The Scourge Project Review

Originally presented as a FPS, The Scourge Project has matured and now is back under that of a GST. Always to the PC, this multi shooter is now also planned for the Xbox 360. That can be played four-player cooperative mode, the title will also offer the multi for 16 small frags that can give them their heart via the Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, etc.. The game will land in the form of a bundle of two episodes to be four full levels of just over five hours of game arrives on Steam All this month on Xbox Live.

The Scourge Project is a FPS game playable co-op with 4 players and based on the Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine in the style of a game like Gears of War. This action game that looks attractive is proposed by a group of independent authors is available in full for several months and at low cost and you will find below the playable demo to test if this you said. In the game you play with 4 players and then you play as four members of Team Echo, mercenaries who will have to fight against an alien invasion.

Game Plot

Set in the near future, The Scourge Project throws you into the boots of Echo Squad, an elite group of mercenaries hired by The Tarn Initiative to deal a decisive blow against the power-hungry Nogari Corporation. Your mission: First, to locate and rescue Dr Reisbeck, Tarn’s double-agent inside Nogari; Second, to recover a piece of the meteorite fragment that Nogari has used to develop Ambrosia, the powerful new energy source with which they now control the world economy.

Stranded on Nogari Island shortly after being mysteriously attacked during your covert insertion, and surrounded on all sides by hostile forces, you’ll need all of your skill to stay alive as you fight your way through the chaos that has consumed the alien-infested facilities that lie before you…

The Scourge Project is a 3rd-Person Shooter created using Unreal Engine 3 for the PC and XBox 360 platforms, .and delivers the following exciting features: Up to 4-Player Co-op Campaign with 5+ hours of gameplay 4 Playable Characters, each with a distinct combination of Special Abilities Unique Flashbacks per playable character, showing you critical past events that shed p new light on your predicament.. Squad Al for groups with less than 4 Players Quick-Order-System (Q0S) for rapid deployment of Squad-members 9 Weapons to suit your playing style Up to 16 Players in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture-The-Flag and Frontier Multipalayer Modes with dedicated multiplayer maps 37 Badges to unlock on PC and 12 Achievements to unlock on XBox 360 XP System to track your experience and skill in Campaign and Multiplayer.


Although Nogari Corporation was founded decades ago by prominent Astronomer Gorou Ayuma, little is known about its current activities apart from the fact that it owns the rights to Ambrosia, the controversial new energy source that has quickly become the most valuable commodity on the planet Hikaru Ayumu, Gorou’s reclusive great-grandson and Nogari’s self-styled Visionary Leader’, maintains a veil of absolute secrecy regarding the goings-on within Nogari Island’s scientific research facilities.

Despite Nogari’s vice-like grip on the world economy and political landscape making it all but immune to official intervention, regular acts of sabotage by groups such as The Tarn Initiative have been on the rise recently, ever since the fringe group started utilizing the services of skilled anonymous mercenaries. Regardless, Ayumu Is determined to stay the course and see his secret vision for Nogari Corporation, and indeed humanity as a whole, comes to fruition. What the world doesn’t know won’t hurt it. Until it’s too late.


The Tarn Initiative is an anonymous group of ant-corporate saboteurs, made up of highly-ranked individuals within various institutions and organizations. Their goal: to put an end to the draconian manipulation of the world by Nogari Corporation, creator and sole owner of ‘Ambrosia’. Although The Tarn Initiative did not begin as a militant movement, it has recently begun employing the services of highly-skilled mercenaries who, for the right price, are willing to strike deep within the most highly-guarded locations on the planet Nogari’s Scientific Research Facilities.

In the last few hours, Tarn has just launched its most daring offensive yet, with Echo Squad as its vanguard. Echo Squad has the most dangerous play in this operation, and so its members consist of mercenaries who all have ulterior motives for signing up. Only with the promise of access to Nogari’s Laboratories have they individually agreed to risk their lives. Only time will tell if this gamble has been worth it.

