BudgetCare for iPhone Review

Applications for the iPhone / iPod to record expenditures in the AppStore has already accumulated weight. They are there for every taste – and complex with multiple functions, and simple – to introduce at least basic information. One of these unpretentious applications – BudgetCare from the developer Suponix. Judging from the responses of users (and that still need to understand well if the application), it fully satisfies their basic needs related to the preservation of expenditure data.  

BudgetCare is useful, very simple and easy to use application for tracking your personal expenses. BudgetCare has excellent user interface with native iPhone-style and offers powerful features for the presentation of statistics beautifully designed pie charts. No special preparation or configuration is required to budget with care. It is very intuitive and you win? T need to read a manual or break your head to figure out how it works: simple, and write what you know about money. Later, look for statistics and expense summary.

BudgetCare has many convenient features familiar to users of iPhone interface, the ability to view statistics of their costs in the form of pie charts and export information from your device to a computer to CSV.   To start the settings you need to select the currency and category of expenditure for which the data will be entered. Currency chosen from a short list – the dollar, pound, euro, Japanese yen or the Russian ruble. It is worth mentioning that in my case, even though the setting in the settings of the program of the American currency, the program uses U.S. Dollars, while the regional settings of the phone was selected as Ukraine.

Features of BudgetCare:

  • Easy to use native iPhone user interface.
  • Designed for daily use to track your personal expenses.
  • Cost Summary with total spent today, this week, and this month.
  • Statistics that show daily / weekly / monthly / yearly lists of the costs.
  • Everyone can look at the statistics as a chart or pie chart with detailed information.
  • Do follow the monthly budget and how to do it. You can also use a recurrent budget.
  • Summary for the last few months, when cost records are available.
  • Built-in list of categories and subcategories that can be changed to your actual needs.
  • Ability to one currency or any currency ($,?,?,?).


Introduces information on costs (i.e., the amount spent) with the convenient virtual keyboard on the screen iPhone , and the desired category is selected immediately from the supplement user list. When data on spending and the amount saved, you must also specify the date and rate. Cannot but mention convenient and intuitive features of statistics in the annex BudgetCare. User is encouraged to review the information entered in the form of various tables and graphs based on a specified time period. It may be information on the costs per day, week, month or year.

Under the menu "The budget and balance" the user sees information on their transactions, per month: how much it has allocated the funds as the budget and how much spent. Statistics are displayed immediately in the form of progress bar. From the home page of the menu holder device can go into such items as "new transaction", "Statistics", "budget and balance" and "Settings." Below the screen the application BudgetCare will constantly display the generalized statistics on expenditures for the month (as of accounting period) with an indication of how much was spent in the current day, how many – for a week, and how much in comparison with the budget for the month.

Finally, in settings there are export information to CSV. With its choice of running a mail client, and offered to send a file to e-mail user. This feature associated with the export of data has been corrected and improved it in the current version – 2.0. Among the shortcomings, rather, wishes left by users BudgetCare – the need to implement the button Undo (if something is not correct) and the ability to automatically transfer to next month’s recurring expenditures (without having to enter them again each time). The latter feature appears in BudgetCare with the next version of the application.

How to Use

This application for the iPhone / iPod is designed to record costs available in AppStore. They have at least some flavor – and time-consuming with more features, and simple – in order to introduce the minimum number of primary disk imaging. One of the unsophisticated addition – BudgetCare the creator of Suponix. Judging from the feedback of users (and what else you need to grasp a fine addition), it fully meets its key poverty related to the conservation of these costs.

Well, for starters, we must enter the amount of our monthly income. This is done in Section Budget & Balance. If this amount is constant, then you can activate Repeat next month. In the same section will show the sum of all expenditures and remaining balance.  The program contains a ready list of the most popular categories of expenses such as electricity bills, car expenses, food, books and magazines, etc. Let me just say that this list is in English, but you can edit any name. You can also add their names.

View the statistics available in several versions: Day, Week, Month, Year. You can also change the look of maps: a graph or pie chart. One word lovers all schedules will be delighted.  In the setup program is available only to choose the symbol for a particular currency ($, €, £, ¥, no symbol) and category management costs. Here you can delete, rename, or add your own. Of the categories you can choose an existing (recreation, education, food, transport and so on), or enter your own if you want there. Also, the application proposes to add and sub-categories, if you want to distinguish between the different costs in one category.

Of the categories to choose closely the existing (recreation, education, food, transportation, etc.) or use your own personal, when required. Also allows the addition of add and sub-categories, if need be to separate the various costs of a group.  Introduces information on costs (in other words, the amount spent) by a comfortable virtual keyboard on the screen iPhone , a suitable group is selected here because of the amended list of users. When those of embezzlement and the amount saved should be limited to show the date and rate. It must be noted comfortable and clear distinguishing features of statistics in adding BudgetCare . The user is supposed to review the information entered repeating the form of various tables and graphs based on the specified time period. This may be information on cost per day, week, month or year.

Under rations "The budget and balance of the" user sees information on their own transactions in a month: then how much he has allocated funds in the form of a budget, and how much spent. Statistics shown here because the same form as the progress bar.  From the main page in the diets master communicator has the ability to move normally in just such items as "new operation", "Statistics", budget and balance and Settings.Bottom of the screen adding BudgetCare will repeatedly show the generalized statistics of cost per month (as selected accounting period) indicating how much was spent in the present day, how many – for seven days, and how much compared to the budget for the month.

Finally, in the options is a function of disk imaging export to CSV. With its choice of running the postal customer, and is expected to send a file to e-mail user. This specificity, woven with the export of these have been corrected and improved, particularly in the current version of the additions – 2.0. Among the flaws, rather, wishes, posted nick BudgetCare – necessity of introducing the key "Cancel action" (if that ever entered incorrectly) and the likelihood of automatic transfer for the coming month recurring costs (no need to enter any of their newer single). Last unusual will be seen in BudgetCare with the addition of the impending release.


Appendix BudgetCare owns nearly all the hallmarks of comfort, normal for user’s iPhone interface, the probability of viewing statistics personal cost repeats the form of pie charts and export information from your device on a computer to CSV. To get started in the options need to find a group of SLE and the costs of these means will be introduced. Currency choose from a small list – buck, pound, euro, Japanese yen or the Russian ruble. It is worth noting that, for me, despite the installation of the program options in the South American SLE, the program has adopted the Ruble, wanting in the regional options selected telephone Ukraine. Probably the whole area of the CIS focuses BudgetCare as RF.

This application is recommended for anyone who cares about controlling its costs and wants to make a living in a household today.  The program has left the most favorable impression. This applies to both design and functionality. Use the program quickly and easily. The program price in the AppStore is $ 2. For her work requires that your iPhone / iPod touch version has been installed OS iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later. On the other hand, is a simple program, which is difficult to get lost, even with no knowledge of bourgeois language.


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