Left 4 Dead 2: The Sacrifice (Left 4 Dead 2) Review

Calling all fans of rotten meat and massacres cooperative! The new
extension of Left 4 Dead 2 is now available for download and is waiting
for you! The Sacrifice, since that is the name of the beast, just before
The Passing falls in the chronology Left 4 Dead and thereby allows
sharing the wanderings of the ultimate survivors of the first episode.
What answer legitimate questions from fans while giving them another
opportunity to spray a few thousands of additional infected.

“The Sacrifice” is the prequel to previous DLC that was called as "The
Passing," and occurs from the Left 4D Survivors' perspective as they
move to the South. We recognize that Bill expires in “The Passing” but
how and why? You can examine the comic to discover out the official
edition of actions or you can play the game to decide your own ending.
In The Sacrifice for Left 4 Dead, we receive the absolute Sacrifice
operation with maps playable in Campaign, versus, and Survival. There is
a fresh style finale and abundance of places for devastating Hunter

In the world of Left 4 Dead, players are divided into two distinct
categories: the PCistes one side and the other consoles, or if you
prefer, people of good family to be respected as it to one side and the
cows muddy and smelly on the other. For the fact is that The Sacrifice,
like The Passing before him, is totally free on PC and Xbox 360 fully
paid ... Yes, thank so as it should be Microsoft's pricing policy that
does not see a very good eye that free content arrives on Xbox Live's
beautiful! In short, discovering new campaign concocted with love by the
little guys from Valve will impose the 360 owners to pay 560 Microsoft
points (a little over € 6.70), and casually, this small insignificant
detail may well change greatly how we perceive it. You are warned.

The game goes without saying that the fun reaches its peak with the game
online, communicating with friends, showing position of new weapons and
warning of possible new attacks. The artificial intelligence of the
partners, if we choose to play alone is acceptable most of the time
simply to follow our steps and shoot as it is occasion, offering help
when needed, leaving the real protagonist in this case, we-all
initiative for the way ahead. As we say, is not recommended, but the
single player mode is still maintained as a solid proposal.


We find from swords, machetes and blunt objects including frying pans
are included, the chainsaw, mortal need and one of the most fun weapons
in the game: put the chain up and jump into the bulk of infections at
the same speed them to you for cutting through the crowd, everything
that gets in the way, at least until it runs out of gas. The knives have
a dual function; add new forms of attack than is usually found in
action games subjective view, but also force the player to enter further
into the fight, knocking at their enemies.

There are other objects

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