In the action game The Scourge Project conglomerate experimented with the evil alien Krams rum, four brave resistance fighters are dispatched to the sinister to stop. Times, the developers of The Scourge Project should know not original basic concept delivers what it promises: uninspired shoot-in deserted building complexes, the meaning and purpose of the little. At the beginning of The Scourge Project, you can choose from four heroes, but ultimately it makes no difference. While all four have different special attacks, which are fed through the miracle remedies Ambrosia, but they are similar in their effect, all right: Either the opponents of energy waves lifted off your shoes, or the characters protect themselves temporarily with an energy shield.

Just like the real thing can be The Scourge Project in co-op play, even fourth – which we strongly recommend. Because you should go out alone, the other three forms of an often KI be taken over. Your companion will tend to ignore obvious covers, and all race long nose to his death. After all, you can then revive the comrades at a certain time frame. And should you have ever caught, the AI companion react pretty fast to get you to put on their feet. However, without great care, which often has the death of the rescuer to follow.



The pace of The Scourge Project can be with the word “lame” summed up perfectly. Your character reacts relatively slowly to commands. Sometimes you have to repeatedly pound the keys, so that the character ducks behind a balustrade, or box. And as soon as a contact person logs on radio, do not run once more. The level rises in disciplines such as weapons skills (will be calculated after victories) and Koop (additional charges for rescue operations) require the production barely noticeable and act more like grafted cosmetics. Speaking of Beauty: Still The Scourge Project is due to the sharp textures and successful character models to look very pretty. The game saves but not “before the predicate ‘mediocrity.

Just what about quality? The story is already quite banal and not very exciting: Four soldiers from Echo Squad were hired by “The Tarn initiative” to fight against power hungry “Nogari Corporation. This, of course, strive for world domination, thanks to a strange energy source called Ambrosia, they seem to be quite close to their goal. But the substance is hidden behind a lot more, and finally it contains alien DNA. That has carried out a total Nogari disgusting experiments, including in humans, makes the company was not sympathetic. Each protagonist has his own motives, which are somehow related with the evil enemy. And then there’s Dr. Rice Beck, a scientist who is to be necessarily detected. After all, history will give solid, but does provide for enthusiasm at any time. As usual, it means: means to an end. Too bad.

A better impression does the actual gameplay, which – surprise, surprise – inspired much of “Gears of War” (1). From the third person, you control your favorite heroes, shoots with nine pickable weapons to the enemy hordes and meet predetermined objectives. Strictly linear, the curve, exploring it might save you. Including, anyway you can only find new ammunition and grenades, or fill your storage ragweed. By means you pumped namely special abilities in the body that may be applied. Equipment, alternative routes or pickable bonuses? Which does not. Instead, the developers focused on pure-bred action without compromise and innovation. This need not necessarily even be something bad, right?


The campaign mode can be addressed in cooperation with the CPU or in the company of three friends (online or LAN). In any case, the first choice that the player is facing is the preference of his alter ego: the four characters are different for the physical aspect, the starting weapon and little else. As for the gameplay, the main feature of the covers are The Scourge Project “to Gears of War”, one of the few things to work discreetly and fairly functional. This is because, unlike many other colleagues TPS, are dynamic and intelligently implemented at different levels. Unfortunately, it’s everything else that does not work. From baby-sitting, or the ability to treat or be treated by their comrades when you are out of combat. In the single player game modes, in fact, are the nodes to a head of artificial intelligence by chills mates, more often, are not aware of your difficult situation, and then they ignore you, leaving you to die in peace and quiet.

This, if you are not a problem, when it gets to be in need of care are the other companions managed by the CPU, because if only one of them, not getting the nurse on duty, he dies, will inexorably the game over. A lot of questionable choice, particularly in light of the fact that being able to treat a companion during shooting is not at all easy, of course not for strategic or military capabilities on the enemy (as the other side of the field of AI it is ridiculous), but because the vitality and very little is enough to send three or four shots out of action. Then if we add to this the fact that folks do not use the shell properly, are placed on the trajectory of your shot, or the other (friendly fire and inflicts damage) closes the circle of artificial intelligence to say the least inadequate. Fortunately there’s multiplayer, which can make the experience enjoyable and less frustrating to a minimum, always tending in mind that the enemies are still managed by the CPU.

