Airtel DTH (Digital TV )

Airtel DTH or Airtel Digital TV is launched few months ago. Inspite of
launching DTH service too late as compared to other already existing Digital TV services
like Dish TV, TATA Sky, and Big TV as well as Sun Direct, Airtel having
huge scope in this market with DTH.


I purchased the following value pack:

  • Rs. 1750 Value Pack @Rs.99 / month

Airtel DTH also offers many packages like:

  • Rs 1850 (Includes value pack) @ Rs. 115 / month
  • Rs 2050 (Economy pack) @ Rs. 185 / month
  • Rs 2200(Mega pack) @ Rs. 275 / month …..Etc.

Installing Airtel DTH:

Airtel DTH provides really good installation service. They use really
fine drilling tool and metal anchors for using filling up hole for
future relocation, special clipping of wire . They installs dish
accurately by using magnetic base. The installation procedure takes one
and half hours . Airtel Digital TV is provides 20 meters of wire for
free but for more than that you have to pay them. The full installation
completed within 12 hours after purchasing. The recharge of
installation kit coupon gets activated after 24 hours of installation
by calling Airtel DTH help line.

Airtel DTH Performance:

The Airtel digital TV DTH service uses the latest MPEG4 standard with DVB S2 technology for high defintion picture and audio quality. Airtel digital TV uses a larger dish antenna that claims to offer better performance during rain. The Airtel digital TV DTH service, offers a universal remote for Set Top Box and TV highest Set Top Box memory, interactive applications, such as iMatinee (Book cinema tickets), iTravel (Browse and book travel packages), iShop (Shop on TV for your favorite brands), iCity (Get your city’s information) and Widgets (Update yourself on latest stock news), 8 screen iNews, and 2 / 4 screen iSports.

Digital TV DTH service also comes with games that is updated every six
weeks, audio gain control for uniform audio levels across all channels,
intuitive search, the screen counter account, last viewed channel in
case power interruption / off and low battery indicator on the screen.

Customer Service: Help line number is 1800 102 8080 , The call center number can only be accessed by Airtel phones (as far as my place is concerned). 

Airtel DTH channels list


  • WorldSpace Radio Urdu,
  • WorldSpace Radio Wellness,
  • WorldSpace Radio Hindi Film,
  • WorldSpace Radio Indian Classical,
  • WorldSpace Radio Pop,
  • WorldSpace Radio Rock,
  • WorldSpace Radio Telugu,
  • WorldSpace Radio Carnatic Music,
  • WorldSpace Radio Bengali,
  • WorldSpace Radio Gujarati


  • Animax
  • Cartoon Network
  • Disney Channel
  • Hungama TV
  • Nickelodeon
  • Pogo
  • Toon Disney


  • Star One
  • Star Plus
  • Star Utsav
  • Star World
  • NDTV Imagine
  • Sab TV
  • Sahara One
  • Set Max
  • Sony TV
  • Colors
  • 9x
  • Zee Cafe
  • Raj TV
  • ETV
  • AXN
  • DD Bharati
  • DD 1


  • Animal Planet
  • Discovery Channel
  • History Channel
  • National Geographic Channel


  • DD Sports
  • ESPN
  • Neo Sports
  • Neo Cricket
  • Star Cricket
  • Star Sports
  • Ten Sports
  • Zee Sports

Lifestyle and Music

  • Fashion TV
  • Disl
    ery Tra ChannelLiving
  • NDTV Good Times
  • B4U Music
  • 9nel
  • MTV
  • DDanH1
  • Zoom
  • VH1
  • Zee Trendz
  • Sun Music

Religious Channels

  • Aastha
  • God TV
  • Sanskar


  • UTV Hindi Movies
  • World Movies
  • Zee Studio
  • HBO
  • NDTV
  • Zee Studio
  • Filmy
  • Star Movies
  • Zee Talkies
  • MG

News Channels

  • BBC World News
  • CNN
  • India TV
  • NDTV Indans
  • NDTV 24×7
  • NDTV P
  • News24
  • DD 
  • Aaj Tak
  • Times Now
  • Manorama News
  • Headlines Today
  • IBN 7
  • S
    C News
  • CNBC TV18
  • wned N Awaaz
  • SUN News
  • UTV BuV
    eDTV Ins

Regional Channels

  • Asianet
  • DD Lok Sabha
  • DD Rajya Sabha
  • DD GyanDarshan
  • DD Urdu
  • ETV Oriya
  • ETV Bihar
  • ETV Rajasthan
  • ETV Gujarati
  • ETV Bangla
  • ETV Kannada
  • ETV 2
  • ETV Marathi
  • ETV Urdu
  • Jaya Plus
  • Jaya TV
  • Akash Bangla
  • Maa TV
  • MH1
  • Star Majha
  • Star Ananda
  • Star Vijaya
  • Star Jolsha
  • Zee Gujarati
  • Zee Marathi
  • Zee Punjabi
  • NE TV
  • OTV
  • Kalaingar TV
  • Isaiaruvi
  • Kiran TV
  • Surya TV
  • Chutti TV
  • DD Kashir
  • Asianet Plus
  • PTC Punjabi
  • TV9 Telugu
  • Sun TV
  • Gemini TV
  • KTV
  • Udaya TV
  • Udaya Movies
  • Teja TV
  • TV9 Kannada
  • Zee Kannada
  • ZEE Telugu
  • 24 Ghanta
  • Kairali TV

