LittleBigPlanet 2 Review (PS3)

It was indeed one of the most successful games created by Media Molecule in 2008 in terms of criticism in recent years. Numerous awards confirmed originality, design and innovation of LittleBigPlanet. Now, its time for the next one. Small but LittleBigPlanet 2 is more than the name. The UFO playful Media Molecule has become a catch-all offering unbelievable batch of cruel levels along with more consistent editor than the first episode. The new devices further enhance gameplay and offer ideas for the creators.

As we know, first LittleBigPlanet was already not easy, than obviously its followers may be even more difficult. LittleBigPlanet 2 is a game as well as a creative tool, therefore its story mode is kind of examples of what can be achieved. This does not stop it from being rock solid, mixed and from the platform at the shooter through the pool without caution. All bases from the first episode are present in this and hence we find that special universe made up of bits and brace, in which huge switches trigger mechanisms of spectators. Sackboy, the good old rag doll is still the same, if you maintain your backups; you will discover as you left it. The declaration of LittleBigPlanet 2 was unsurprising, but the study should not justify casting news for an extension on a new album at full price.

LittleBigPlanet is a kind of a game that goes on receiving weekly new gear and occasionally completes official levels, and one of the first queries that needed to be made clear is what would happen to all this content, both as the downloadable user-created stages. Media Molecule has made it clear: all the material of the first LBP is well-suited with the sequel. The game is attractive and appears like a catalog of paint or a notebook style that means we look away from the common gamester. The supportive tone of Stephen Fry give details of the menu screens that take you into one of three potential directions: in the six themed worlds that include the single player campaign, to the shop where you can begin functioning on making your own level, or online or you can inspire those created by others.

If you are concerned primarily in story mode, you can start by noting that LBP has a history exactly that of Negativitron attack came this happy world, upsetting the small world of great creators of LittleBigPlanet 2. Originally, you will get your brands by trying to levels laid by Media Molecule. Can be said that its good platform for operating a Sackboy whose dealings are easy and are just jumping or grasp an object. All that being able to move the sides or on three levels deep. I would also like to say that level designers from Molecule are really talented without doubt, some levels are a pure joy.

While in the gameplay, you will later grab and throw big objects, a helmet will be utilized for throwing water, fire or rockets. You will also discover some Sackbots, robots that may flee us, or we keep track and it will often lead from one point to another by activating mechanisms more or less bent, hell, at times it feels like in Lemmings. In addition, there are new motor vehicle that are following this story mode and the changes are important because its not just a latch any more on a car prepared with cardboard but to take the controls of a real horse who can jump, shot put a turbo or even shoot. The intention does not show dissimilar with LBP 2 throughout five worlds that are offered in this episode. That said, the journey proved far more thrilling than the first episode should feel this in part to newly built gadgets but anyway, if anyone is yet thinking that the manufacturers have taken the pressure off certain passages, the levels crossed this time presents an undeniable experience.

The first part was already an alcoholic variety, capable of producing puzzles as well as the platform or a little shooting. But then, things have been pushed a tad farther. Nothing in terms of platform, the game goes from fun to walk through hardcore trail levels scoring at or timed that we already knew. During the progression in the story mode, you discover little by little real levels shooter flying a drone armed. Dragging in the bonus levels, you will find puzzles and even … a pool table, a real one. The styles of play and even graphical skins are so varied that not even trying to describe everything in detail in this test. You move from one level set in a garden in a shooting game graphically close to 8 bits. Not to mention offering levels of combat in arena or even more so Bomberman to Geometry Wars. So obviously, do not expect the pinnacle of genres, the ownership still remaining relatively faithful to the style and contents LittleBigPlanet, besides this solo trip is quite short. But heck, we can say that it’s surprising when you see and party-games supposed to mix genres and sometimes fail to align 3 sports games correct, the gap is wide. Also, keep in mind that the power of LittleBigPlanet is not to be found in levels supplied with the game, which is a brilliant illustration of the many possibilities, but in those that emanate from the community.

Interesting development is the graphical upgrade, perhaps not very obvious at first glance because the aesthetic is similar to the original, but with new objects and textures. However, the new light engine is a quantum leap to add more realism to the scenarios, the image appears, as we have seen, more solid and fluid than in LBP, and applied a better anti-aliasing for smooth edges. Sackboy and objects create realistic shadows, the color is more vibrant and all the improvements are noticeable when we discovered that more than two million to date created levels will benefit from these features. The new scenarios LBP 2 will be livelier than ever thanks to be encouraged, as opposed to static and unfocused in the first game. The range of tools allowing you to interact with the game is also richer, you are going through each world you put in the hands of even more capital equipment, Sniper Trifle delicious, a grab, used throughout the campaign to swing and climb up a trio of mechanical toys near the end of the game These tools add diversity essential baseline levels, which fortunately is improving gradually and progresses in the game

Changing environments, traps and mechanisms of these new levels will be accompanied also new skills for Sackboy, as a hook to swing and reach inaccessible areas, similar to that seen in the series Bionic Commando. In LBP, the spray gun included in the pack for Metal Gear Solid was a major spin on the gameplay of the game, because it allowed shooting and creating objects and enemies that may be damaged by paint, so hopefully these new place attachment types of phases not seen in LBP subjects. Media Molecule says, but the game starts as expected-a-platform, the variety of situations and genres is assured. And of course, the multitude of mechanisms, gears, springs, switches and connections are still present and waiting for a fertile imagination to get going. You want that Sackboy can throw water, fire, or even cakes, possible with this headset that the character can carry and which allows him to throw anything and everything. Clearly, the rockets used to destroy, but other objects have another use. Cakes, for example (or anvils eh, YMMV) become platforms or counterweights.

The slogan for the developer’s toolkit for creating LittleBigPlanet 2 is “arcade handmade.” LBP2 Tools are ideal for constructing rich levels, complex and beautifully textured, but with regard to the enemy in motion, tools for creating tradition seem pretty flat. The enemies move uncomfortably as toys spring, following the movements of Sackboy rarely and instead merely to patrol paths predefined by exposing a weak point when they turn their backs. If these new accessories / objects / gadgets already multiplies the imagination, it’s nothing compared to the features offered by LittleBigPlanet 2. In addition, the option of linking the levels collectively, we can now create a entire world from scratch. You can even employ these tools to put together the characters controlled remotely. Again difficult to tour opportunities, it would want to list what can be done in practice with a wrench and a screwdriver. In other words, the important thing is that the possibilities offered by the editor mode boomed. And that’s good. But it goes without saying that the problem has followed. If the first episode the regulars gather them quickly, the newcomers will suffer even more than their elders to master the mysteries of Pop It. When you see the accomplishments that could already be on servers with the former editor, we say that the most ingenious did not stop surprising us with this new version even more comprehensive.


This time Media Molecule has added a new layer without moving the bases from the first episode. Actually, that does not create an uncomplicated LittleBigPlanet 2 more of the same thing. Even if a very good game platform story mode is offered this time, the star of LittleBigPlanet 2 remains the player. Though the level creation does not interest you, LittleBigPlanet 2 deserves to be present, due to its potential of improved creating with the toolkit as well as its well-built campaign. The fresh tools are influential and the potential for your creativity is larger than before. In addition, the boundaries of the genre that was born Sackboy are removes and of course, among many levels that usually appear questionable quality, we expect that a large percentage of players take advantage of new tools. You will have in the hands of what to make almost anything you want. In Short, its Bigger, better and varied than ever.


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