Dragon Age II Preview

Since inception of BioWarein 1995, the Canadian developer has delivered a large number of role playing games and too in very high quality. In the pantheon of their finest achievements, Dragon Age: Origins takes pride of place. Dragon Age: Origins quickly became one of the most popular sagas by Bioware fans; I guess it was because of the wonderful scripting and a single conversation in the genre of RPGs. Also it was chosen as the game of the year for 2009. With its gameplay mechanics and effective narrative, the title has more logically met a pretty commercial success.

However, the console version was far in terms of quality of the PC, which enjoyed a more attractive visuals and gameplay that much more appropriate to the platform, Dragon Age: Origins was a title clearly meant to be played Keyboard and Mouse, which is then adapted without much depth to console. However, this situation will change with the sequel, Dragon Age 2, in which Bioware has become much more careful, designing a whole new control system and improving the technical section aware of the criticism of console users.

Given the strong sales of the first episode, Dragon Age II is potentially a financial windfall for BioWare consistent. The studio has had to think and rethink every change made to the following. The first major change relates to the unfolding scenario. The second part proposes in fact a fairly bold formatting abyss. The game tells the rise to power of Hawke, a human from the town of Lothering, through the story of several characters. They have also sometimes a tendency to embellish the legend of our heroes and to contradict each other. So that the player can play some scenes several times, from different points of view. The bravery and strength of Hawke, highlighted in a first version of the facts may appear to be totally fabricated in a second story. An ambitious narrative principle that the complexities should take another dimension to the series from BioWare.

Dragon Age 2 will have a completely new story so you will not need to have played a Dragon Age: Origins to enjoy this sequel. According to Bioware is “the perfect spot to enter the series” but that does not mean that we will not find a well-known characters as the story will play out in the same world as Dragon Age: Origins. The plot will rise to power of Hawke, a warrior who is much more than it seems at first, from the days when Lothering escapes to victory in Kirkwall. Hawke is a legendary figure in the history of Thedas.

This time our character have voice conversations and the system will be much more natural than in Dragon Age: Origins as our responses are classified into different groups according to the intention of them: the symbol of an olive branch will be a diplomatic response, that of a mask means that Hawke respond with sarcasm and a punch that will make an aggressive course, with intimidation. We choose if we want Hawke is a male or female and choose what we want to belong clsase: Warrior, Mage or Rogue. Bioware has promised to soon reveal the skills and specializations which will edit the character.

You understood, Hawke will be the central figure of history. And contrary to what was proposed in the first Dragon Age, it is not possible here to fully customize. Race remains such a given that you can modify. However, the player will always have the choice of his sex, his first name but also in his class. Three options are available: mage, warrior or rogue. In a fairly short game session, the latter class that we’ve tried. As background, Hawke arrives in the mysterious town of Kirkwall, perched on top of steep cliffs, which are themselves encircled by rough seas. There, in the heart of the city, he meets Isabela, a beautiful pirate strong-willed, equally at ease in the physical and verbal jousting. With little knowledge of the ins and outs of the scene, we were asked to follow the young woman.

The story unfolds in a nonlinear fomra, over an entire decade, and will be told in several episodes of the life of Hawke’s almost as if it were the story of an ancient legend. Have control over the decisions of our character and the order in which the plot unfolds. A curious fact is that it will be possible, but not necessary, import the data from Dragon Age: Origins for the decisions we make in the original title will be reflected in the sequel. A short trip instead that we still left enough time to appreciate all the work on the visual part of the game now faces are far more expressive than before. Similarly, environments are more detailed, evidenced Kirkwall and beautiful stone buildings. A setting that makes is thanks to the progress made by the series. However, Dragon Age II is still far from being able to brag to all the street corners of his appearance.

Obviously, first steps in the majestic town of Kirkwall are few meetings that were accompanied by clashes leading to muscular. This is the opportunity to test what Hawke has in the stomach and to understand that the game features a battle system very action oriented. Some pressures on the buttons on the controller are sufficient to make spectacular attacks. Of course, the tactical aspect has not been forgotten either and it will always be possible to pause the game to access spells and inventory. It is recommended to switch character during battle to take direct control strategies to implement more accurate.

The combat system is one aspect that has experienced more improvement from the first part. In Dragon Age 2 fight in a much more dynamic and the character will react better to take our orders allowing real-time control, whether direct fight using a weapon or when using magic. We can also control the characters that accompany us in the adventure, as in Dragon Age: Origins will be possible to give orders and tactics to play a particular role during the battles. The motto of Bioware Dragon Age II is “intended as a general fight like a Spartan,” meaning that the new interface will dramatically improve the gameplay on console, and now no longer necessary to pause the game action to select our next move (although we will continue doing so).

In the new show that Bioware made in London we meet a new character, Isabella, who apparently will be one of the most important in the sequel, both for his engaging personality and the relationship that you join with Hawke. Isabella thus joins the cast of characters known so far: Varric, Flementh, Bethany, Carver, Cassandra, Wesley and Avaline. Isabella will be an experienced hacker, very confident, equipped with a rugged beauty, foul-mouthed and armed with a sharp knife. The girl will do whatever it takes to get a good haul. In the demo we waited in Hightown, the most important part of Kirkwall, a part of town they live in the rich and powerful structures and decorated with medieval-style architecture.

Also note that the tactically available on PC, this is still not on console. However, the first thing that strikes you is the look ultra dynamic confrontations. A feeling reinforced by the class of Hawke as the main strength is its speed spawn. But unlike the warrior who can withstand considerable shocks and the magician who must take distance, we must ensure that it always be moving during the battle. To do this, he can teleport directly behind an enemy or jumping to a decline particularly effective away from immediate danger…

After sending some belligerents in hell, Isabela eventually lead us to seek that which it seemed from the beginning. Here, a phase of dialogue takes place with the character in question. BioWare has also changed that aspect of his game as well. Besides the presence of a voice for our hero, we note especially the wheel that now appears on the screen to indicate what responses are possible. More importantly, it shows next to them and so vivid tone taken by the character. It is likely that the graphical jump Dragon Age 2 is not as great as expected but it is true that the console version (do not get to see the PC) has improved visually with respect to Origins.

The textures are more detailed and include the title a whole new batch of graphics and animation effects. Yes, we have drawn much attention the gore that has become the title of Bioware as during times of struggle is not hard to see streams of blood and amputations in the bodies of the enemies. It will therefore be easier to conduct the discussion as we see fit. In Dragon Age II, there will also always pay attention to what they say, since the dialogues have an influence on the course of history and your relationships with your fellow travelers.


Dragon Age 2 is presented as one of the most promising titles face next year. This time, Bioware has made every effort to ensure that there are not many differences between the version of console and computer, tailoring the gameplay for each one to its platform. First level of narration, which appears to be crooked, but that did not stop it being very attractive. The gameplay has also taken a different direction since it is now much more dynamic but also a bit less tactical. Tons of small improvements will also be added to these major new features to make the experience more immersive. Bioware has confirmed that the title will hit Europe on 11 March, just days after its release in North America and will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.




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