines, depending on the
type of research we have chosen.

The appearance of the city also makes available the first
investigations. At first we are given the opportunity to choose between
different basic services in research such as pottery, livestock, archery
or mining. What now seems a trivial element will become the basis for a
large map of development to reach tomorrow’s technology. As in any part
of the game, our decisions are paramount and each investigation will
lead to new ways that allow us to move from one form or another.

The early stages of our civilization will also allow us influence social
policies. As the investigation will give us the ability to target the
ideology that also results in what our fellow citizens will be in the
future. A traditionalist approach derived, possibly in the autocracy and
militarism as a starting point based on freedom will produce a more
open society with the benefits that it produces. Note that this social
policy does not intercede only in the population but will have its
impact on happiness, the monetary impact on an operation or treaty with a
country or the speed and access to any building or unit.

But the availability of people and different types of them than our
prosperity depends. The people we have can do and undo as our advances
in research. If we can build pasture agriculture investigated boats and
ships if we have first developed the entire chain of knowledge to marine

A game basting:

Playing Civilization V is done with a game in which everything is
linked. From the most basic situations such as elections and research
technologies to smaller movements in key war. A poor entry in a newly
found rule may mean that this is in conflict with us. The effective
management of agreements of the game is one of the points at which the
player further into direct contact with the diplomacy and communication
with other empires. The management of peace and war as well as the
ability to send these to our counterparts in other realms by help or
hinder our expansion in either direction.

In case of declaring war will only be one way to direct our troops to
the borders of the city-state elected and begin a siege and demolition
with our units to achieve goals as we choose different types of
expertise. Thus have our military research and arms a day allows us to
create not only new units but also cars that will facilitate this task.
Season will be in the war when we enjoy the largest in the graphic
animations. Civilization V offers a job well settled that lets you see
the splendor of the great civilizations but with a but.


We can say that visually the game is a title it works exceptionally. The
various presentations up to the parties provide a reproduction of the
characters that hold its leadership well worthy of every nation to
reality. The portraits of Bismarck, Washington and Gandhi, among others,
give an added credibility to the game. The skilled in history will see
that there is data that are appreciated in a game where the story is the
thread. But we see the visuals in two parts. The interface for a pure
and figure later. The presentation and menus are at the stage of the
game. The interface we see in game is neat, and it works exceptionally
quickly navigate through all the items we control, which are not few.

The floating icons give a dynamic to the game and allow the notice can
also quickly access the screen to which it refers. If population
increase, a single click will suffice for the camera is sent directly to
the city referred to as the different ruins hidden in the map will give
us – in the lower levels – the possibility of finding new groups of
settlers to join our empire and founded new cities.

The various items of different constructions will research and to our
left in a list while the screens research and social policy will make
full screen. At the top, to consult during the game, we have access to
social policies, the directors – who will appear for most novice players
– and diplomacy, in addition to pointing out the different
civilizations with whom we have agreements – and type of these – we will
make the city-states discovered by our scouts (scouts) and the type of
government they practice. In addition we will also have access to the
feeling of those about our civilization and the degree of influence
which will modify based on gifts of land or money and covenants.

At first glance, Civilization V looks like its predecessors, but that,
you guessed already. However, it may already regret one thing: the
scenarios seem absent from this episode. There is a section called
"mods", but it is currently empty. To determine whether some customized
maps are available at the game’s release should therefore be content
with the classic single player mode in addition to the multiplayer (not
tested due to servers, necessarily closed). The main mode can also be
modified in any way, for our greatest happiness map size, choice of
climate, abundant resources, defining historic period starting, limiting
the victory conditions, speed of the towers … Almost all the
subtleties of a party are configurable.

Note that the data that gives us each menu are endless and if a player
wants to act on the basis of all data that a diplomat would want before
making a decision. From the cult to the feature through preferred
materials with which treats each rule. Bars, numbers and all sorts of
information at our disposal to get also talk with the leaders of each
city can make secret agreements or joint declarations of war. The option
of requiring or exchange will allow us to meet the needs of our people,
which will be via messages between which there are some communications
of other nations.

Everything has been redesigned to be intuitive and dynamic maximum no
event more elusive. The only complaint may concern the menus and buttons
sometimes too invasive that prevent proper assessment of the details of
the card. 3D modeling of units is very cute and the game displays a few
jerks in the end part on a midrange PC, but nothing frankly
embarrassing. But, in truth, the technical matter. What we like in
Civilization, war, diplomacy, the expansion of its influence … In
short, we like to dominate other peoples, by all means.

Graphics and atmosphere:

As a last point we discuss the atmosphere in the whole graph. We can say
that certainly meets the standards required for these times. The game
has no graphical section but the view of the map and the different
textures have been carefully and surprise the many characters we meet.
Among them we see the different army units and workers but also
different animals, camps and buildings that will improve over the years.
As we move forward we will improve the whole scenario, the global as
well as concrete as roads or buildings.

The great thing about the map is its greatness and in turn, as we roam
with our armies for him. The fact of finding a border and be able to
initiate direct talks with the leader gives a realistic touch that will
appeal well to start immediate negotiations but fruitless at first but
we can grow during the subsequent turns removing barbarian units
collaborating with them or border agreements or against other countries.

The interface is in the foreground, the map appears with a good sense of
depth, but what is striking is that there is life between the two
plans! I was overwhelmed with happiness to see that all the buildings
were really made with a certain height. The Egyptian pyramid example
seems to reach the level of the interface; well, not quite, the effects
are not exaggerated, they were not made by big nags. When you scroll the
map, the pyramid appears differently is also the case without 3D
vision, but the effect is much more convincing with the glasses. We had
very many must-have games in Action (Batman, Mafia II, Just Cause 2,
Metro 2033), we never thought for a second to see a title like
Civilization that list.


The Civilization are usually no surprises. This is not exactly the case
with Civilization V. 2K Games is indeed a way compatible tech news. If
value DirectX 11 does not convince the masses, one cannot say the same
of 3D Vision. Overall, Civilization V is an episode that takes few
risks, but each update has been carefully studied and optimized in order
not to unbalance gameplay that has proven itself since 1991. The
resource system has thus been enriched to a variable "scarce resource"
(Pearl, oil, etc..) That we will be sending to harvest to satisfy its
people and win big advantages over the competition. Last but not least,
the city-states are also emerging. Again, without too much complexity to
the title, they offer more variety in the parts. You will therefore
understand that Civ V is as perfectly balanced as one capable of
bringing together the hardcore war gamers as newcomers, thanks to a
flawless interface, a gradual learning curve and stunning depth.




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