Dead Space 2 Preview

With Dead Space, Visceral Games in 2008 had delivered one of the most
terrifying solo adventures of recent years. To return to the business of
Isaac Clarke, the U.S. studio has decided this time to add an
additional asset in the sleeve of its multiplayer hit series. It is
unclear whether the title of Visceral Games needed to include an online
multiplayer mode and in fact that is the question that everyone does
when they learns that Dead Space 2 will have it. The truth is that it
seems that this feature is becoming a constant in all great sagas,
including those in which in principle does not seem an appropriate
addition, as with Bioshock 2, or more recently, Assassin’s Creed: The
Brotherhood. Developers are sliced to design head online modes so that
still original results in the eyes of a player having clear what they
want to play games via the Internet, but the fact is that most people
are not just a campaign only 10 hours, is why the inclusion of these
modes work albeit anecdotal so that the consumer does not have the
feeling of having spent the money on a product with low replay value and

In addition to diversifying the content of their title, the developers
also increase substantially its lifetime. A choice that had not yet
Visceral Games Dead Space first name. This had not prevented it from
winning a big hit with the critics. For the second episode of the
series, things have changed since the multiplayer mode makes its
appearance. Each of the five maps available to the game because its
output has a logical connection with the events of the main season. By
participating in these massacres friends, you will discover details of
completing the scenario of the adventures of Isaac.

About the Game:

Dead Space is one of those games that, in principle, needed no
multiplayer mode for several reasons; the most important is that the
main campaign proposes a horror story closed, requiring the isolation of
the player to be credible and capable of "scare" the player. The idea
of Visceral Multiplayer Games for Dead Space 2 will offer a gaming
experience similar to the Versus Mode Left 4 Dead, that is, to give the
player the choice of the game’s enemies, in this case necromorphic , for
use against other human players, "dismembering your friends," as the
game trailer.

But apart from that, Visceral has managed in a way that will be both
competitive and cooperative. In a few multiplayers, you have to be close
to your teammates and work together as in the multiplayer for Dead
Space 2. Collaborate is not so much an option as an obligation, not only
by points, death and victory, but it if did not play in this way will
most likely end up dead, and indeed dismembered. 8 people can play in
four games to four. On one side is the team of human-like costume of
Isaac Clarke, the protagonist of the main story of Dead Space. Will form
part of the security forces may use Sprawl and kits, collect weapons
from killed enemies and also have the ability to slow or immobilize the
enemy, as we did in the original Space Dead. Also if we play always with
the same profile can accumulate points in each contest and level up as
we go completing certain objectives. Once we have enough points, you
unlock new weapons and appearances with which we can customize your

Beyond this script always pleasant, the multiplayer mode comes in the
form of games between two teams composed of four on one side of humans
and the other, Necromorphs. In turn, you must play the two camps, each
with different objectives. On the map submitted, Solar Array, humans had
come to collect such codes needed to use a huge solar weapon located at
the far end of the map. During that time, the Necromorphs were for the
sole purpose of placing them stops them if possible, a cruel and violent
death, as it should. And to do this, nothing like the major corridors
and wetland harboring dark corners vicious and raised platforms to trap

On the other side, the necromorphic can choose between different
classes, each with its own special abilities and weaknesses. The
"lurker" (for lack of confirmation of the official names in Spanish) and
appeared in the original Space Dead and baby shaped tentacles that come
out of the back. Be able to climb walls and shoot some sort of spikes
coming out of its tentacles. The "pack" is an infant diablólico, bald
and naked, whose arms end in dangerous and gigantic claws. It is one of
the most fun because it will be able to pounce on humans and the
extraction of the head using his claws, and for this we must wait until a
player is absent-mindedness or fall behind the rest of the group and
jump on it, then it should be quickly press the button that appears on
the screen to behead him. For its part, the "spitter" can spit
long-range fluid and "Puker" will throw a liquid stunned players.
Everyone will have a basic attack, but the best strategy is to work in
groups and attack from different distances.

In fact, the only constraint Necromorphs side is that once dead, you
must wait several seconds before you return to the heat of the moment.
And the monster is more powerful, the countdown is long. Basically,
count three seconds to the pack and eight for Puker. What force you to
vary the pleasures in different contexts? One of the levels at which
reminded us the way we play "Sabotage" to Modern Warfare 2: the human
team must establish and protect an explosive while necromorphic will be
prevented. It’s funny but during the launch event of Dead Space 2
multiplayer, journalists played using the necromorphic complained that
the game was unbalanced in favor of the human team, and playing with the
security forces said sprawl just the opposite. In fact, the game seems
quite balanced and able to transmit new sensations within the universe
of Dead Space. The feeling of watching a pack climbs to one of your
friends without you can help because you are trying to stop a "lurker"
coming toward you, will be quite impressive. The special abilities of
the necromorphic will make this team has to play offense, constantly
lurking team players.


Although come to have fun and play using a necromorphic is interesting,
Dead Space 2 multiplayer will certainly be an addition, and the most
relevant for this sequel will certainly be the story of Isaac Clarke in
campaign mode. Although they are capable of acting in groups, solo raids
were eventually preferred by all players. A tactic that has its
limitations facing four organized human. We must therefore learn to
think as a team, the skills of these disgusting creatures are
complementary rather well. Yet if the game fun was present during the
first parts, the redundancy of the action likely to cause problems in
the long run. Especially since the changes after the experience garnered
a priori remain scarce. The inclusion of online play will increase the
hours of play and certainly added value to the product, but we still
think today, it’s too hard to excel in this field. Anyway, the
definitive answer about the value of this multiplayer mode will not
occur until late January and the release of the game.




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