Get Fit With Mel B Review

Sports games for the local console by now available in sufficient quantity and of all different styles. However, in recent weeks, the innovative game concept Kinect meant that not only the virtual sports companion come up a sweat. Instead, you will more and more compelled to get even your most backside in motion. “Get fit with Mel B” to entice you with an attractive training partners to prevent the impending winter fat or at least make room for the next batch of biscuits. Whether Mel B was successful in this mission, we wanted to find in a personal meeting with the lady again.

Coached and watched alongside Mel B during your fitness sessions with Get Fit with Mel B, the extensive training program, intelligent and energetic of more than 100 years, until fitboxes and cardio fitness, studied with the help of Fitness First.  Get Fit with Mel B also includes 140 recipes with a nutritional program suited to the tastes of any user.   Get Fit With Mel B is the game dedicated to fitness and nutrition, which plays the role of Personal Trainer, the former Spice Girls and now trainer and fitness expert Mel B.

Who remembers the ’90s will probably remember the Spice Girls. The British group has lived more than five years of extraordinary popularity before splitting at the dawn of the twenty-first century and back, for a brief and unhappy period, a few years ago. The inevitable end of the quintet and the subsequent entry into the labor market of rich unemployed has produced over time a series of digressions, but not only musical, starring the same, including the recent release of Get Fit with Mel B. The title, an application along the lines of EA Sports and Active members, was launched in Milan in his incarnation on Xbox 360 within the space events “Kinect House”, used by Microsoft for initiatives related to the device control pad-less , and was attended by Mel B itself, which, in addition to providing the face to the title, said that he had undergone five days of filming to record all of the hundreds of push-ups, pushups, stretch, stretched, and so on.

 The game is Black Bean Games developed by Lightning Fish is available for Nintendo Wii (obviously compatible with the balance board), and Playstation Move Kinect Xbox 360 . Our review takes into account its own version dedicated to the revolutionary motion sensor from Microsoft. Designed together with experts of Fitness First, the largest chain of gyms in the world, “Get Fit With Mel B” provides players with a professional piano exercises suitable for both men and women with more than 200 years, six different types of aerobic disciplines (Step, Dance, aero box, Cardio, Cardio advanced Flex / Firms) and a personalized nutritional program with 140 recipes.

Positive Points

  • Real high-definition video and its image in the game to a totally realistic and immersive;.
  • Floor exercises you can do with all the platforms with innovative optical technology developed by Lightning Fish in collaboration with the University of Oxford;.
  • Supports a wide range of accessories including step, fit ball, elastic bands, weights to ankles and wrists;.
  • Nutrition program with 140 recipes.
  • One product of Fitness for MOVE until Christmas.
  • At launch special pack rubber band useful for conducting exercises.


Features and Support

Melanie Janine Brown, better known as Mel B made himself vocally as Scary Spice already a name. Scary Spice, has the uncanny, now intends to make you thanks to advanced technology Kinect incredibly fit. Get fit in with Mel B you are to that end a number of different exercises, personal goals, or even an individual nutrition plan for the selection.  In order to motivate the exercises in the home gym and you will personally accompany Mel B during all training sessions. The right to develop a game that will not leave you jumping around just absurd, but actually made a training effect was high. To meet the demands, the Black Bean Studios have the title in close cooperation with the fitness chain Fitness First “developed and integrated Mel B as a personal coach.

The fitness in the home is a fashion in vogue since the ’80s: how can we forget the video of Jane Fonda’s aerobics Barbara Bouchet, or in the 90 workouts suggested by supermodel Cindy Crawford up to Jill Cooper of the modern DVD? Last year, the home fitness has seen a new evolution characterized by the entry in the field of gaming. Today we are a new twist, thanks to technology Get Fit With Mel B, the players train in the living room watching her image projected on the screen directly next to the Personal Trainer Mel B, which provides real-time advice and feedback on how which will be carried out exercises to help players and motivate them to achieve their own goals while you are training!

Thanks to these features, the title is particularly distinct in the United States where he was acclaimed by critics, and defined by the press as a real “must”, with an average rating of 90%. The famous American BrainLazy site says “Get Fit With Mel B deserves to be ranked among the games dedicated to fitness,” echoes this positive feedback portal The Gamers Hub: “It is simply dedicated to one of the best games of fitness on the market “while Universal Database Gaming crowned him” the best choice to look after their own fitness with a video game. “

Six subjects

Get fit With the game Mel.B you will complete a full program with six different disciplines of aerobics, dance like him, kickboxing, pumps, or the steps. To complete the schedule, you can enjoy hundreds of physical exercises. The coach Mel B how your performance and gives you real time advice to improve training.

Three fitness programs

Budding athletes will have a choice among three fitness programs:

  • Today’s Workout: reserved for beginners, this program is run entirely by the coach who will guide you and support you during the many exercises.
  • Choose Workout t: to confirm, you choose your own exercises and coach you in the effort and ensures the proper execution of movements.
  • Nutrition: Finally, outside the exercise, players will follow a varied and comprehensive nutritional program with 140 detailed recipes. Mel.B gives you the best advice based targets.


Sleeping mat rolled out, attract sports clothing, monitor panel and you’re almost there. Thus, the coach also can adjust to you personally you must first reveal age, height and your weight. Do not worry, Mel is not torture you, even with a disproportionate ratio with additional tasks. Did you do your data, you must still tell the coach what additional training resources are available to you. Have you for example have a gymnastic rope, weights for arms and legs or an aerobic stepper in the closet, so you can take with them into your training. Get fit with Mel B also includes specialized training exercises using this equipment.

