iPhone OS 3.0

All people know Apple is now with the third version of the
iPhone operating system. The iPhone OS
3.0 is characterized by a large number of new features for both end user and
the developer of applications.

will provide the software support, as alternative to background processes, known
as push notifications. Allows updates to an application received when the
application is currently not active. Also new is the long awaited opportunity to
text to cut, copy and paste, For HTML only supports copying.

The demand for search in more
applications Apple answered with a universal search ,which can search the entire
OS. This is the home screen which added an extra tab on the left side of the
home screen is. The function is named for the search functionality of Mac OS X
and is called "Spotlight." Spotlight can be found in more basic applications,
contacts, applications, music, notes, calendar and e-mails.

For end-users of iPhone OS 3.0 will all the basic applications in the so
called landscape views and also to use the SMS application which individually
improved forward and delete SMS messages possible. Also new is the ability to
send MMS messages to and through the new Voice Memos application, recording to
the built-in microphone.

For more
users of Google Calendar Apple adds support for the protocol to the Calendar
application again. Secondly, users in the new calendar application subscribe to
calendars via a file in the Ics format. There are many more features.

New features available to the OS 3.0 has got a long

New features in OS 3.0

  1. Cut / Paste
  2. Copy / Paste
  3. Shake undo / redo typing
  4. Selecting text for a massive simplified
  5. MMS
  6. Keyboard in landscape mode in Notes
  7. Keyboard in landscape mode in Mail
  8. Keyboard in landscape mode in Messaging
  9. Transfer text messages or images
  10. Remove individual text messages or images
  11. Progress bar sending inappropriate messages in the title
    bar in the application message (Allows you to write a new message while the
    first is being sent)
  12. USB tethering (use of the iPhone in USB modem mode)
  13. Bluetooth tethering (use of the iPhone in Bluetooth modem
  14. Bluetooth stereo (A2DP)
  15. Search with Spotlight (search by title for the
    application, mail, media, details of a contact and calendar entry)
  16. Search Notes
  17. Search the mails
  18. Search iPod
  19. In-App (allows publishers to offer add-ons within an
    application fee and introduce a subscription)
  20. Can configure the dual pressures of Home button to access
    the Spotlight search
  21. Can configure the dual pressures of Home button to access
    the camera
  22. Icon preview of the last shot in the bottom left corner
    of the Camera
  23. Change in iPod song by shaking the iPhone
  24. Scrolling screenshots in the AppStore
  25. Displaying the type of number in recent calls (mobile,
    home, work …)
  26. Call History (date, status, communication time)
  27. Sharing any contact accessible from the contact sheet
  28. Safari support long to copy the URL
  29. Long press on a link in Safari to open a new page
  30. Automatic personal information, username and password in
  31. Youtube Account Login
  32. See the comments in Youtube
  33. Subscribe to Youtube
  34. Vote for video in Youtube
  35. Forwarding a text message failed when sending (indicated
    by a red exclamation point after the text)
  36. GPS functionality Turn-by-turn
  37. Implementation Plan can be implemented in other
  38. Access to dock accessories communication
  39. P2P connectivity via Bluetooth
  40. New application Dictaphone
  41. Extended parental control
  42. Anti-phishing in Safari
  43. Automatic Connection to Wi-Fi
  44. Synchronize notes with iTunes
  45. Improved iPhone applications
  46. New type of schedule (CalDAV)
  47. Prompt to confirm deletion of a note
  48. Prompt to confirm deletion of a photo
  49. Select multiple photos for email
  50. Option "Find my iPhone (find my iPhone) for users of
  51. Removing the size limit for downloading podcast by 3G
  52. Pressure on the Home button to access Spotlight (being on
    the first panel)
  53. Pressure on the Home button to access the first panel
    (being on the panel Spotlight)
  54. Playback speed adjustable audio books
  55. Subscription AppStore
  56. Push notification (to notify the user of an activity in
    an application to run in the background)
  57. Tag (keyword) for videos and music
  58. New possibility of video streaming (HTML 5 video, H.264
    and HTTP)
  59. Subscribing to Calendars
  60. Login iTunes
  61. Creating an iTunes account
  62. Encrypted Profile
  63. LDAP (directory service)
  64. VPN on demand
  65. EAP SIM (universal identification mechanism EAP)
  66. Proxy Support
  67. Profiles OTA (Over The Air)
  68. Revocation of certificates
  69. Exchange ActiveSync Policies
  70. Buffer for Media
  71. More languages
  72. Enhanced Keyboard
  73. The installation updates an application that displays an
    unsuccessful second icon with "standby"
  74. When selecting multiple emails for the transfer or
    removal, the blue dot indicating "not read" is no longer replaced by the red
  75. The list of telephone calls displays the city and state
    of origin in "recent" and "Voicemail"
  76. Changing the ringtone directly from the favorite numbers
  77. Display smallest lap above the time clock
  78. Icon "Phone", "Messages" and "iPod" gloss
  79. Scanning the finger in the Notes application to quickly
    remove a note
  80. Options for advanced Bluetooth hands-free kits
  81. Closing a single web page in Safari in the immediate
    opening of a new blank page
  82. Dictionary improved
  83. Viewing a blue circle to center location in the Map (V1
  84. Listening to music while charging the battery now shows
    the cover of the album
  85. Font size smaller for the title of the song is when the
    screen lock
  86. Option in the settings of the iPhone to select number
  87. Option to turn off the reminder for new messages
  88. Option to disable preview a new message
  89. Option to see the "object" of a message
  90. Integrating music in iPod applications
  91. Clickable email link in the description of the article on
  92. Javascript 3x faster
  93. It is now possible to have 11 billboards
  94. Reboot
  95. Definition of zones and the areas for research in the
  96. The complete internal application was added in
    "Setting> General> Information»
  97. Option "load images" included in the email settings
  98. Option "Global Address Book" if Exchange is installed
  99. Speed control for audio books
  100. Option "Repeat 30 seconds for audio books
  101. Improving the speed setting for the buffer progress bar
    on the iPod
  102. When sending a text message, the scope of writing smooth
    fades from white to green
  103. When moving an application on the host panel, holding the
    icon to the left or right moves slowly through a panel at a time without leaving
    the spot empty.
  104. The title of the album in court listening appears when
    the screen is locked
  105. While listening to a piece with the screen lock, the
    shaking of the iPhone makes a change of piece
  106. Podcasts saved on the iPhone will now show the playing
    time, remaining time and date of publication
  107. When playing a song in iPod, if it is connected, the
    screen changes from gray to normal
  108. WAVE format support in Mail
  109. In mail, attachments are not automatically loaded, the
    user must clik attachment
  110. When using an iPod with bluetooth headset, the volume bar
    is replaced by the name of the headset
  111. During a hard reset (hold the off and home button for 10
    seconds) the iPhone does not restart but shuts off.
  112. It is no longer necessary to put a space between two
    words to the dictionary that makes the difference.

