Front Mission Evolved Review

This series was formerly a tactical RPG, but this time to bring it to a Western market, have changed the genre third person shooter (We will see that as long as this decision is correct, but redirect a saga not often a good idea, and yes, Command And Conquer, I am looking at you.). Thus, our character will be a mecha pilot will have to go destroying enemies to progress without complications. Within these three types of cord have the potential for broad customization.

While Final Fantasy XIII occupies all minds, Square-Enix does not forget all the fans of giant robots and futuristic atmosphere.  Front Mission Evolved on Xbox 360 is an action game putting you in control of a mecha piloted by Dylan Ramsey, faced with a terrorist attack in the heart of New York in the year 2171. Square Enix has in the run-up to E3, the third-person action game Front Mission Evolved (developed by Double Helix Games) for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 3 Announced 360th Mad many facts about the game have not been revealed, except that the human race toward space-oriented and also kindled there wars between the rival human superpowers. As a player, you enter a bug type armored combat robot and is both the single-player mode or online multiplayer against enemy Wanzer.

You can customize your mecha to give the appearance and weapons of his choice to go into battle with the proper gear. To celebrate the release of Front Mission Evolved in U.S., Square Enix has released a video game developed by Double Helix, a reminder, this futuristic action game in first person view puts you in the shoes of a young driver Wanzer that faces a terrorist government.   New screenshots , new artwork and a new video and are available for all who eagerly await the return of Front Mission. . The main ingredient of Front Mission Evolved is a wave of giant robots armed to the teeth ready to blow up weapons from the devastating power. All mixed up with a plot and a director of a high level. We can customize to your liking the torso, legs (and number of them, oh, yeah), arms, weapons (electroshock, missiles, machine guns, shotguns, melee ….), Colors and so on. For those who do not enjoy spending more time designing the fuse that playing will be available pre-designed models.

Another customization we can add to our wanzer are adhesives. One of them, for the enjoyment of many of you, it’s Metal Gear Solid (Kojima is very proud of it, what a great collaboration. No wonder will only Metal Gear: this has been months …) In order to improve our wanzer need money, of course. But here, instead of having a sad work early, as in real life, we will work to destroy others and raise money wanzer hidden at certain points of the scenarios. I demand my Wanzer in MundoReal and go down the street collecting money.

A variety of scenarios where the missions take place (City in ruins, lively cities, orbital elevators,etc.). Some of these scenarios are buildings where you cannot enter the Wanzer and struggles to walk straight. There is an approximately 10% of such missions. Either way, we are never alone, if not in every mission companions who will help us. For the soundtrack have contacted Garry Schuman, creator of the Bioshock soundtrack. If you wonder how much we will take the story mode, seems to be around 10 hours for the 17 missions that includes the title. Personalization mentioned above, the Wanzer may give enough replayability to the game, and may be one of its major attractions.

If the mechanical engineering and to combat terrorism are elements that have always fascinated the players, to be discussed is just the original choice of a strategy game in an upset third-person shooter. Has made a right move to Square Enix? We will know only in September. Above we showed you some pictures of Front Mission Evolved, while below we show the video with the trailer for this game to your PC so you can already get an idea of how this will be expected to play.In fact, the series is not new to this kind of distortion, since as long ago as 1996 had tried the card game with Action Front Mission Gun Hazard, shooter detached from the main storyline. In another attempt to win the sympathy of Western public game development has been assigned to Double Helix Games, team Californian born in 2007, already responsible for Silent Hill: Homecoming and GI Joe Rise of the Cobra, all supervised by Shinji Hashimoto, producer for Square since 1995.

The information leaked the game, in addition to historical robots called wanzers (a contraction of" Wanderung Panzer", walking tanks) will keep the weapons and items so dear to fans of the series, with the ability to customize their vehicles to make able to repair the other members of your team or to confuse the instruments of the opposing team. Also confirmed the multiplayer mode, which will rely on maps of the story mode.


The plot is fully embedded in the canon of the series, and will move on the same complex geopolitical coordinates of the previous episodes. Set in 2171, 50 years after the events in Front Mission 5, Evolved will follow the adventures of Dylan Ramsey, an engineer who will unwillingly involved in a war between the two superpowers of the world’s Front Mission: The ‘OCU (consisting of Japan , Australia and South East Asia) and USN (which includes North and South America), all against the backdrop of a race to conquer space by orbital elevators.

