Dell XPS M170

Dell XPS M170, the next generation of the Inspiron XPS Gen 2, is an
ultimate true gaming laptop dominating the gaming laptop category. If
you have any movies and games that you wish to view, the Dell XPS M170
will do the job and do it with aplomb. The XPS M170 takes advantage of
Intel’s Pentium M high performance and energy efficient processors to
offer the best combination of processing power, weight and battery
endurance. Dell XPS M170 includes a GeForce Go 7800 GTX, a Pentium M
2.26 GHz and 2048 MB of DDR2. The 17" Wide Screen UXGA with TrueLifeTM
provides a vivid, high resolution viewing experience whether you are
surfing, watching a DVD or dominating your gaming opponents. Created
for the power user who demands uncompromising performance, the XPS M170
brings laptop computing to a whole new level. The Dell XPS M1710 design
is, in a word, brazen. In daylight the striking red or metallic black
lid will catch the eyes of just about anyone nearby. In the dark, if
you stand far enough away this thing looks more like a UFO as the
lights glow in a somewhat yet cool manner.

Specification of Dell XPS M170 Notebook

1. Processors

  • Standard :
    Intel Pentium M Processor 760 (2.00GHz, 2MB Cache, 533MHz FSB)
  • Optional :
    Intel Pentium M Processor 770 (2.13GHz, 2MB Cache, 533MHz FSB)
    Intel Pentium M Processor 780 (2.26GHz, 2MB Cache, 533MHz FSB)

2. Operating Systems

  • Genuine Windows XP Home Edition
  • Genuine Windows XP Professional

3. Office Suites & Productivity

  • Standard :
  • Optional :
    Microsoft Works Suite
    WordPerfect Office 12
    Microsoft Office 2003 Basic Edition
    Microsoft Office 2003 Small Business Edition
    Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Edition

4. Memory

  • 1 GB of 533MHz DDR2 Dual Channel SDRAM standard, upgradable to 2 GB maximum
  • 2 SoDIMM sockets, both are user-accessible

 5. Battery :

  • 9 cell (80WHr) "smart" lithium ion

6. Input voltage :

  • 90 to 265 VAC 

7. Input current (maximum) :

  • 2.5A at 90 VAC, full load 

8. Output current :

  • 6.7A 

9. Output power :

  • 130W standard 

10. Dimensions (H x W x D) :

  • 1.47 inch (38mm) x 2.6 inch (65mm) x 6.7 inch (170mm) 

11. Weight (with cables) :

  • 0.9 lbs. (950 g) 

External Presentation of Dell XPS M170

The size of the screen there is obviously no stranger but the state has
more on dealing with a transportable rather than a true portable. The
weight is also a result since the blithely exceed 4 kilos. Despite its
size, Dell has not seen fit to include a numeric keypad next to the
keyboard when there is ample room for the latter. In short, it is
cumbersome but a PC somewhere how could it be otherwise with such a
screen. The back of the screen displays an insert in the form of large
X with mirror effect.

In front of the M170, it was entitled to 7 multimedia buttons to
control volume and playback of audio / video files. On both sides of
these buttons are the speakers better bill than other laptops already
passed into our hands. The sound is restored but it is a quality
"portable". Plugging in a true kit speaker or headphones, it is
entitled to a quality equivalent to what you can find motherboards with
integrated audio codec. On the right side are the PCMCIA card slot, the
mini-Firewire port, headphone output, microphone input and the card
reader SD memory. Pity that only the format is recognized, support for
Memory Stick would have been a big plus. At the rear right on a TV
output, the port RJ45, the RJ11, 4 USB 2.0 ports, a DVI output, VGA
output and the power connector. Note also the two large air vents
behind which we see huge copper radiators. The left side offers two USB
ports and the additional DVD. Finish with the underside of the laptop
where we find the mini-subwoofer. Regrettably here to have four USB
ports on the back as we would have preferred to have two rear and two
on the right side. Indeed, those present are left too close to the DVD
burner and USB cables will hinder quick insertion and removal of
optical discs.

A keyboard and a touchpad classic

Finish with a keyboard that is classic in classic. As already mentioned
we have seen a keypad take a seat next to this keyboard given the
available space. The touchpad on its side is also classic and has
proved very accurate, although as always a USB mouse is less tiring
than the prolonged use of a touchpad. The latter comes from Alps
Electric and comes with a fairly comprehensive pilot to somewhat
customize the use of the touchpad. For example, we can define a
function if you click on both buttons simultaneously. You can still
assign a function when touching one corner of the touchpad. However we
have already experienced pilots, more comprehensive in Asus, Alienware

Internal Presentation of Dell XPS M170

This part will be very fast, since the chassis of the M170 provides
access to very little. By unscrewing the central cache, it has access
to two DDR2 slots, which we confirm that the two bars are of different
origin. The dismantling of the second cache does not provide access to
the processor as we thought but can see the chip Intel Wi-Fi and modem.
It is not possible to access the processor and even less to the
graphics card. The only way is to disassemble the whole shell, which
remains a delicate operation to achieve. Indeed, if the disassembly is
easy, reassembly is a different story. Since this laptop has been
loaned by a player, needless to say we did not want to try this
experiment … All we can say about the processor and the graphics card
is what we saw through the air vents. It turned out the 40 mm fan cools
the processor and a 60 mm loading to maintain the GeForce Go 7800 GTX

By unscrewing two screws, you can unlock the hard disk on the side of
the M170. The Hitachi 100 GB is screwed in a metal cradle which makes
the drive very easily removable. A good point of that side. It is also
possible to remove the battery, which is clearly normal. It should be
noted that about him very often at Dell, it has a charge indicator
LEDs. Simply press a button to see the battery level by the number of
LED lights. If necessary, point out that it is possible to remove the
drive after you unscrew a screw.

Conclusion for Dell XPS M170

For the rest the M170 is a laptop to the manufacturing quality
impeccable but suffers from inherent defects in its configuration. Its
large screen makes it very big, heavy and ultimately little laptop. Add
to this keyboard too close to the screen making it uncomfortable to use
the long or the noise that is important, the fans were never
extinguished, leaving the impression that a DVD is running continuously
in the optical drive . Some details related to ergonomics end table to
complete the negative points, including the position of USB ports. The
fact remains that technological prowess is interesting and will delight
fans fortunate LAN Party having tired of carrying their heavy desktop
configuration to indulge their passion for video games .  


  • Fast Desktop Performance Hard Drive
  • Very Strong 3D Graphics
  • Lots of USB Ports


  • Very Expensive
  • Display Resolution Makes it Difficult to Read Standard Text
  • Limited Software Bundle



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