    So you can see lots of feature i want to discuss some new
    feature that looks great on os 3.0.

New Applications:

Let’s start with Spotlight. Spotlight is a technique which
has been in Tiger Mac OS X operating system and now in the iPhone OS3.0.
Spotlight is a service that searches your entire system. So your calendar,
address book, e-mail, iTunes, basically everything.
Spotlight on the iPhone works very smoothly. Once you start
typing your query, the results already appear. You do not have to wait for
something to find. Spotlight is a separate screen that you can reach easily from
your home screen. All you have to do is navigate to the left.

List of exactly what it

Applications: each application’s name

Calendar: event titles, locations, and invitees
Contacts: each contact’s first, last, and company names
iPod: the names of songs, artists, and albums for music
tracks, as well as the titles of audiobooks, podcasts, and videos
Mail: the To, From, and Subject fields of all local messages
(including Sent mail); message bodies are not searched
Notes: the text of each note.

Spotlight is now integrated into all applications from
Apple. In addition to the separate Spotlight window you can also search in
applications such as Mail, Contacts, Notes, and your iPod.


Another new application is Voice Memos. This allows you, as the
name suggests, audio recordings. These may be short messages or ideas, but also
complete stories or a meeting. You can use the audio recording on your iPhone
also edit. For example, if you’ve included too much you can cut it and then

The Voice Memo application
The audio recordings are
stored within the application itself. Sync with your Mac or PC via iTunes. In
iTunes they are in the sidebar in a new playlist called Voice Memos. Here Apple
had better have a separate category for them. Now the audio files in just the
rest of your music.

Landscape Keyboard
A much requested feature is the landscape
keyboard. This was already used in Safari but there was not yet available. Apple
has now stopped all major basic applications. Now you can include it to use in
Messaging, Contacts, Mail, Safari, Notes, and your iPod. There are also a few
applications where it is not to use. The only ones here are the App Store and
iTunes Store.