In this new episode, called Front Mission Evolved, you incarnate Dylan Gordon, driver of Wanzer (kinds of mechas) in a global conflict. Little information is available, except that the game is planned for the area next spring.  The world of the future is not the same. The technology is more advanced. Countries have merged into huge geopolitical blocks. Only one thing has not changed: the desire of the people in the war. When, during a terrorist attack is a valuable space elevator is the UCS, the military is mobilizing. Soon found Dylan Ramsey, a young engineer, back in the middle of a maelstrom of destruction, conspiracy and disintegrating alliances. Front Mission Evolved combines the elements of the front-Mission-tactic games with an action-packed third-person shooter. The player takes a seat in the cockpit of a bug – a massive war machine, which can be fitted individually in both the single-player campaign and in online multiplayer matches and arm.

The part shown on Xbox 360 (the game will be released for PC and PlayStation 3) has seen dozens of mech combat opponents, but also helicopters and foot soldiers in an enemy base, a sort of container storage area at the foot of the colossal lift that connects the earth with the sub orbital space station. As stated earlier the game is a classic 3D action, but given that the progenitor was distinguished by a large part of management and strategy, even here you can spend a lot of time trying to build the mech perfect fits all the theaters of battle. Not it is simply choose a type of rifle rather than a rocket launcher, you need to be addressed according to the mission and the type of tactic choice, applied to the robot the right equipment, we can also choose individual pieces to the torso, arms and legs. The latter clearly characterize the mobility of the medium because you can decide if you equip the mech with two, four or even a kind of form that guarantees the ability to hover in midair for the robot. In our demo was accompanied by mech another specializes in close combat, being equipped with a shotgun and brass knuckles: the more usual situation has seen our alter ego cover the distance with rockets and minigun rounds of the charges to head down of our comrade, dynamic use this borrowed which makes the character’s tank in RPGs.

 The first missions of the game gave us a very comprehensive picture about the gameplay, classic tutorial from initial through a series of tests allowed us to become familiar with the particular control system. Similar to many other shooters, your configuration includes the use of all buttons on the pad in order to allow the player to be able to quickly exploit the full capabilities of the Wanzer. This can be equipped with four arms and broken leg to be mounted on the shoulders and back each assigned to the controller. It is thus possible to unleash a devastating fire power, routing code on the target missile research and in the meantime to vent the machine gun. In addition to the means you can mount a jet engine useful to move quickly on the battlefield thus dodging enemy bullets, you’ll find yourself still having the determination to use because they do not possess infinite energy, but will require a recharge time to return to operating . Still working the same propulsive force can jump and remain suspended in the air for a few seconds and you can deliver lethal blows late melee.

The tactical approaches are so different, you can sacrifice on the altar of armor, agility and firepower, such as giving the Wanzer (the name of the standard robot in the game) in the form of four legs, making it virtually a Armed siege engine as a battleship, but still hopelessly on the legs, or if you implement guided missiles and sniper rifle you choose a more cautious approach while remaining at a safe distance from hot lead flying. The weapons supplied to the robot are four, two arms and two shoulders, and represent the usual collection of guns seen in similar titles, then make their appearance here is guns, seeking missiles, swords for melee , machine guns and rockets, plus a series of offensive and defensive battle skills liable to upgrade mission after mission. In the demo we saw the EMP strike, which is a type of laser that temporarily render useless the means opponents. Another skill is the only mention of mimesis optics, also known as invisibility, particularly useful in phases in which one attempts a low profile during infiltration ides. Totally novel is instead the so-called Edge Mode, fancy name for hyper inflated bullet time: the screen turns black and white, slows time and to facilitate the shooting allies are colored red, while the enemies of the green.

Needless to say, in a battle we must make wise use of its arsenal, as it is possible to target individual parts of the enemy mech, then deciding whether to hit the arms rather than legs or torso, definitely a change in the strategy of attack. Nothing new, but this is always welcome when it comes to steel giants roll out another 20 yards. Gambling, even seeing the boys play the Double Helix has been noted a very robust pace of battles, perhaps a little too hectic, but quite noticeable was the AI of your allies fighting in line with their intended use. And still speaking of specialized Wanzer were also shown the mech engineers with the sole task of tending the field hit the enemies, now become a primary goal to be killed. Given the setting of A Class of Wanzer seems impossible that it was not implemented a coop mode, but hearing American kids the variety of behavior and approach of its allies should address this lack.

