Left 4 Dead 2: The Sacrifice (Left 4 Dead 2) Review

Calling all fans of rotten meat and massacres cooperative! The new
extension of Left 4 Dead 2 is now available for download and is waiting
for you! The Sacrifice, since that is the name of the beast, just before
The Passing falls in the chronology Left 4 Dead and thereby allows
sharing the wanderings of the ultimate survivors of the first episode.
What answer legitimate questions from fans while giving them another
opportunity to spray a few thousands of additional infected.

“The Sacrifice” is the prequel to previous DLC that was called as "The
Passing," and occurs from the Left 4D Survivors’ perspective as they
move to the South. We recognize that Bill expires in “The Passing” but
how and why? You can examine the comic to discover out the official
edition of actions or you can play the game to decide your own ending.
In The Sacrifice for Left 4 Dead, we receive the absolute Sacrifice
operation with maps playable in Campaign, versus, and Survival. There is
a fresh style finale and abundance of places for devastating Hunter

In the world of Left 4 Dead, players are divided into two distinct
categories: the PCistes one side and the other consoles, or if you
prefer, people of good family to be respected as it to one side and the
cows muddy and smelly on the other. For the fact is that The Sacrifice,
like The Passing before him, is totally free on PC and Xbox 360 fully
paid … Yes, thank so as it should be Microsoft’s pricing policy that
does not see a very good eye that free content arrives on Xbox Live’s
beautiful! In short, discovering new campaign concocted with love by the
little guys from Valve will impose the 360 owners to pay 560 Microsoft
points (a little over € 6.70), and casually, this small insignificant
detail may well change greatly how we perceive it. You are warned.

The game goes without saying that the fun reaches its peak with the game
online, communicating with friends, showing position of new weapons and
warning of possible new attacks. The artificial intelligence of the
partners, if we choose to play alone is acceptable most of the time
simply to follow our steps and shoot as it is occasion, offering help
when needed, leaving the real protagonist in this case, we-all
initiative for the way ahead. As we say, is not recommended, but the
single player mode is still maintained as a solid proposal.


We find from swords, machetes and blunt objects including frying pans
are included, the chainsaw, mortal need and one of the most fun weapons
in the game: put the chain up and jump into the bulk of infections at
the same speed them to you for cutting through the crowd, everything
that gets in the way, at least until it runs out of gas. The knives have
a dual function; add new forms of attack than is usually found in
action games subjective view, but also force the player to enter further
into the fight, knocking at their enemies.

There are other objects such as Molotov cocktails or a bottle with green
vomit curious that serves to return the money to attack us make some
undesirable. Among the aid, as well as kits and chutes of adrenaline
that make us faster during a period of time, we can choose mates
defibrillators to restore "dead," among other items. In many cases,
there is crude material, but enough to feel secure.

All this arsenal will not stop the infection, which arrive ready to
leave no puppet head, both the brute force of some of them and,
especially, by their number. Literally dozens of frantic zombies can
leave any corner at the wrong time, resulting in Dante’s a scene worthy
of a Z-movie that clouds the whole scene of blood and corpses Member
amputees. Among the worst enemies that we find are some known as
"boomers" or new, as the "splitter" which leaves an area vomiting
harmful, and what is worse, if we are affected directly by the green
liquid, losing much visibility for a few seconds that we are also the
main objective of all infected area: almost like falling with a bleeding
wound in a pool full of sharks.

In terms of content, the expansion offers first campaign The Sacrifice,
which consists of three new chapters that will travel in the skin of one
of four survivors of the first Left 4 Dead. Enough to please those who
had seen a dim view of the disappearance of Francis, Louis, Zoey and
Bill the benefit of four substantially less charismatic characters. As a
bonus, the update also includes the campaign "No Mercy" after the first
part, now moving campaign in which infected all special: the old-timers
as well as the Spitters, Chargers and other jockeys. Note in passing
that there may of course use all weapons introduced by Left 4 Dead 2.
The attention is very nice, the gameplay significantly altered by the
intervention of new specials, and everything had to both delight the
fans of the first hour that the newcomers, converted to hunt zombies by
the second episode.

A variant of the campaign mode is found in the realistic way. As its
name suggests, removes any hint fictional on-screen help, and signals to
the position of our friends, the healing items and weapons scattered
around the stage, and unable to return in the level until the team has
completed phase. A pretty good idea for those who at least already know
fairly well the ground, they want to further enhance the difficulty and
communication prevails between players on the instructions of the game.
The general difficulty increases, thought to be a way for gamers who
want to experience this nightmare in all its glory.

Otherwise exists is survival. As implied, it is to survive, until we
can. That means there is no objective way out rather than take the
maximum time the waves of infected, getting scores and medals. The
versus mode is based on a confrontation between a band of actors, the
four heroes of the story, and four human-controlled infected, plus loads
handled by artificial intelligence. The control and power of each other
is unbalanced, the weapons of the players settled with a few shots at
any enemy, while those infected, most have a very limited range of
action. What makes the combat is precisely matched that number
exaggerated top of those infected. Both crews will exchange their
positions in several rounds, allowing everyone to experience the anguish
of being a survivor, and also, for example, a large mass of flesh
putrid spewing green acid.

We limit ourselves to discuss the course structure of the new campaign,
since it is primarily the latter that might attract your attention. With
a length equivalent to that of The Passing, The Sacrifice does not
introduce any new game mechanics and simply offer the classic, but the
classical effective. The action takes place because the dark. We begin
traversing the docks, with the prospect of being regularly shipped to
the fleet by a malicious Load. At some point you’ll even be compelled to
force the door of a container blocking your way, a container in which a
tank has had the brilliant idea of getting stuck. Later, we will enter a
factory where once were made tons and tons of bricks, before getting
into the rotting carcass of a transport vessel. The level design is
excellent and has more hot spots than in the previous extension.

The setting, although without much fanfare, the player gets put squarely
within the screen. Good dubbing, many comments, both of what happens at
that time as tracks from next step, and the constant noise of weapons
and complete a runaway screaming sound that without giving much the note
from time to when a song sounds to add a wonderful stress-meets
function. We could summarize that all the guttural screams, growls, and
shootings, which together total more independently, accompanying the
tension that exists in every moment of the game.

The last chapter is about him as a modified version of The Passing of
final and there will be times that enable multiple generators, until
something a bit special forces you to justify your actions by the title
This new campaign. But this, we let you obviously care to discover it
for yourself. In short, it probably does not cry genius, but the
excellent gameplay of Left 4 Dead associated with the pleasure of
discovering new environments should normally allow everyone to have a
good time, especially as not to change The Sacrifice like No Mercy will
both be played in Versus Realism in or collection. In sum, this new
update is worth the detour and therefore widely used to prolong the
experiment Left 4 Dead to great effect. On PC, it would be wrong to
deprive console but on the other hand, since the selling price, we will
not recommend this extension as fanatics and insatiable hunter success.


In spite of the total absence of news and additional convincing than
“The Passing”, this very new add-on “The Sacrifice” may well make you
plunge into full Apocalypse. The fresh battle is very well manufactured
and mostly with a genuine atmosphere. No Mercy is in turn mainly renewed
by the entrance of Spitters, Chargers and other jockeys. There is no
hesitation that PC gamers will get a new reason to indulge in the
slaughter of infected in this update for free. Though, the price of the
extension immediately becomes more daunting, I recommend only the most
hardcore fans as well as unconditional success.




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