X-Men Origins: Wolverine PS3 Game


X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a action
and adventure game which is based on the X Men Movie. The game is realeased on
May 1, 2009 alongth with the move. It is designed to work in PlayStation3, Xbox
360, Windows, Wii, and PSP. It opens up with a long skydiving scene. Here you
can move out anywhere and at last you will land in the jungle between the enemy
soldier. As as hero your are the famous X Men character Wolverine which is
originally played by Hugh Jackman in the movie. Fight show your skills and
enjoy the adventure. The game is mostly based on the movie so watching it will
be a addon benefit. 



The Walthrough :

You begin the adventure during a
free fall following the destruction of your helicopter. Wolverine move left and
right to avoid enemy missiles. After landing, start by eliminating your
opponents first. The enemies are not very difficult to beat and you can engage
in combat with them. Familiarize yourself also with the basic commands and
learn to attack and elude project. Wolverine regenerates his health and gauge
fills when it is idle. Avoid, however, to collect several successive shots at
the risk of not allowing Logan to recover in time to die. Remove half of the
men until the grand opening of the portal. Go then and disable other soldiers.
Then go to the little waterfall and go behind it to find a soldier with the
first identification plate to recover. Learn then to execute the attack slot
and apply it to the enemy that is on the other side.

Use Split to jump from the top of the cliff and eliminate your enemies. Once
cleaned the area, switch to Sens Indians to find your way. Execute a double
jump to reach the rim. Jump onto the ledge below and raise you up. Mount with
the rope and jump to the cliff. Climb to the top and go up the appearance of a
helicopter. Use Split to jump on the device. Break the glass to catch the
driver and finish. Once back on land, walk in the door to face the champion of
the knife. This is a boss who is on fire and uses two machetes. Keep distance
to avoid taking fire and use your powerful blow against your enemy. When he is
away from you, use Split to reach it. Hit hard to not let your enemy time to
respond. After the death of the boss, several other enemies disembark. Use
Split to move from one to another to neutralize all. Before exiting, go near
the torch, which is located in a small entrance on the right, and get the
plates identifying the dead soldier.



Follow the path to the exit and go
up the climb. Go over the bridge and eliminate the enemies first. Then use Split
to jump over the destroyed bridge and simultaneously eliminate your enemies.
When they cut the ropes of the bridge. Mount by removing or throwing your
enemies and go up the rope suspended. Use the rope as a rope bridge and
eliminate the enemy first. Go left and climb the slope. Clear the enemies
guarding the area and use Split to avoid shooting soldiers. Go to the corpse
near the crates and barrels and take his plate. Go to the car and push it to
knock the portal.

Once inside, you get a new skill. Rabies lets you launch Furies against
multiple enemies. Collect the orbs left by dead enemies and destroyed objects
to fill the gauge Rage. Start by jumping on the enemies that are in the cliff
then go to those in the courtyard. When the champion landed a machete, go in
the water to avoid taking fire continued to attack your enemy and use your new
circular scratch. Avoid the shock wave generated due to landing on your enemy
and plate champion ground finish faster. Go through the portal below. Kill two
enemies and use the Wild Meaning to find the wall to climb. Skip to the next
zone and do the household always starting with the soldiers that are on
platforms. Clean the yard and destroy the wooden door. Forward and go left to
find a corpse and its identification plate.

Then return to the court and up the slopes and then jump on the other side of
the portal closed. Eliminate the enemy guarding the area and go up to the same
portal. Take nameplates and resume your route. Climb the stairs and destroy the
wooden planks blocking the door. Go to the bottom and take the figure of
Wolverine. Exit and follow the path to a new door blocked. Clear the path and
go. Jump against the wall and attach to the rim. Go left and raise you behind
the enemy. Then quickly press the button indicated to push the wall on your


The base Story of Game :

After the train, walk out the door and go to another court. Turn the wheel to
open the door. Then use the slots to exit before it closes. Eliminate the
enemies that are in the area and use the Wild Sense to locate the rope to the
left. Climb the rope and jump on the platform. Jump on the next rope and then
on another platform. Forward and down the slopes. Clear the enemies and go
right at the foot of the portal to take another plate. Forward and then climb
the rope. Hop on the balcony and eliminate the two soldiers. Then use the slots
against the enemies in order to continue following your path. Remove the
champion who is in the next zone and continue your journey. Before heading down
to the enemies that are at the bottom, go left to get the nameplates of the
soldier dead. Then jump to the enemy and eliminate them. Cross the bridge to
the crank. Take it and turn back. Eliminate the enemies that block your path
then put the crank on its pedestal. Turn it to open the door and exit before it

