Google Earth 6 Review

 This time Google is coming up with an most recent update for Google Earth. Google Earth is an widely used application. Google introduces new Google Earth Application which supports a exciting new feature of 3D Tree. This is just not enough. Google has added more zoom to the Street View with a much better picture. Google Earth is an popular application used both for navigation and learning. It provides you a wide database of maps, awesome views, locations, etc. I can say you have a Virtual Atlas on your screen. This application also supports mobiles and other media. So there is not just a single platform where you can use this. Google Earth 6 offers you a 3D Virtual Globe.  Google Earth gives you an much awesome and realistic view of Satellite images, on the base of different resolutions of Earth Surface. You can view simply houses, cities, buildings, etc.

The  best thing I enjoyed in Google Earth is the Street View, that helps to view the area as you are standing on a road. You can simply view your favorite place and have a an idea about the place where you had never gone before. This time Google has a bigger surprise for you. Google Earth 6 has much more bigger additions in it. Now you can see something which you did not found in older version. Google has added more places like popular historical images. This feature offers you to view the photos of place you are planning to visit. This for famous tourist places. A new view option is offered to so that you can get a much better view of place and its surrounding.  Google also offers you old images of those places.

3D Trees

What one thing which Google has highlighted in the new version is 3D Trees. In the older version it was possible to view a 3D Building. Now Google has added a 3D Tree to that. The area where you can see good landscape will let you to get a more real life experience while you are on Google Earth. The new version has much higher update of extremely comprehensive representation of tons of different variety of plantation. A new choice for nature lovers. So sometime if you plan to go out, you can open up Google Earth and look for the most greenest place. A good option for guys who are in the field of research.

Google plans to give a much realistic approach by adding this feature. Though I thought sometime that do it really benefit me if I does not belong to Botany class. But somehow somewhere Google has kept in the mind, the views and choices of his millions of users. I found Google Earth much more helpful towards learning. You have a ready to use application with tons of images that you can never images. I found this much more helpful towards travelers. It is also not true that Google Earth is only limited to certain class of people who are technical geeks. No, this is not true. Anyone may be kid or adult can use this and new version is much better.

Some websites who had already reviewed Google Earth 6 can offer you screenshot for the same. I had myself found the difference. One thing which I was more annoyed while using a older version of Google Earth was the slow zoom and blurry images. I also know that Google Earth has certain limitations but this is just the result of expecting more.


Historical Images

I like Google’s initiative for updating Historical Images. Now don’t think that Google is giving you the famous Historical Place like the Taj Mahal updates. Nope, they are already given. The historical images updates means Google Earth keep a track of records of the place which you had visited or you are planning to go. That means every time when you login you does need to search that again. This features is somewhat like a Virtual 3D calendar with realistic images. You can with dates keep a track of places you had visited or you are planning to go. This is an smarter thing Google Earth has now. So if you are traveler in a local or big region, with a list you can have your travelling details on map.

I can imagine this things a bit helpful especially for those who use this on their mobile phones or portable laptop and want to go back to the same place which they had marked on Google Earth by visiting there.


StreeView is an popular service by Google. Always note down one thing that Google offers Google Earth in different version. It is a commercial product and available for free also. So the free version comes with limitations. StreetView has more to give you know. You click on a Camera and instantly you are on the streets of city. What happen in the older version, you have to scroll your mouse to see much nearer. I missed many time roads in that. Sometime the roads just disappears under a tunnel or forest. In Google Earth 6 you get much smarter way to see places and roads. You get a blue line on the map showing you directly the road. You can from the bird’s eye view land on the road itself. So this saves your time for searching things more specifically.

It is also possible to walk around the road with the help of your mouse. The Street View is much easier now and helps to navigate area more easily. In the older version you have to scroll backward to go above the bride eye view. This irritates me most of the time and I does not find quiet help here. For this Google gives you a dedicated Exit button. Click on that and you are in the sky. So you can simply jump to the other place. 

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