To avoid this, you can enter the other game modes (deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag and borders) that involve only players in the flesh. Unfortunately, even in multiplayer mode, which could limit the damage, there are problems of slow response and a minimum of users, making it difficult to create sufficiently many matches.

The Predecessors

As already mentioned, the gameplay of The Scourge Project: Episodes 1 and 2 refers openly to that of Gears of War. The characters have two “slots” for weapons and one for grenades, aim, shoot and take up position in exactly the same way. When I posted can also shoot “blind” without leaning, just as in the masterpiece of Epic Games, and overcome the obstacles by performing a movement very similar. In short, fans of GOW will find this product very much of what they already know and appreciate, but sometimes a bit implemented ‘at random and without the necessary optimization.

 There are eleven different weapons and all have their own value, which is very important, but the developers have not been able to make better sense of the impact is absolutely necessary in this kind of evidence: it opens fire and the sound effect can support the action in a plausible manner, but it seems that our burst is not for the sign because opponents do not suffer damage as they should. To compare the disruptive effect of the shotgun in Gears of War with that of The Scourge Project knows of blasphemy, but the feeling about a bit ‘all the weapons. So it was well copied the system and stalking target, even with guards that are damaged under enemy fire, but there was a bit lost ‘the most beautiful and the end result inevitably suffers.

The most absurd situation occurs when physical attacks, really horrible in terms of visual output, with the enemy who does not bat an eyelid. The similarities with GOW extend to the technical sector, as in this case was used the Unreal Engine, but the differences in terms of design and overall quality are sometimes abysmal: The Scourge Project of the characters have little personality and have These issues should be the anonymous (the captain, the woman) abuse (the “ninja”, the big guy), with polygonal models that pay duty for faces and hair, but return a good result with regard to the armor, which at first glance appear to be inspired by that of the protagonist of Crysis, with the various “muscle groups” in sight. The animation moves between high and low: the walk, aim and attack are good, the ride is unwatchable.

The game begins in a very poor scenario, a forest where the only thing that saved the puddles are, luckily moves indoors maybe not spectacular but at least fair, where you generally have to obtain the keys and open doors to continue. We tried the game at a resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels, with all the effects to the maximum and the vertical sync turned on, getting a variable from forty to sixty frames per second.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7
  • Processor: 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM (Windows XP) / 2 GB RAM (Windows Vista and Windows 7)
  • Graphics Card: 256 MB (Pixel Shader 3.0)
  • DirectX ®: DirectX 9.0c
  • Hard Disk: 5.4 GB of free disk space
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card


 It’s very annoying that you will be forced to you (for free) to register with Gamespy – even if you only want to complete the offline campaign. The service is really only used for multi-player components (including Co-op), problems arise, fortunately, otherwise not much use. I was in my experiments always finding a match – whether for “Death Match” for the conflict or co-op campaign.

Perfect, “The Scourge Project” under any circumstances. Many weaknesses but then reveal that to us here not a full product price is set before. A great evil is the artificial intelligence, and I use the word intelligence better not be taken into the mouth. Although your teammates respond to your commands occasional  and go against their own enemies, but HOW? You like to run into a barrage of opponents, can zap preferably, and then wait for that I reviving. Incidentally, a quite important feature, because that will get you experience points, which have really no deeper meaning in the single-player campaign. Further disturbing: Even on the lowest difficulty level you need very well be an entire magazine of a machine gun to kill an enemy. Itself much earlier, however you can bless the temporal. Mission objectives are sometimes described not optimal, the opponent is unbalanced traffic in general, the coverage system inaccurate and the crosshair when targeting hardly recognizable. All of these are not to be underestimated little things that make just the difference between “great” and “okay”. In addition, I am missing here, special highlights that can arise in me a “wow” feeling. The designers probably have failed completely.


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