Max Payne 3 Preview

As we all know Max Payne is a target shooting game developed by Rockstar Vancouver for the American publisher Rockstar Games and Max Payne 3 is the sequel of Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. It was initially planned for the end of 2009 but now I have to say that it has been delayed and will be released this year, 2011. The first Max Payne that was released in 2001, developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Take Two, was an immediate hit. It was packed with great gameplay including stunning slow motion shooting style. Later sometime after two years, its sequel Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, was shaped in partnership with Rockstar and appeared by going over and highlighting all the helpful aspects of the first part.

Now its almost 5 years since Remedy Entertainment is working on Alan Wake and Rockstar has been in charge of continuing the series alone this time. Although considered followers of Remedy working and think to continue the forward bases in the first two Max Payne developers this release have not missed an opportunity to give new life to the franchise. The first thing that stands out is the change of atmosphere, leaving aside the dark and rainy New York for the colorful and warm Sao Paulo.

We can again say that this change is motivated by the movies. For example, movies like City of God have become a perfect location for this type of stories whose focal point is crime and corruption. After the facts the first two parts of this sequel, becomes an alcoholic, addicted to painkillers and after leaving the police decide to settle in Sao Paulo to escape their demons and where to start working in the private security sector.

Little else is known about the history, unless 12 years have passed since the last delivery and where Max Payne has been falling more and more to make an appearance totally different from what we knew, more scruffy and rugged, bearded, with shaved head and apparently even the time with a much less elegant costumes. It is also known that currently works for a powerful and wealthy family in Sao Paulo. While exercising its work will be involved in shady affairs of the city and thereafter will start a new nightmare for him.

The game takes place 12 years after the events of Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne , while Max has left New York and his job in the police. Indeed, it is a good time party in Sao Paulo in Brazil and will be involved against his will in a case of murder and treason; he will again take up arms to get out of there. The hero has somewhat changed its look since her last adventures. He is now bald with a beard. The gameplay will remain centered in the shootings but including a few new features. The most striking at first sight is the incorporation of a cover system which gradually is becoming commonplace and almost mandatory in games of this genre. But Rockstar knows that the action of Max Payne is known for being extremely stylized and shootings file open and shot at close range, therefore not intended as a game in which the coverage to be something fundamental as, for example, in Gears of War .

Thus, the mechanics of Max Payne 3 will not be based on taking cover, lean out to shoot and run until the next coverage, but the player can decide whether or not covered and this coverage will exist in the stage as an element of the environment and not as key points of the gameplay in which you have to go from one to another. Moreover, one may also be covered and progress at the same time taking on an enemy and used as human shields.

The main feature of Max Payne was the shooting slow-motion acrobatics were activated with famous Bullet Time (bullet time) and how could it be otherwise again be present for Max Payne 3. The difference is that the bullet time that once was a surprise has been received over the years much of the other action games and is now a sort of cliché of the genre, so this time Rockstar wants to be more spectacular than ever.

To do this have focused much of its efforts in animation and have combined many of them handmade with other procedurally generated by NaturalMotion’s Euphoria engine, ensuring that movements of Max Payne were as detailed and realistic as possible. On the other hand, will also help to encourage spectacular and styling a lot of destructible elements that will populate each scenario. The game engine is called RAGE, Rockstar internal tool that was used in GTAIV.

Continuing with the Bullet Time and the idea of doing most strikingly Rockstar has included what they call “Environmental Bullet Time”, consisting of predetermined times in slow motion, like sliding down a roof and style that will elapse the Quick Time Events seen in other titles, but in which the player will have absolute control of the character and not be limited to having to press a sequence of buttons in a rhythmic fashion. There will also be other specific times in which the camera will accompany the journey of the bullet until it hits its target.

On the other hand, Rockstar wanted to clarify that for most of Max Payne 3 the player can deal with situations as they see fit and that although the enemies will also possess moments will behave from routine for the rest of the game make a proper and well crafted IA.

With the intention of taking the fight to the limit we find two other interesting aspects as the ability to shoot from the ground or while the figure is rising (holding the gun in one hand and using the other for support.) And what is even more extreme if we are in the past and just before he died we got to deal a fatal shot to the enemy that is executed Max Payne get an adrenaline rush and get on with life.

Max Payne 3 assures to graphically represent the favelas with all types of details, including the poor state of buildings and packed shacks with parapet topped with wear and any supporting fabric such as pallets of wood or aluminum tableware. Furthermore, the chaotic, labyrinthine construction of the favelas has encouraged the plan of Max Payne 3 playable view to presenting good shooting events in which the enemy can appear from any turn or roof and where Max Payne will have to conquer all problems.

But just favelas is not one contains every game, Rockstar plans to take benefit of all features of Sao Paulo, a metropolis where the very rich are close to the extreme poor by generating all kinds of anxiety and mistakes. In order to reconstruct the most sensible manner possible ten employees of the study moved to Sao Paulo by snaps of the surroundings, gathering details, sensing the general life of the city and even scanning the local inhabitants to use as models in the game. Finally, it is also expected that Max Payne 3 will feature some kind of multiplayer play, but details are yet mysterious. Also, there is no final date of its release, but might be expected appearing by the end of 2011.


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