Infinity Blade Review (iPhone)

Chair Entertainment has handled to shock everybody with a title that seemed technically impracticable for Apple iOS devices. Infinity Blade is visually striking graphical look and raises the bar so tall that at present there is no other game you can cast a shadow on the App Store, even Rage. It has edge effects, textures, high quality production worthy of an Xbox 360 title and a design and unique charisma. Once again, the Apple machine proves its big technical potential. Blade Infiniy is a terrible account of a family cursed generation after generation that proposed to end the life of King God, who rules their land in a brutal and medieval, from the top of the castle, hoping wrestlers can compete with skill.

Once upon a time, it is unclear when or where a large castle in which lived a kind of warrior god. One day, a hero who was passing by decides to make him a beating, for sport or for freedom of thought, we’ll never know. That’s when Infinity Blade begins when the player takes on the last keeper of the god before being massacred and realizes that all her descendants will take over from this quest. The scenario explains the title and progression in the game the goal is quite simply to kill the Lord after overcoming his dozen guards. Then you die during the final battle and taken up the game with another descendant, twenty years later while retaining its skills and inventory.

In the introduction we see a gentleman gets defeated the last of the bodyguards of King God, just before facing him. But it’s not long until the unfortunate gentleman realizes that he cannot stand up to powerful ruler, which ends with the knight’s life without much effort. “Maybe your offspring to have more luck,” said arrogantly as he walks the prostrate body of his adversary. Technically, Infinity Blade is an RPG-action. But do not the slightest shred of exploration, it is limited to looking around to find the chests and bags containing money, equipment or vials care. The RPG aspect is to search the complete character sheet and the large number of items you can buy or collect weapons, helmets, shields, magic rings, armor etc… In short, everything it takes to make you stronger, tougher, and better able to defeat enemies increasingly hefty. Because obviously, if every line the new hero progresses, so does the guards.


So much for the RPG, now let’s look at what still occupies 80% of time in the game: the fighting. These are held on a fixed plane, the camera being placed on three quarterback. Of great finger swipe in any direction, we give a thrust in the direction in question. Combos are even feasible and the response of controls is beyond reproach. That said, there is no question of balancing the blows of the sword as I will slice you, taratata. There are two other essential controls, the first being the dodge. Just press once on the left or right for the character dodges an attack. But must still avoid the bright side and be attentive to the origin of the coup and more timing.

If unfortunately you’re going too fast and you soar on the wrong side, no question of going back and you take the full attack pear. However, if you avoid typing, you can then launch your own attack. It is certainly possible to block shots with your shield, but it will eventually buckle under the onslaught and is therefore only a fallback solution in case of doubt. The last technique is to parry, clapping at the same time as the opponent, but it’s very effective level timing is even more risky. And finally, the player has two special attacks, one is a shot that sounded the opponent, the other is a spell that depends on the rings in your possession. To launch, just draw a simple pattern on the screen, streak, circle, cross etc…


Dynamic Single-Player Campaign
Spectacular 3D environments powered by The award-winning Unreal Engine 3 Bring to Life the Story of a Courageous knight’s pursuit to save civilization.

Deep Role-Playing Elements
Players CAN Intensify Abilities Through experience by leveling Powerful looting items, unlocking individual “Increasing customization and skills Such as strength, speed, protection and magic.

Responsive & Intuitive Touch Controls
Players CAN Opponents attack, dodge enemy Advances and cast spells to mystical restore santé gold shield renewed strength With A simple swipe of The Finger.

Imaginative & Powerful Moguls
Multiple bumps, EACH Abilities featuring unique and varying attacks, escalate in Difficulty With The story’s progression.

Simple Navigation
Easy to use, tap-to-move controls enable players to effortlessly navigate and Explore the castle realm while questing for items Such as collectible treasure, swords, shields, armor and Other magical objects.

Game Center Integration
Players and Their Achievements Cdn track progress leaderboard Against Friends In The all-new multiplayer gaming system iOS. Multiplayer battles via matchmaking Game Center coming soon!


They spend 22 years and now play as the son of the gentleman with no luck. “Father will avenge you,” says our hero while looking to the castle of King decision God. It then began a short adventure that will take us into combat, one by one, all the champions that protect the life of his king with his own. We started heading out of the castle, moving slowly to the room where our father was killed.

But even if we managed to stand up to all guards, the King God moves too fast and ends with our life-in much the same way he killed our father, but we cannot do much to stop it … And the story begins again. Now we play with our son, the second line of blood, which will inherit all our experience and weapons. History will repeat infinitely (hence the title of the game) until we have defeated the dreaded King God. Each line of blood will be an attempt, each child, a game, we will use as we need so many generations of this family that barely reveal details.

Infinity Blade has elements of the genre of RPGs but exquisitely simplified. There are levels of experience (which gradually inherited our family tree), weapons, helmets, shields, armor and magical rings. Each piece of our inventory will have its own experience bar to be filled according how’ve used in combat. When the bar is full, we will not win experience points as the character’s level will not increase if using the same object all the time. We will have to replace that piece of our inventory on the other if we keep adding new levels. When you level up, we are rewarded with skill points that can be used to improve the attack, defense, magic and the life of our character.

This system forces us to constantly change equipment, at least at the beginning of the adventure, a very important action to advance in the game since most of the experience points received through the various parts of our team. Basically if our weapons do not get experience our character does not evolve, so it defeat the King God will become quite difficult. In parallel, the characteristic of having to switch teams once they have acquired some skill with it, forcing the player to use many of the objects and discover their strengths and weaknesses, thus extending the life of the game.

Before and after each battle you can move the camera to find potions (used to restore life), bags of money (to buy new objects) and trunks that may contain weapons or more gold. Of course this line of blood potions and also inherit the wealth. But despite the spectacular start of the game, we also find a small sense of disappointment, only surpassed by the originality of his proposal. And in Infinity Blade is possible to move the character and just chose where we want to be playing on one, circling displayed in certain areas of the stage. This “ban” creates a strange tension in the player who fails to see the possibilities of a world as rich, generated in real time.

Very intuitive, the combat system of Infinity Blade proves downright catchy. And if the first battles may suggest certain simplicity, face the Knights level 20 is already beginning to be a different story. The attacks are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to anticipate and dodge will often 4 or 5 times before placing a shot safely. It is this evolution of the enemies that makes the title avoids falling into a hellish loop of weariness. Because we must not forget that environments do not change a hair. The only difference between two lines is the level of difficulty of fighting. And yet you never get bored. Much of the excitement of the fighting is achieved thanks to the splendid sound effect. Infinity Blade uses very resaltandar silence for the tragedy of history with subtle melodies.

It is very immersive, the sound of crashing metal, the rough breathing after a match, the various pieces of armor to move or the mighty grunts of enemies. Finally, be aware that Infinity Blade is a game born of flesh studio, a protege of Epic Games and it has a production that, like that of Rage HD shows what an iPhone / iPad is capable. So yes, it is not possible to move freely, but heck it’s pretty. The environments are gorgeous and the details of the 3D models or animation are impressive. And the soundtrack is also no exception.


Short but enjoying great replayability, Infinity Blade is a new proof of the technical capabilities of the iPhone without forgetting to offer addictive gameplay that can become evil from a certain level and who has good taste be intuitive and responsive. Decidedly, the AppStore sacred reserve surprises. However, the problem of Infinity Blade is a game is extremely limited. It is difficult to stop thinking about what might have been if we could control the character and move around the stage. Yet it is capable of making us dream of the possibilities that arise for the future of Apple devices.




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