Packard Bell iMedia D3610 Desktop Computer

The Packard Bell iMedia D3610 is a desktop computer offering everything for the office and daily use at home. It is adequately equipped and has a low price. Only remains to add a monitor and a pair of speakers.

The iMedia D3610 is a low cost machine which appeared in the catalog of Packard Bell in March. Carrying a dual core, 3 GB of RAM and a graphics card with 512 MB of video memory, the iMedia D3610 on paper is powerful enough to run office applications and multimedia. Sold with approx. Rs. 26000, this computer is a good solution for users who do not need video games or video editing? That is what we wanted to verify by testing.

As for the finish on the case of the iMedia D3610, it would tend to say that it could have been much worse. It is certainly not up to the bodywork Dell or HP, or even some chassis of Packard Bell a little more upscale, but-given the selling price of the configuration-there is no reason to complain. This black and silver tower conceals a very classical optical drive bay by tilting. On the other hand, it is sufficient to lower a small door in front for access to two USB ports and headphone and taken the microphone. Small disappointment all the same: no memory card reader is present. It will connect to one of the six USB ports (4 back) of the tower.

Device discount

However, the side of the keyboard and mouse, the reality is not as favorable. The keyboard, a wired model of PS2 is still classic. But the mouse is marked "failed".

A fairly quiet machine

Regarding noise, this iMedia D3610 is a small purring quite bearable as you hear only if prolonged silence. Otherwise, the moment you are working on some serious work and your attention is engaged, it becomes almost inaudible.

OK for office use and games

Tests reports that the iMedia provides the best support for the office. Although it is a processor of another time (Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2200 clocked at 2.4 GHz), it is judicious with 3 GB of RAM, giving it the power necessary for many office applications. In contrast, the video is to be avoided, especially when it comes to compiling your videos shot with a digital video camera high definition.

What will happen when it comes to some games? To manage the display of this iMedia input range, Packard Bell has opted for a processor Nvidia GeForce G100 (512 MB of video memory). The latter gets a score of 1763 points in 3DMark 06 and 4.8 to 5.9 on the performance index chart of Windows Vista. Therefore, we should not expect to run Crysis or Far Cry "at the basic settings." But if by chance you are one of the casual players who can play with a reasonable definition of image (in 1280×800 pixels or 1024×768 pixels, for example) and a level of graphic detail "average", then you will find doubt what your core desires, including recent games. Fans of Counter Strike and other online FPS or MMORPG genre to Warhammer Online, can blow off steam at the clubs on the dwarves with no graphical bug or major slowdowns. However, it must be the kind of patient because the hard drive of 640 GB displays the highest (5.9) in the performance index HDD Windows Vista, load times are quite long.


  • Operating System: Windows Vista Premium
  • Processor: Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2220 (2.4 GHz)
  • RAM: 3 GB DDR2
  • Hard disk: 640 GB Serial ATA II 7200tr/mn
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce G100 512 MB
  • VGA output: Yes
  • DVI: Yes
  • HDMI Output: Yes
  • Keyboard/Mice: PS/2 or USB



The iMedia D3610 Packard Bell is a small machine to match its prices. Its finishing is very correct. Its performance is sufficient for the office. If one adds to this its ability to run some games just greedy, you get an interesting machine. However, the already paid money for the purchase, it will be imperative to add a some bugs to buy a mouse worthy of the name, because the original delivered does not satisfy anyhow.


  • The VGA video outputs, DVI and HDMI
  • The hard drive 640 GB


  • Lack of memory card reader
  • Lack of Wi-Fi
  • Lack of Bluetooth


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