Designed together with experts of Fitness First, the largest chain of gyms in the world, Get Fit With Mel B will provide more than 200 years of players, six different types of aerobic disciplines (Step, Dance, aero box, Cardio, Cardio advanced Flex / Firms), and a nutritional program with six different types of menus and 140 recipes. Start your training will be very simple: after you create your own profile, players must define the objectives for obtaining a wide range of possibilities by choosing suitable to both men and women will get a so-floor exercises combined with a healthy professional program supply customized, daily menu, based on their specific needs.

After you create your own profile, players must define the objectives that wish to gain by choosing a wide range of options suitable for both men and women. This will have a fitness and nutrition program that meets your specific and personal needs. Thanks to the technology of production, the players train in the living room watching her image projected on the screen directly next to the Personal Trainer Mel B, real time, providing advice and feedback on how the exercises will be carried out.

The production of Black Bean really surprised with the quality that shows us side by side to do the exercises with Mel B. This way you can feel the best when we are doing well or not and also an exercise in striking what is really intriguing Kinect and software allows us to do. Even as Mel B as a instructor, she is always very careful when we’re working hard and giving negative feedback but instead encouraging if we’re a little too slow.The only thing that just is not convinced the Italian voice of the former Spice Girls, not that the voice acting is good but the attitude is very far from Mel energetic and jovial, giving it more the tone of a schoolteacher rather prim and Role to correct a task.

For the rest, the many disciplines present, custom programs and the ability to choose their diet by eliminating unwanted products (both for vegetarians / vegans like myself, and for those who have an intolerance to some particular social ingredient) makes Get Fit With Mel B, a package of really serious and comprehensive solutions to lose weight or stay in shape without going to the gym but having fun in front of the Kinect.


Especially in combination with Kinect can be thought here that the fun and the impact of training has increased tremendously, after all, must not interfere controller in your hand you hold. Otherwise the whole thing is actually like this: Kinect The camera captures and projects you right next to Mel B on the screen, the shape of your fitness trainer you the exercises and also pretends to supremacy. If it mimics the whole thing, you are the ex-Spice Girl immediate feedback on your exercise execution.

Those who have already overcome to become fitness technically active, would be reluctant to follow a rigidly prescribed fitness program. To counter this, you have the opportunity to define your personal goals. Whether you are now seeking the perfect bikini figure for next summer, want the hobby Adonis the next holiday to compete with malls, you prepare for the winter holidays, or simply want to boil your circulation. Get fit with Mel B has something for just about any destination provided in the training manual. It can combine multiple destinations to each other and are the chosen targets is then weighted individually.

Have you defined your goal, you’ve got to make a decision for the training period and should you for the first exercises in addition to Mel make ready. At least 15 minutes on the program. Got your first training more or less recovered well, you will be asked whether the training was OK for you, too light or too heavy. Presumably you could have saved this query. A large part of you will probably be initially overwhelmed a bit and click on “too hard” 😉

Each session begins with a couple of warm-up exercises before you get down to business, and ends with some relaxation exercises. During the exercises you need not worry you make is which direction to run the exercise. You do not think a mirror, but you just moved in the direction that is prescribed by your coach.  A repeat indicator which denounces above your head, displays at any time whether you still with Mel B        or badly lagging behind since. The better you perform the exercises, the more training points will be credited to your account. Traffic light colors of the repeat indicator signal whether a practice is carried out correctly or completely wrong.


First Fitness experts have worked with Mel B to prepare the home exercise program perfect. With a selection of over 199 exercises tailored, 6 aerobic types of disciplines (dance, cardio, cardio advanced, step, weights, strength training and combat) and a nutritional program with 6 different meal plans with 140 recipes. “Get fit with Mel B” provides users with professional training and a healthy eating plan personalized to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes.

The accessibility provided by the exclusive body detection system based controls and the camera will move directly to the screen and allow you to train with Mel B, who will offer you a few tips and real-time feedback to help maintain motivation and achieve the results, all playing a game. Mel B, the former Spice Girl, who is also the face of Fitness First and Fitness Week, is now involved in the reality show “Mel B. It’s A Scary World.

Where to buy

Get Fit with Mel B contains exclusive content online through the website dedicated unexpended . In fact, users who register will have the opportunity to create their own profile, store your personal data and monitor results and progress with training. Only for the PlayStation 3 version in addition, users can share information directly from the game through Facebook. Finally, for those who purchase the game there will be an opportunity to download the official cookbook signed Mel B to find out tips on how to cook healthy.

Unique fitness title for PlayStation 3, the new program will also support a range of accessories such as elastic band, sold together with “Get Fit With Mel B (in versions for PlayStation Move Kinect and Xbox 360) and other equipment purchased separately as the weights for the wrist or ankle and the steps that will be of useful support during the training sessions.  Get Fit With Mel B is available for the PlayStation Eye, PlayStation Move, and from November 26 to Kinect for Xbox 360 and Wii.


Black Bean has given a great software package to be in good shape and even lose weight if you need this too. Extraordinary technology that can project the screen alongside Mel B and truly amazing the variety of exercises customized to present our goals. Customizing for the perfect diet that is recommended according to our tastes, our characteristics and our goals. We decided not to call a vote because the gameplay Get Fit With Mel B is configured more like a real software professional (but fun) for the physical rather than a video game. So, to put it in jargon, it is serious stuff … that works!

Unfortunately, the control of some menu items, so what we say, suboptimal. Not infrequently, the selection cursor kind of bitchy on the screen, which can make the selection of some menu items for the game of patience. If all the information needed, it might redefine your own personal training goals. Compatible with all new technologies across all platforms, you can keep fit comfortably in your home as if you were in the gym  you and your personal trainer, side by side!


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