You encounter another boss in the name of Leviathan. Stay away from your enemy
and avoid his attacks by dodging the load time. Then jump on his back with the
attack slot and hit it. Jump from his back when he lifted his hand and before
he uses it to hit you. Then jump off to avoid the clean sweep with his hand.
Repeat this action several times to gauge his empty life by half. At this
point, it will add to his arsenal of attacks from stone. Jump to avoid the
stones and resuming your work. Finally press the button indicated to behead the
monster. Start by removing the two enemies who rappliquent. Push the statue to
the right to reveal a small passage. Enter and take the plate. Exit and go to
the opposite wall (from which came the enemies). Pull the statue this time and
skip it. Climb the wall and then down the balcony to the right. Use Split to
reach and eliminate the enemy. Then use the rope as a rope bridge to reach a
new zone.

Project champion in water to eliminate it and go on the platform. Use Split to
jump on the enemy in the boat. Eliminate the remaining troops and jump from one
vessel to another using slot attacks. Take control of the turret and start your
duck pursuers.

After the cinematic, you must fight your brother. Parez his shots and try to
project it on the tables and the counter. Chain strikes while parant his. Do
not move fast and blows away from him in time. Project Creed off slot and use
him jump on it. The bailing-Chain and ground strikes. When the fight continues
outside, Creed plan on the electrical generator or on iron bars. You can also
project against the posts and pillars. Remember to parry and dodge when Creed
broke on you. Keep your tactics and watch your health gauge until the defeat of
your brother. After the cinematic, eliminate the enemies that surround you.
Then near the drawer of the morgue where the dead soldier and take the plate.
Climb the stairs and then go in the hallway while crushing enemies along the
way. Force the door by pressing the button indicated and enter. Eliminate the
guards inside the door and go next. Beat the elite commandos who are more
resilient than ordinary soldiers. Against their attacks and Chain blows to
remove them. Then kill the guards who come by and take the lift on it. Press
the button to rise and exit through the door. Go and enter the lab to the left.
Go to the bottom and take the nameplates that are on the corpse.Exit and
continue your way by removing the guard patrolling. Force the door and enter
the large lab. 


Controls :

  1. A for
  2. B to
    grab an enemy
  3. X to
  4. Y for
    strong attack
  5. LB to
    lunge at a target you have locked on with RB.
  6. LB to
  7. LT to
  8. RB to
    target; Right analog to change targets.
  9. RT to
    ready a fury attack.



Once you grab the enemy then press
the X to punch him and Y to perform a Quick Kill. When you press again Y then
Wolverine will pull back the claws and then hit back again. The combo button of
X and Y give more power. XXY will attach the enemies and pop them in the air.
XY will kill the enemy with ease. This is not so useful but quiet enjoyable.
Max X is used to perform a jump. For a hard hit to the enemy press Y. The more
you hold Y the harder Wolverine hits. Press a quick Y when the enemy is down to
get a powerful assassination. As you keep on killing enemies you will earn more
upgrade points. The most awesome attack of Wolverine is by Claw. The first one
is Claw Spin. This kills weaker enemies and very useful. Then comes Berserker
Mode. Here Wolverine attack with a great speed and power. This actually really
difficult to use to kill enemies but very effective. The third one is Claw
Drill. In this Wolverine flies in the air and move like a missile towards the
enemy. This one cause great damage. It is highly damageable to the enemy if it
is used along with Berserker Mode. The last one is Claw Tornado. It is a best
anti crowd’s weapon which is used when there are more enemies near you. The
only bad part here is that it very difficult to get a aim. 



Enter the world of adventure and unleash
the razor sharp claws and mutant powers. Wolverine is world’s most fiercest
Super Hero which can use unlimited weapons against its enemy. The Raven Team
has created a true to character interface which gives awesome quality. Just
battle 30,000 feet in the air without parachute and hanging to a helicopter.
The powerful claws allows you to slice, stab anything comes in your way with
long range attack. The unique quality of Wolverine of regenerating from wounds
and serious injuries offers you an real time and nonstop combat abilities.
Gamers can just take on impossible task, revenge and get the most satisfying experience



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