iPhone OS 3.0

All people know Apple is now with the third version of the
iPhone operating system. The iPhone OS
3.0 is characterized by a large number of new features for both end user and
the developer of applications.

will provide the software support, as alternative to background processes, known
as push notifications. Allows updates to an application received when the
application is currently not active. Also new is the long awaited opportunity to
text to cut, copy and paste, For HTML only supports copying.

The demand for search in more
applications Apple answered with a universal search ,which can search the entire
OS. This is the home screen which added an extra tab on the left side of the
home screen is. The function is named for the search functionality of Mac OS X
and is called "Spotlight." Spotlight can be found in more basic applications,
contacts, applications, music, notes, calendar and e-mails.

For end-users of iPhone OS 3.0 will all the basic applications in the so
called landscape views and also to use the SMS application which individually
improved forward and delete SMS messages possible. Also new is the ability to
send MMS messages to and through the new Voice Memos application, recording to
the built-in microphone.

For more
users of Google Calendar Apple adds support for the protocol to the Calendar
application again. Secondly, users in the new calendar application subscribe to
calendars via a file in the Ics format. There are many more features.

New features available to the OS 3.0 has got a long

New features in OS 3.0

  1. Cut / Paste
  2. Copy / Paste
  3. Shake undo / redo typing
  4. Selecting text for a massive simplified
  5. MMS
  6. Keyboard in landscape mode in Notes
  7. Keyboard in landscape mode in Mail
  8. Keyboard in landscape mode in Messaging
  9. Transfer text messages or images
  10. Remove individual text messages or images
  11. Progress bar sending inappropriate messages in the title
    bar in the application message (Allows you to write a new message while the
    first is being sent)
  12. USB tethering (use of the iPhone in USB modem mode)
  13. Bluetooth tethering (use of the iPhone in Bluetooth modem
  14. Bluetooth stereo (A2DP)
  15. Search with Spotlight (search by title for the
    application, mail, media, details of a contact and calendar entry)
  16. Search Notes
  17. Search the mails
  18. Search iPod
  19. In-App (allows publishers to offer add-ons within an
    application fee and introduce a subscription)
  20. Can configure the dual pressures of Home button to access
    the Spotlight search
  21. Can configure the dual pressures of Home button to access
    the camera
  22. Icon preview of the last shot in the bottom left corner
    of the Camera
  23. Change in iPod song by shaking the iPhone
  24. Scrolling screenshots in the AppStore
  25. Displaying the type of number in recent calls (mobile,
    home, work ...)
  26. Call History (date, status, communication time)
  27. Sharing any contact accessible from the contact sheet
  28. Safari support long to copy the URL
  29. Long press on a link in Safari to open a new page
  30. Automatic personal information, username and password in
  31. Youtube Account Login
  32. See the

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