Two Worlds II Preview

The country Antaloor again needs your bravery, your skill with the
sword, your thirst for knowledge and talents of fashion designer. Two
Worlds II will have to erase some bad memories from the minds of the
first game. The good news is that developers are aware and they want to
use it. The good thing about the failure to realize and assume it is
much easier to rectify and follow the right path. This is what has
happened with Reality Pump, the study author of Two Worlds. It was his
first game and got a rich and charming, but had some serious gaps. The
developers have decided to continue the series, but little is retained
in the new title of his predecessor, except, perhaps, that charm that
made many things are forgiven.

Among the views that the study was collected from the players and
forming the basis of the changes include two: that the world was large
and attractive but lacked emotion, basically, in many cases had nothing
to do, and the system combat. Another problem, the bugs seem to be
resolved by the dedication of a different development team dedicated to
each of the three platforms for which leave the game: PC, Xbox 360 and
PS3. Antaloor seems that has not suffered much in the radical change
that has occurred. His appearance is very different because the new
graphics engine GRACE own, in the demo, showing a good chance rain,
smoke, particles, loading times when you get into scenarios only large,
dynamic lighting, ability to interact with many elements Stage ...

When we talk with players on the first Two Worlds out there just three
years, opinions are the least clear-cut. On one side is the camp of
those who were cooled by the numerous glitches and collision of the
basic version. On the other, we prefer to speak of history that took
place in a country dominated orca, providing permanent enemy presence in
the game a very special atmosphere quite down-to-earth. But when we
spoke on the occasion of the presentation, the developers of Two Worlds
II has described the scenario of the first installment of "weak". That's
probably why the result of which we have played few minutes in both its
PC and Xbox 360 version has a little more fantastic Assembly, less
"heroic" and more "fantasy". But, again, is a notice on a test
necessarily too short compared to a role play of such magnitude.

If the first Two Worlds was compared to Oblivion among others, this
second component should be too. It must be said that the nine chapters
that make up this sequel begins with the imprisonment of the hero that
you will run throughout the game and, needless to say, remains one of
the first part this time captured by the evil Gandahar. This is normal
because Two Worlds II must first propose a new chapter in the epic takes
place in Antaloor.

Almost forgotten in the depths of a damp dungeon, your character will
have his hello to the intervention of a group of orcas which is a

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