Marvel Pinball Review (PS3)

Marvel Pinball Review (PS3)

Now this is the time to enjoy your much loved Marvel Super Heroes on PlayStation Network. With Marvell Pinball you can join Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Blade on 4 new tables. Make use of your pinball wizardry to accumulate the globe from the most disreputable Super Villains, and find back the supreme moments of the classic Marvel Universe in an epic pinball adventure! Marvel Pinball is a bundled DLC pack intended for Pinball FX2 on Xbox LIVE Arcade, and an untouched standalone video game on PlayStation. I can even say that Marvel Pinball packed with most outstanding work to date, with a laundry list of innovative social features, amazing graphics and state of the art physics!”

Every so often there are new tables to try and add to the original game. The heroes of Marvel comics and leave their films to get into this recreation in the form of four tables, each of these tables are more stunning and entertaining. In the following common operation, Pinball FX 2 tracks will cost us not only to maintain ball inside, but also we will have to meet goals such as passing by some ramps, hitting sites or exceed certain small minigames. This visit to the pinball is certainly much more peaceful than the adventures that will have to overcome these same heroes in the highly anticipated fighting game ‘Marvel vs Capcom 3’ within a few weeks now.

Common features are the original we already know of Pinball FX. Tables spectacular, very detailed, with various heights and levers in a multitude of outstanding technical environment in which we have all the basic ingredients of the original machines. We will handle the handles on the left and right rear control buttons, while using the left stick to the “caderazos” and the right for the initial shock of the ball. Simple and practicable in the first game. Well, here are some of those interesting features:

  • Controller tilt feature used to nudge table
  • Vibration support for Dualshock 3 controller
  • Trophies for high scores and other accomplishments
  • Playstation Eye support (video chat)
  • Hero Score and Team Force scoring systems introduce a new level of social interaction!

We have seven cameras available that differ in the tilt and zoom on the table, and the possibility of observing the Sabbath table at any time using the so-called “clear view”, but here we miss the possibility to get us a little more for the corners of each table. We also have the possibility to change many settings, some even called the operator mechanics, but if we change our records scoring void, without a doubt one of the most interesting features to show off to friends, as we did once. Comment that the points we get individually in each of these new tables, will also for the overall scores of the game, inviting us to buy more and more tables. These scores also join with our friends to improve our position in the crowded online rankings.

As we mentioned we have four tables each with their Marvel hero, Ironman, Spiderman, Wolverine (Wolverine) and Blade, and their specific enemies, being very particular each. Spiderman table, for example, stands out as having a high proportion which will control other three levers, while the Wolverine table we will see some spectacular animations of the characters, although sen contrast, is one of the weakest in sharpness due to the use a mixture of colors, blue and yellow will not stop seeing things clearly.

Ironman of the table to underline that he is not present in origin but we have to strike at a particular site several times to see the dramatic transformation of the scientist Anthony Stark in “Iron Man” and well able to fight against evil. However, the table of Blade, the vampire hunter who so brilliantly played Wesley Snipes, which gets the honor of being the most spectacular, thanks to great lighting changes that simulate the transition from darkness to light or from night to day, which certainly helps that although music is not the original films, very similar if the same pace.

In all the aim is not confined just to keep the ball on the table as long as possible, but we have to meet targets in the form of reaching parts of the table or strike a specified area to get different attacks on enemies. Some of these goals are easy to “see” and must comply, for example if I said that the transformation of Ironman, while in contrast there are other more advanced than are really hard, and not only achieve, but simply find out how to get to those parts of the stage.

Although each has its own style, we find similar effects as multiple balls during which necessarily change the view to be the entire table, and that in the case of Blade will almost reflective shiny balls while the Spiderman table are red. As a final curiosity, if you visit the official website of the game, we can take a survey to select the protagonist of the following officers of four other Marvel superheroes such as Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, the Four fantastic and the Ghost Rider, who incidentally is winning so far, although we do not specify anything about the date and manner of acquiring this new table.


The multiplayer, something impossible before these machines, it becomes digital version in a material respect and can be local on the same console or via Xbox Live. Within the same console and as with all tracks of this second version of Pinball FX, we can play with a friend simultaneously on the same screen on which appear two separate tables. In this case disappears limiting the number of balls, and the objective becomes to reach limit points or simply time. We also select if you want to apply a customization for a percentage of our score after losing a ball or simply to indulge and leave without punishment.

The other mode on the same console is already well known to play in shifts for 2, 3 or 4 players exist in this case the common limitation of three balls for each player. Two really fun and addictive ways that ensure many hours of fun and spades at house parties and can compete head to head with the ‘party games’ so fashionable today

The games via Xbox Live are a mix of both styles, as they will be for up to four players following the rules applied in split screen games, ie, time or score limit, selected by the host of the game. We may also participate in tournaments that will give us exclusive ratings, aggregated for our online leader boards. It is relatively easy to find items available and the online community of this game is very broad.

The games are really fantastic thanks to the technical aspect of care that has the whole game and that is shown in these tables both Marvel and the rest of those available for Pinball FX2. Perfect 3D tables with lots of details, surprises and possibilities that we will play for hours without realizing it. Continuing both graphics and special effects sound make the show a continuous display is constantly changing, including some spectacular animations starring superheroes incredible battles within the console itself. The degree of difficulty makes the game accessible to all players, easy for those who simply want to hang endured the ball, and complicated, precise and demanding for those seeking to meet all the complex challenges posed by each table.


For just 800 Microsoft points, Marvel Pinball is a highly recommended purchase, almost essential for fans of the genre, as well as a great opportunity for the console gamers, and those players who are not yet closer to modern pinball. Its has very detailed tables for the glory of the heroes of Marvel, full of details and objectives and you are offered with variety of game modes among which especially the ability to play with friends on the same console.

The sounds are varied and reflect the spirit Marvel. The music is captivating and perfectly sticking tables! The gameplay is nervous and effective. The animations are successful and have great special effects. The missions are varied and you never get bored. One thing is for sure is that your reflexes will be put to the test! The world ranking with many stats (weekly, speed, Total, Trophy unlockable …) and in real time provides the challenge and is characteristic of terminals where arcane research on hi-score!


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