Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review

Ninja Theory has taken its first step in the design of multiplayer games
with this Enslaved: Odyssey to the West where they take us on a journey
to the West revisited. It's not quite by chance that Namco has
partnered with the UK Studio Ninja Theory for delivery of this famous
Enslaved. Indeed, the editor does not hide seek more Western audiences.
In these circumstances it is always so meaningful to propose a rereading
of the very free travel in the West and not to place the action in
China's medieval romance but in a futuristic America. This starting
point is all the more surprising that the universe before us is a
thousand leagues from the traditional post-apocalyptic worlds.

While a disaster has totally ravaged civilization and humanity is likely
on the brink, but in the ruins of our society nature gradually returns
to its rights and offers us the landscape at once devastated and
bucolic. The last survivors live in small communities trying to protect
themselves as best as possible onslaught of mysterious mechanical
creatures. Indeed, these robots kill or capture the humans they are on
their way. They even organize real raids to enslave them.

Enslaved is a journey in a post-apocalyptic world, ours, but is
characterized by an unusual beauty in their surroundings. Instead of
showing a desert world, dead, we find that nature has conquered the
ancient cities. It tracked the great buildings that created humanity,
but they belong to a period so distant that the wild life has been
recovering the cement space had stolen. What about humans?

Humanity is a civilization that can be almost considered lost. Water, in
fact, is fatally contaminated and mechanically patrols robots attacking
everything that moves. Old mills are still armed with his old routine.
We know a Monkey and Trip, which are but two slaves fleeing to the
shelter looking for a course, which is the only hope of all those
survivors. As we see, the plot has traces of Logan's Run and Twelve
Monkeys, to name a few popular examples, but the fact is that the two
basic proposals have appeared in dozens of novels and science fiction
films, which does not stop winning certain personality and offer a good
development, although much of this task lies with the original character
design (with some pretty bizarre side), and settings, all to tell an
epic journey toward the hope of freedom and a better life.

In Enslaved, there are again two characters that are totally opposites.
It is not under the best auspices that this couple will get acquainted.
Indeed, after both escaped from a slave ship where they were detained by
robots, they will fail in a New York nightmare where there are only
traces of human presence. Therefore, to survive, the frail Trip will,
taking advantage of his ignorance, his companion in misfortune dress up
an electronic device that will bind their fates. Therefore, they are in
constant communication and if one of them had to die, the other would
immediately follow in his doom. The player controls only Monkey, so it
will accrue to him

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