Nothing was said about the multiplayer side, but in the words of the developers should be one of the strengths of the experience in ways very different and diverse. From a technical standpoint the game has definitely made a good impression, but did not lead to specific peaks of excellence. Well made and animated models of the mech, as well as their souls. The only thing that has left us a bit perplexed were the representations of the impact of explosions and shots on armor, but we were assured that the build was shown in some places to fix and improve. Ultimately, this first meeting with the effort of American Square-Enix has returned positive impression rather, fans of old may turn up their noses seen him Stavolgomento of basic mechanical, while stating that the tactical importance of customization of your mech has remained completely unchanged from the previous chapters the saga.

Combat Skills

 The Wanzers  are passed to the direct action element, leaving aside the whole role-playing aspect that has made a name for this saga, however, has lavished much to say in Western markets. But what we will find settings to gradually achieve a giant robot to match our aspirations war.  The game opens in the middle of New York at a future where giant lifts surface communicate with space stations, and the conquest of outer space has only brought more war to humans, and giant robots. The Wanzer customization options are essential to obtain weapons, abilities and characteristics that are suitable to our interests of the game, and also our style of play, given that there is a basic limit to a maximum of four arms (two on each hand, and shoulders). The acquisition of improvements is key, and the selection of parts is essential, since the combination of a torso with legs given concrete can give us more agility, speed or subtracted but become almost indestructible, to name a few.

Battle skills are also important, as there are only three spots to fill by section, and may become a determining factor in achieving the desired balance between different characteristics of our robot. Finally, the customization is also the aesthetic finish, and may modify, in every part of the robot, i.e., torso, arms and legs independently-style (frame), color, brightness, and even decorate it with stickers. In any case, these were bought with the money we get from the stage to achieve goals and defeating enemies, so there is a significant cost associated to them, and therefore progression is dosed based on income and our interests.

Once you get to fight we could appreciate the excellent response of commands that can return a good feeling excited and very spectacular ensuring shootings. We really felt at the controls of a mech war are fully equipped and able to defeat the enemy forces giving fund to stocks of missiles and bullets at impressive speeds. There also seemed very good artificial intelligence, ruling Wanzer, chariots and weapons of various types has been distinguished for capacity rather than discrete, seeking shelter and avoiding our attacks and skills with differing significantly by type of mech . These, according to the envelope, will be more or less static and will be organized on the battlefield in order to exploit the characteristics of each intelligence. During our testing we found, for example, having to drop a team of heavy Wanzer, supported by well hidden snipers, dodging melee attacks and other mechs in the meantime trying to hit the average power of robots who did not want Learn to stand still to get hit by our missiles.

Apart from the discrete stages of combat, Front Mission: Evolved will require you to spend some time between their assignments to prepare your vehicle. Through a simple menu you can customize the various details in Wanzer, equipped with weapons from its component parts so that you can shape your mech to measure aiming at such low speed while keeping the weight or vice versa, they built a monster of destructive power, clumsy movements, but in the devastating attacks.

Finally we found ourselves facing sections of the walk, quite similar to traditional TPS though lacking a system shell. While you will re-think not too often, these special missions included in order overcoming the monotony of the action, we were not entirely convinced, and making us by far prefer the guidance of the Wanzer.  As for the aesthetic industry, Front Mission: Evolved is appreciated for the design, but less for the technical quality, plagued by a graphic detail below the average of this generation. The industry of an entirely different caliber sound, which recreates the sounds to great effect we would expect to hear of the giant mech piloting. However, refer to the stage of review a final decision on these issues including the longevity and the industry that promises fun multiplayer fighting between users.


The single player campaign focuses on, which seems to be well scripted, almost always at the controls of a Wanzer, but sometimes the protagonist leave his robot to meet targets on foot, where the control is very close to a title third-person action of the more conventional, but certainly seem to bring a touch of variety that is appreciated in the global picture of development. In any case, we often accompanied by other Wanzers allies, controlled by various supporting characters, while the game is changing location, on a global scale and even space.

