Darksiders Review (PC)

Very pleasant surprise early in the year on consoles, Darksiders finally
comes to PCs, without adding fat content or technical improvement
justifying a wait a bit long for a simple port. September 2010, War
finally comes to PCs and the conclusion is simple: the action-adventure
has found a new ambassador. Darksiders is a surprise, a real as we’d
like to have more often. Rather not beat around the bush: Vigil Games
has put together a work bordering on perfection, every detail of the
adventure being tweaked to the extreme. This does not seem to win at
first all you could see this as simply a disguised clone of God of War.
Fortunately it is not as if the app here draws heavily on this "action"
from Sony, it frees itself of its business model by working more toward
the action / adventure.

In fact, remember this: Darksiders is not a beat ’em all and is much
closer to a Zelda with a perfectly balanced mix between tough wrangling
and puzzles. This is also one of its many positive points in the
direction where the alchemy of genres, bringing phases of reflection and
epic battles against bosses, offers a real personality to this title
yet repository. A surprising paradox that does not yet question the very
foundations of the project whose future seems already spread over
several episodes.

It starts with a sequence in the middle of New York where humans are the
latter "dirty face. Millennium Peace between Hell and Heaven has indeed
been broken and the two sides clash on a playground called Earth.
Understand by this that it is the Apocalypse, the short end of the
world. It was during this introduction we discover bloody War, the hero
of the Darksiders. War is one of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but
it seems to have invited to the party without being invited. The guy
swears that have yet to answer the call, but the lack of killing her 3
colleagues clearly plays against him. Injured his powers and found
guilty by the grand council, War times, however, to negotiate a final
chance to redeem himself and prove his innocence. Thus he will find the
planet Earth 100 years after the events that led it to lose its power,
and is also in this way that the adventure begins for the player.

Darksiders is a game that would quickly classify beat’em all as the
first hour pad in hand is repetitive and buggers. Yet it would be just a
pure mistake, because if the mood takes time to settle, it will
eventually be surprised by his influences and his incredible wealth.
First of all welcome the impressive work of American artist Joe
Madureira, which gives life to characters beautiful and full of
charisma. This attention to detail also suffers in environments that
alternate nicely while showing a clear preference for the Gothic. This
dominance occurs mainly in terms of interiors, as outdoor passageways
sometimes take you to walk in large areas of natural, healthy green
vegetation and the sun will pretty well …


Darksiders but it is not only a visual success is also a mix of various
inspirations that longtime players will not fail to identify. How well
does not lift the parallels between God of War Darksiders and for what
is on the nag and fight sequences. The different combos that you can use
the powers to unlock throughout the game and finish to be performed on
young and most gigantic enemies are clear echoes Kratos and his
boundless rage. Along the way moves War is reminiscent of the central
character in Soul Reaver. His habit of hanging with one arm or slide on
the walls probably wakes up old memories for some sleep. Darksiders is
not content however to be a mere clone of these two worlds since it
retains some aspects (the best will say it) to refine his style in some
areas. The allergic QTE sequences and can blow, because the little guys
from the studio Vigil did not see fit to preserve them. Also included is
a system optimization and purchase of new powers in Darksiders much
more elaborate than in God of War, offering greater choice and greater
opportunity for customization. Buy combos, new weapons and special
powers, everything is done to motivate the player to slaughter again and
again to get precious souls he can then exchange for a smuggler.

Another great series of video games have largely inspired Darksiders,
the brilliant series of Mr. Miyamoto in person: The Legend of Zelda.
Indeed impossible to ignore the features of kinship between their two
titles as the similarities are striking. Just like in Zelda, the
increase is mainly through dungeons in Darksiders. Each tower also
houses a special weapon that may be necessary to overcome the trials and
the Boss area. These same weapons can also broader maneuvers in the
surrounding world as and when they will own. The puzzles in place also
recall those that are subjected Link for many years. Bombs to explode
with a Boomerang, chasms to cross through the use of a grapple,
destructible blocks of ice with only a special weapon … Darksiders is
more appropriate that the gameplay of the series from Nintendo, but even
goes so far as to reinvent during certain passages. Understand by this
that the title of the studio Vigil is not just a game well with a few
nicks nag puzzles, more than anything else there to decorate. In
Darksiders, if the muscles and aggressiveness operate at full capacity,
it will still know how to use his gray matter from time to time.


Win as many years as the artistic revelation of the year, Darksiders
provides most offering a very decent record. Comic’s key characters
likely will appeal to as many, like visiting different environments that
are renewed rather well overall. After a couple hours of play,
adventure quickly gained in intensity and offers opportunities for
hitherto unexpected gameplay. Allow twenty minutes to complete the quest
of War in a straight line and much more if you wish to unlock all bonus
weapons and take full advantage of Darksiders.

So what is the Darksiders really in the end? That is a question that
will be difficult to answer as the game grows on this side hybrid which
goes perfectly. Often violent, multiplying the fierce fighting,
adventure, however, will force to think in the dungeons. Just as many
challenges will require you to adopt different methods in order to
overcome very specific. A finding also applies to the duels against
bosses that rival some good ideas. Winks games mentioned above do not
stop there and we can even notice the similarities with other titles
such as forceps or Portal of Persia.

Note also the desire to constantly reinvent them by offering new game
dynamics throughout the adventure by the gradual introduction of
weapons, the phases of shoot-off and many other discoveries such as the
frame of War. Finally, we can say that Darksiders draws his inspiration
from many sources, while ensuring originality. A challenge far from
clear ahead reflected the many titles that will be broken teeth on this
exercise. Anyway, it’s all good for Vigil Games by signing a remarkably
polished and first title that may well mark the beginning of a
successful series!


On PC and consoles, Darksiders is a real bomb! By treating both
substance and form, Vigil Games gives us a pure masterpiece of
action-adventure. Balanced, rhythmic, contemplative, angry, title raises
feelings moult while mixing influences. Prince of Persia, God of War,
Zelda, Portal, many models infusing energy constantly renewed
Darksiders. Paced from beginning to end, Darksiders maintains close ties
with some of the biggest video game blockbusters. Hope that the players
follow the light that should lead the way for possible consequences.
Success inescapable that deserves some attention here!




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