Casio Exilim High Speed EX-FC100 Digital camera

Casio is a Japanese company, which produce digital cameras, watches,
musical instruments and much more. Casio was among the first to launch
a high speed camera was accessible to the ordinary buyer, the model was
named High Speed Exilim EX-F1 and now this series has been extended
High Speed Exilim EX-FC100. The EX-FC100 is a compact camera that fits
perfectly in the palm of the hand.It features a good quality 5x zoom
lens, a special 1/2.3-inch 9.1-megapixel high-speed CMOS sensor with
image stabilisation, and it is capable of full HD video recording, as
well as 30fps continuous shooting and 1000fps high-speed video.

What’s in the box?

Casio Exilim High Speed EX-FC100 comes in a pretty package, where the
back is characterized by specifications and at the front you will
notice beautiful pictures of the camera.

The box contains the following:

  • Casio Exilim High Speed EX-FC100
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 220volt battery charger
  • Power cord for battery charger
  • USB cable for connection to PC
  • AV cable
  • Wrist
  • CD-ROM

The contents of the box is very good with the standard within compact
cameras, and contain neither too much which is exactly what is required
in order to get started. However remember that the camera comes without
memory card, so you should buy memory card for camera.Casio Exilim High
Speed EX-FC100 uses Secure Digital memory (SD) card.


When you first get Casio Exilim High Speed EX-FC100 by hand it feels
incredibly solid, there is a certain fell in the camera without being
heavy or clumsy. it is a very compact design, measuring just 99.8 x
58.5 x 22.6mm and weighing approximately 180g including battery and
memory card.We have a feeling that this is a good quality since it does
not feel like a plastic camera considering to the materials.The buttons
are also quite excellent and are logically placed and user
interactive.This means that anyone who has used an ordinary digital
camera before can easily operate the Casio Exilim High Speed EX-FC100

Screen display 

It consists primarily of the big screen and buttons to control menu and
the dedicated video button. On top of the camera housing are shutter
button for controlling the zoom, and 30fps Still Image button ON / OFF,
and Slow Motion button. It may sound much but the Basic button
placement I experienced not to be confused by the relatively large
number of buttons.The resolution is somewhat limited in these modes, to
480 x 360, 224 x 168 and 224 x 64 pixels respectively. It also has a
variable frame rate option.

The camera is slightly larger than most compact cameras, but you get a
better grip, more advanced features and a camera in a nice quality.One
thing you will noticed when you turned the camera on that the boot time
is relatively long. The camera is ready with image on the LCD screen
with around 2.5 seconds from pressing the On switch. 

Control and functionality 

it’s incredibly easy to operate camera buttons are logically placed and
the menus are manageable and easy to  navigate in. There are plenty of
opportunities to make fine tuning, but for those who dont want to be
confused with the advanced settings makes very easy without

On the back of the camera are the dedicated video button provided which
is also used for switching between plain. Video and high speed video
recording. In high speed mode allows you to choose from 4 different
recording methods, 210 fps, 420 fps, 1000 fps, and the little special
30-210 fps. By using 30-210 fps method allows you to record at normal
speed and during shooting to change to 210 fps this allows the low
recording in slow motion, while the rest of the recording takes place
in normal speed. This is a really best feature and it is possible to
make some very impressive video with this feature.

since it contains a feature that makes it possible to take 30 pictures
in one second so you actually get a little video of it.but the
resolution automatically goes on 6 megapixels.Furthermore it is
possible to use a slow motion mode where the camera records a scene and
after that you can select sequence for a still image from the scene.
The feature is a little hard to explain but imagine that you must take
a picture of your friend and you want to capture just the right facial
expressions. Normally it must be incredibly lucky to catch the right
moment but here you can simply record a sequence and then select the
image which you looking for. It is one of best feature that have not
included in many compact cameras.

Almost all Casio cameras also feature Best Shot which has a number of
scene modes adapted to different motives. FC100 contains all 20
different scene modes, including fireworks, portrait, sunset, pets,
landscape, etc.. This allows to let the camera do the settings to suit
your subject so you can concentrate on image composition and image. The
results of selected AVI format that quickly make you out of space your
memory cards, and the length of a movie is limited to only 10 minutes.

The LCD screen you will find all possible information including: ISO
value, resolution, white balance, flash, etc.. That is all the
information you need. The screen has a comfortable size and even in
sunlight it is easy to use because it is quite bright and clear.You
will find single connection port on the right side of the Casio
EX-FC100 which provide you the AV cable connection and the USB cable
connection for the camera to connect it to a printer or computer.

