Silent Hill: Downpour Preview

Silent Hill: Downpour Preview

In 1999, Harry Mason came up with horror genre that merges suspense and action in a terrifying environment where the goal is to survive the dangers that lurk. As we all know the Silent Hill series is a game that is making its fans for 12 years, title after title, renewing interest in this mysterious stuffs and people. While the first three titles forged a great base for this series, the room started to gather some criticism in addition to getting the lowest scores in its history from the press. In the first half, the scores almost reached seven from nine that indicates that something had changed in the method of Silent Hill.

This saga has also been characterized by a constant change of study in developing a new title. The head of the first three titles were Climax Group, Double Helix Games but now, finally the work of Silent Hill Downpour has fallen in the hands of Vatra Games. This study receives a tall order after titles like Homecoming, The Room or Shattered Memories, that did not meet expected standards. At this point the main thing is that the criticism was fierce in its time, as they believe that changing the study of the Japanese to the Western world too will hurt to play. Now, Vatra have the opportunity to recover these old players and show that we can do great work in video games is concerned.

Back to basics:

One of the criticisms about Silent Hill is that it lost north little. It appears like the Vatra guys are willing to give much importance to the location; to make the people is the great man who has never left the game. This time we will begin our adventure with Murphy, a criminal who is being transferred from one detention center to another in an empty bus. A character who had a good criminal history behind him, will suffer a stroke of good luck to the accident with the bus being moved. This accident was conducive to their cherished freedom and never forgets a visit to the foggy streets of Silent Hill.

The role of “dangerous offender” had not touched in the whole saga and contrasts sharply with the protagonists of other Silent writers, photographers, etc… What will be the same in this as in other games will be the darkness. The torch will be one of our best partners in the development of the whole story and help us discover the depths of this mysterious people whom Vatra has emerged as “middle of the show.”

Money required surviving:

The best part I liked in Silent Hill series is the atmosphere created for the game. The darkness was always key point to the game where the suspense of what would happen was one of its utmost strengths. With all these things, Silent Hill is back again with Downpour. Developers had undoubtedly created a graphic section very carefully and have again managed the atmosphere. The fog and darkness are again the actors and the different animations and conversion of some areas in others are worth mentioning. In Downpour, developers have a secret that is hiding in the name. Downpour means “rain” … with this we suspect that the water will have a special role that has not yet been spoken, and which may be one more turn in the attempt to return to the top.

If we talk about identity, Silent Hill was one that has lost over time: the puzzles. Gomez himself commented on the disappointment of many players on the disappearance of these and how necessary they were at the beginning of the saga. It reappears In Downpour, recover to return to the fruitful beginning of the game. Another significant change is the treatment of “nightmare world” while on other issues there was a mix with the real world but now we can clearly see the separate chapters, independent levels , and the dark where fears also attacked Murphy . The final variable in our way is not the only thing that changes throughout the game. We will make various minor characters that get in our way to behave in one way or another by how we interact. A way of “give and take” which will give the game a little more reality.

Downpour going to get back the bars of calm and suspense that is the best weapon of Silent Hill along with the fear of what might come … the fear that we might hold each corner and every inch of darkness. Without doubt the degree of exploration is going to rise and will cease to be a linear game to give much freedom to the player that was lost as well. The vulnerability of the player with the highest expression in the attack on a poor writer, photographer or girl – and disappeared with the appearance of a soldier – returns with Murphy. The profile given to believe that this new title offers us plenty of surprises, including the protagonist’s own nightmares.

The keys to a good Silent Hill:

The conclusion of this development aims to bring together not only what is going to have the game but what would have to take control of a situation that has fallen like a bomb in the hands of Vetra Games. A franchise with a rich past that was losing steam with the running time. If we review Downpour what we want is a different story, that of Murphy, who instead of finding his bones in prison comes to Silent Hill. And the rest as we know, exploration, nightmares, and loads of consciousness with which man will have to deal with.

In terms of graphics and atmosphere, I expect a lot more than before. This set of promises in each interview, the promises in the different fragments that we’ve seen … now just need to do at the time of its release. Silent Hill needs a good terror, sheer terror, dark, gloomy environments where the flashlight is not merely a nod to the past. Every part of the room covers something about the player. The change in the soundtrack is good news. While the above compositions worked, the fact denotes a shift that really wants to get anywhere else. The success of the series is great news for the series.

If the good atmosphere also talks about suitable graphics as per the new generation of gaming consoles, it will be appreciated by both critics and players, who were disappointed somewhat by graphics from the previous episodes. If we add all acceptable gameplay that allows a more relaxed game atmosphere the effect is magnified. Silent Hill has the formula, this Downpour can overcome these barriers that were created over the years offering a performance level of the new generation. This saga deserves a follow up to their first three titles with large doses of darkness and terror, much terror.


Maybe in 1999 when the series was released, the video game world did not have much competition as now. In this sense, the consolidation of the Internet as a distribution medium has made small studies with great ability to create find your niche. We submit Silent Hill will do better work this time. Another false step could cause a great disaster of the title – and thus the whole saga – it would seriously cripple.


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