The battles with computer-controlled companions are we looking balanced, but the fact is that there are tested on all levels of difficulty to find that they adapt to the requirements of tougher battles, but the two basic levels (easy and normal) we have not seen anything that would seem strange, resulting in a rewarding experience. In addition, their cooperation is important, especially when we move a bit and we found Wanzers enemies with different characteristics and strategies. The multiplayer mode seems to back very traditional ways in which the personalization of the robots will be the highlight. A total of six scenarios taken from the single player campaign, but clearly modified to suit the requirements of such a battle. You may opt for the automatic search of playmates with the option of equal parts, or create or join private games.

This will be revealed as more interesting in multiplayer mode, where different configurations lead to very diverse fighting, but it is clear that as far as we have seen, although progression is perhaps a bit slow, have a significant impact on the development of the game. In addition, the changes result in the modification of model Wanzer on screen, what is pleasing to see, especially because the menu where you apply the aesthetic changes are not always appreciated the good of all.


Control of the game vary in their response to the command Wanzer function as a too heavy or too light will be unbalanced, but the general control scheme is simple, and range from the sensation of driving a tank awkward (when walking) or extremely agile hovercraft (when moving floating), so you need to know to adapt to both styles, as the slide technique is limited in its application. It can be applied by pressing B (the control of Xbox 360) or by pressing the left analog stick, an option that has convinced us so much more.

Similarly, it skips the A button (when pressed again floated a few moments), and shoot with the triggers, depending on the weapon (for example, if we do a physical attack with the left arm, press the trigger, but if switched to a pistol, fires the same button), and side buttons on the remote (for example, missiles launched from the right shoulder, hold down the right side of the control button and let go to go to the target). Thus, it is easy to assimilate what each button does, as it corresponds with a robot arm or shoulder.

To fight the enemies we must refine the aim, as there are obvious weaknesses, and very strong enemies or large numbers we may want, for example, useless legs. But not all giant robots enemies, for there are helicopters, tanks, turrets … in any case, when we need more precision shooting, press the right analog stick and it brings the sight and it is easier to hit in the right places. The story mode is telling us a story that looks set to be somewhat predictable, and with a few twists in the script that are coming from afar, what a quality item that is lost with respect to supplies of strategic role but in any case is more than enough to keep a good pace of action and take us forward, while Ramsey and Dylan know their motivations.

The system recovers energy from the game increasingly common automatic recovery process when we are being attacked, but you have an item in mind: our Wanzer, as enemies can take damage in specific areas, and recovery can be very slow, and focuses, in any case, the torso, so far, judging by our experience in the game. This means that the Wanzer can recover and do not explode, but the arms can be badly damaged. Therefore, we must look for the green containers scenario recover energy; the blue reload ammunition.   


  • Wide range of customizing the mech
  • Very different tactical approaches


  • The twisting of the game mechanics might not appeal to old fans

Conclusion :

Japan and robots are a combination that has always stirred the souls of thousands of fans around the globe. Fans thanks to series like Front Mission were able to unburden himself by taking control of giant mechs in this case, enjoying a strategic gameplay based on sophisticated tactics. Square Enix has chosen to entrust the development of Front Mission: Evolved, new chapter saga, a Double Helix factor pushing the accelerator to the action and then focusing on one style of play TPS totally focused on driving the heavy Wanzer, the mech in the game world.

The events narrated in Front Mission: Evolved will put you in the shoes of the young Dylan Ramsey, Wanzer engineer and designer who finds herself embroiled in a bloody conflict soon arose between two unions of states around the world. Told through cut-scenes, mostly shot using the game engine but for the spectacular CG intro movie, the plot does not hit for creative verve, but still relies on stereotypical characters than to their functional role and appears to function adequately in order as a driver for the single player campaign.  However, the PC version NVIDIA 3D technology will be compatible with the 3D Vision to provide totally new

Front Mission: Evolved occurred during the preview as a product good enough, he can put in your hand the powerful mech easy to control despite the number of operations allowed. Less convincing phases on foot and especially the missions already proven we found a dangerous repetition. Even from an aesthetic point of view, the game does not shine, but if the campaign and the multiplayer component still absent in the test code fail to meet expectations, will look calmly negligible for all lovers of the super robot animes. Appointment to be 8 in October, release date of the game.  


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