Casio Exilim High Speed EX-FC100 takes incredibly good pictures,
whether you choose a preset scene mode, or run on the automatic program
selection. The degree of detail is high, the colors are strong and even
using the zoom function maintained a good degree of detail.High ISO
performance is very good.With a 5x optical zoom and a mechanical image
stabilizer, High Speed EXILIM EX-FC100 proven itself in every situation
of life and provides great photos but as one expects from a
point-and-shoot camera, once you get over ISO 400, the images become
noticeable noisy.

Video Quality
The video feature is one of the good things of Casio for strong in
marketing Casio Exilim High Speed EX-FC100 and this is one of strongest
point of the camera. There is scope for shooting in slow motion with up
to 1000FPS, which allows you to make some really funny and interesting
videos simple things like a dripping tap suddenly becomes exciting when
recorded with 210FPS. However note that there is no sound on the high
speed video.
Except the shaking problem video quality is very good, but when
shooting video at higher ISOs the camera has a tendency to goes

The camera can also record SD and HD video and sound and this is also
with an impressive quality considered to camera size and price.In short
the video function very impressive and rarely seen in a better camera
in this price category. Although the High Speed / Slow Motion part is
mainly for fun it allows to make some new recordings which we
previously had very expensive equipment in order to achieve.The sound
quality is not that good.

Specifications :

File Format:  

  • Still images:JPEG (Exif Version 2.2, DCF 1.0 standard, DPOF compliant)
  • Movies:AVI format, Motion JPEG, IMA-ADPCM
Storage    Built-in flash memory, SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card compatible
Number of Recorded Pixels  

  • Still images:9M (3456 x 2592), 3:2 (3456 x 2304), 16:9 (3456 x
    1944), 6M (2816 x 2112), 4M (2304 x 1728), 2M (1600 x 1200), VGA (640 x
  • STD Movies:640 x 480 (30 fps)
  • HD Movies:1280 x 720 (30 fps)
  • Hi-speed Movies(HS):1000 fps, 420 fps, 210 fps, 30-210 fps
Number of Effective Pixels  Approx. 9.1 megapixels (/million)
Image Sensor  

  • 1/2.3-inch high-speed CMOS
  • Total Pixels: 10.29 megapixels (/million)
Focal Length  

  • Construction:9 lenses in 7 groups, including aspherical lens
  • F-number:F3.6(W) – F4.5(T)
  • Focal Length:f= 6.42 – 32.1mm
  • Approx. 37 – 185mm equivalent to 35mm film
Zoom Ratio  

  • 5 x optical zoom, 4X (20X in combination with optical zoom)
  • HD Zoom Maximum 27x @VGA, both with optical and digital zoom)

  • Focus Type:Contrast Detection Auto Focus, with AF assist lamp
  • Focus Modes :Auto Focus, Macro Mode, Pan Focus, Infinity Mode, Manual Focus
  • AF Area: Spot, Free or Tracking
  • AF Assist Lamp:Yes
  • Focus Range:
    • Auto focus: Approx. 40cm to Infinity (W)
    • Macro:Approx. 3cm to 50cm (W)
    • Manual focus:Approx. 3cm to Infinity (W)
Shutter Speed  

  • Auto:1 to 1/1000 second (high-speed continuous shutter: up to 1/40000 second)
  • Night Scene:4 – 1/1000 second
Other Functions  

    • Image Stabilization:CMOS-shift image stabilization
    • Prerecord Still Images:Yes
    • Slow Motion View:Yes
    • Lag Correction:Yes
    • Best Shot: Yes:21 scenes
    • High Speed Anti-Shake:Yes
    • High Speed Night Scene:Yes
    • Multi-motion Image:Yes
    • Move Out Continuous:Yes
    • YouTube Capture:Yes
    • Move In Continuous:Yes
    • Face Detection:Yes
  • Flash: Built-in
  • Monitor: 2.7in TFT LCD, 230,000dot
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Power: Li-Ion battery
  • Size: 99.8×58.5×22.6mm
  • Weight: 146g (excl. battery and card)

It has been hard to hide the enthusiasm for Casio Exilim High Speed
EX-FC100 , it is a very nice pocket camera with an impressive super
fast features video which provides unprecedented opportunities.
Furthermore the operation is easy and straightforward, and therefore
also suitable for every user. The only complaint is the slightly slow
operating,in but you get so many cool features that I think they
clearly outweigh this one criticism.Casio Exilim High Speed EX-FC100
get best recommendations.With this price you will get both a compact
camera with 5x optical zoom and a video camera can create stunning


Super fast shooting
Slow motion video
HD video
Eye-fi compatibility


noise problem
slow operation


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