My experience with the landscape keyboard is very
good. Especially with longer messages, it is fine to use. While I have to say
that in the beginning to get used to. This is because the keys have a larger
sitting area.

Cut, copy and paste
In iPhone OS 3.0 is it possible to edit text,
images and web with cut, copy and paste. This also works between different
applications. You can thus use text of the web and copy it into an email or SMS
and paste it.

Have you made a mistake when pasting? This is very easy to
undo, you can just have your iPhone / iPod touch to shake and you get a screen
asking you if you cut / paste wish to undo. This also works with photos. You can
very easily create a photo gallery from your e-mail with copy and paste.

App Store
Within the App Store there are a few things changed to
make better use. One of the biggest changes here is the display view
(screenshot) section. This locks itself when you scroll over it. This ensures
that you easily can see page.

Also new is the rating system. This
ensures that parents limit their children to certain applications. The reason
why the applications having a certain rating is neatly displayed. There is also
specify whether it is a tested application with iPhone OS 3.0.

If you are in the phone application, when you called you can
see that there are now behind the name indicates whether the mobile home or work
number is called.

You can now also click on the blue button to get
recent call details like call time so called call-log.

In contacts have now the possibility to contact someone to
share via MMS or e-mail. This is done through a vcf file.

It is now possible to the last tab to close. If you do this an
empty tab is created. This is very useful to accelerate the opening Safari.You
can press a link to choose whether you want to open a new tab to open the url .

The stopwatch is now to how long the current round lasts.
This was in the previous version is not the case.


You can send in an MMS are choosing to take a picture or choose an
existing photo. You can also contact sites or via MMS.It is also possible to
delete certain messages.

Now iphone can able to
provide you information of your asseverate stock.Here it is now possible to a
large graphic display.

The biggest change in the iPod
application is the search of video and audio files.The speed with which you do
that is determined by the position of your finger on the screen.

nice feature Shake to Shuffle. This lets you shake your iPhone to take you on
any new track

When iPhone does receiving a message, it always shows a
small piece of the message on the screen. If the message does not read the
iPhone shows after a few minutes a notification to let you know that the message
has not read it.


In OS X is quite long as
possible to the web forms automatically fill in to your address book and
settings. This is now possible on your iPhone.


If your kids have access to an iPod touch or iPhone , you might don’t
want to listen to some music by them also may be some movies or some
applications / services. This is all very easy to configure and restrict access.

Find My iPhone
Find My iPhone
is a new service for MobileMe users.A new feature in the iPhone 3.0 firmware
appears to let users remotely search a lost or stolen phone by securely
requesting the device’s location via Apple’s MobileMe service. With this service
your iPhone via the MobileMe Web site can find. So if you lost your iPhone you
can now easily find!http://forums.techarena.in/reviews/11959

MobileMe supports setting up secure IPSec tunnels
between remote clients over the Internet, acting as a catalyst by tracking the
locations of MobileMe-registered systems and securely publishing their location
to other MobileMe-registered devices using Wide Area Bonjour.

The beauty
of this service is that your iPhone can set a message. You can edit a message to
send on the screen and find the person who have your phone and report that your
phone is lost.This message is then sent to your iPhone which means that it
arrives within seconds. If you send a message you can also choose a sound to be
heard. This sound is also on your iPhone and does not stand still when press ok.
you will get an e-mail with a confirmation that your message is actually read.

Apple has this update with a lot of new features and
improvements introduced. Some functions have already waited a while, others were
unexpected. This update will certainly make the iPhone an even greater success,
than it already has. I must say that I really like iPhone OS 3.0 and my
experience with the iPhone is great and improved since installing the update.
The iPhone feels a lot faster and the new features work as you expect them to
work, making its use very easy to get used to. This update is in my view a must
have for all iPhone and iPod touch users

This update is
free for all iPhone users.but iPod touch users will have to pay 9 euros.

Plus Points

  • Built by search all phone works
  • Landscape keyboard in all major applications
  • Reacts faster than the previous iPhone OS
  • MMS support
  • Improved camera stabilization
  • Cut, copy & paste
  • Your iPhone detection to Find My iPhone
  • Push Notification


  • Voice Memos are syncing a playlist put. Here Apple had better to have a
    separate category for them.

Remote Wipe
With MobileMe Find My iPhone is also possible
for your phone to get away completely empty.It wiping the device clean or
sending a text message that its finder can read. If your iPhone is stolen for
example, you can empty out so that all your personal data removed and the iPhone
will get back to the factory settings.


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