Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (PES 2011) Review

The revolution promised for so many years Pro Evolution Soccer series
has arrived, although not a radical revolution, but a rethinking of some
of the basics of a game that dominated the beginning of the last decade
but in recent years has seen His eternal rival, FIFA, has been eating
the ground, first in the quality game, and almost final, but three
countries, sales. The Konami team has acknowledged several times that
have fallen behind, and have even apologized to fans of Pro Evolution
therefore promising repeatedly that the delivery of each year would be
the full stop as expected. This year itself, but the renewal of the saga
is not quite enough to once again become the king of football games.

As we have told our successive contacts with the game, Pro Evolution
Soccer 2011 brings many changes. Some simply visual, and new camera
angles, moving dynamically, and that is a hit. Other gameplay and
graphics, more profound and significant, and constitute the revolution
that Konami has promised. The new system of passes and improved
artificial intelligence far beyond the parties, and new animations,
combined with great looks that show the players earns integers in the

The camera changes are not dramatic or cinematic, are subtle changes
that focus better when the game depending on the location of the ball.
Thus, the angle is open when we are in the lower band to see more field
(and colleagues), and otherwise make the move when we're on the other
side to achieve the same goal. The same happens when we approach the

The change in gameplay most noticeable in the first contact is the new
pass system, which now use a power bar and follow the direction that we
indicate with the analog stick. The 360-degree control now much more
noticeable, suggesting that last year was a bit of a lie, and especially
noticeable in the accuracy of passes, which will be measured with a
power bar that is displayed around the player, drawing a semicircle that
is filled with various colors. This system, power bar display on the
player (except in cases such as fouls or corners), is a hit for Konami,
not require us to focus attention on the bottom of the screen.

At first takes some getting used to this new system, and give some bad
passes, but after a few minutes with the game a natural fit, and we will
soon benefit from the precision that gives the time to move the ball
and especially when we want to make passes at depth. The shots taken the
same power bar system on the player, and have improved over last year.
Some shots from afar are still overly "shells", but much less than last
year. It also included that little classic PES, for example if you press
the shutter button again just when the player is going to hit the ball,
we give an effect, "folha dry."

The tactical behavior of the equipment is now better, leaving less holes
on defense and making it more difficult for a player to dribble
followed several opposing defenses. Improved defense

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