Interactive Channels

  • iShop
  • iAstro
  • iTravel
  • iMatinee
  • iLearn
  • iCity
  • iNet
  • Games
  • iNews
  • iSports

IMPORTANT : The below channels are not broadcast by Airtel DTH digital tv service :

  • RealityV
  • Zee Cinema
  • Zone Reality TV
  • UTV Bindass 

Top Ups

  • Hindi P pm
    Hindi lus 2els @ Rs 45nnel
  • South Plus 27 South us nnels @ Rs. 75 pm
  • Kids Plus Plus 4nelsnnels @20 pm
  • Cine Plus 4 channels @ Rs. 35 pm
  • Lifestyle Plus 3 channels @ Rs. 20 pm
  • Music Plus 4 channels @ Rs. 25 pm New
  • Colors @ Rs. 20 pm New
  • English News Plus 5 channels @ Rs. 35 pm
  • Hindi News Plus 3 channels @ Rs. 15 pm
  • ESPN Plus 3 channels @ Rs. 45 pm
  • Neo Plus 2 channels @ Rs. 30 pm
  • Mega Sports Plus 7 channels @ Rs. 90 pm
  • IPL @ Rs. 20 pm New
  • Ten Sports @ Rs. 15 pm
  • Zee Sports @ Rs. 15 pm
  • Zee Plus 2 channels @ Rs. 25 pm
  • Tamil Top up 5 channels @ Rs. 20 pm
  • Telugu Top up 4 channels @ Rs. 20 pm
  • Kannada Top up 4 channels @ Rs. 25 pm
  • Malyalam Top up 7 channels @ Rs. 30 pm + Tax
  • Zee Marathi @ Rs. 10 pm
  • Zee Talkies @ Rs. 10 pm
  • Zee Punjabi @ Rs. 10 pm
  • Zee Bengali @ Rs. 10 pm
  • Etc Punjabi @ Rs. 10 pm
  • Fully Punjabi @ Rs. 15 pm
  • Kasthuri @ Rs. 10 pm
  • Star Cricket @ Rs. 20 pm
  • Worldspace Radio 10 Radio channels @ Rs. 10 pm + Tax
  • Discovery 2 channels @ Rs. 20 pm + Tax

Overall I’m satisfied with it, Its picture quality is really good like we gets on DVD movie. Airtel DTH having really user friendly interface. One really cool thing is its remote. Its remote can learn the commands of your TV’s remote. So you can use the Airtel DTH remote as your TV remote also. I got the User manual with this, also downloaded online, I must say really helpful manual , but the customer service is bad. One best feature is we can channels according to our mood, like if we want to see the comedy programs currently broadcasting, so you can get the list of channels which currently broadcasting comedy programs or movies. You gets 6 nice games with this, no all nice , some are really bore, but the good things is games are for free. And there are 10 world space radio station in Digital TV.


  1. I’m also using the AItrel DTH, and ya the image quality is good but their customer service is worst, they don’t ever replies to any emails and in rain the network goes zero.

  2. Yes its good, i switch to airtel dth from cable tv and found it much better. Cool games that comes with it i like the most. Top up features is really interesting, i usually adds the channels by top up only if i needs them.

  3. Hi all, don’t BUY This is me Vibhor Goyel from Noida (airtel dth customer i.d no.- 3001640031). i was living in UK from quite a long time and came back now to India for good about a few weeks back. I immediately bought the airtel dth service as i already had used their mobile and broadband services previously and was pretty much satisfied that time. I took north mega pack for 4350/- on 8/10/09 and asked the sales advisor to suggest me the procedure to take another connection on my second tv. He said me to deposit 1750/- as activation charges and then to buy some recharge value for 160/- monthly flat rate price for the second tv (multi tv). I did the same and bought a recharge value of about 1000/-. I have done all these transactions online. Well the technicians came after two days and installed the stb+ dish on both of my tv’s. The dth service started working immediately. But soon i realized that a few channels were not coming on my second tv, which were supposed to come under the north mega pack. I checked my airtel account and found that they have given me the wrong tv package (economy pack) on second tv. I called to customer services and they assured me that this issue will be resolved within the next 24 hours. Nothing was done even after waiting for about 48 hours, and my agony started from that very moment. Call after call i have made since that time till today, speaking to really pathetic english speaking customer advisors. Not one or two but about seven in a row all struggling in understanding OR to made me understand what they wanna say. Explaining my case again and again from scratch to each and every one, whosoever coming on the other side. Like they don’t believe at all to maintain some kind of customer notes on their system (which is a standard practice within all call centers all over world) so as to avoid any kind of customer harassment, if he/ she calls for the same issue any time in future. In the mean time while using their services i found some really serious probs, like – the stb (set top box) is so slow that it takes about 4-5 seconds every time to switch to the next channel, and on some channels even more…… so much irritating. – most of the times, a number of channels keeps on getting off and on. Message comes on screen ‘you are not subscribed to this channel’ . And after few hours or a day these channels starts coming automatically. – A few channels like sahara one freezes in between for about 7-8 seconds every few minutes. – The stb hangs quite frequently if i try to play any channel (which is suppose to come) but somehow if at that time its not coming. All the remote keys stop working at that moment. Even you can’t switch off the stb from your remote, and finally i have to kill the stb by switching it off from power and then switching it back again. Now wait for another 3-4 minutes to let it reboot itself. – 6 out of 10 airtel live services doesn’t work all the time. – most seriously what i have seen is that most of the dth service providers (incl. airtel) in India are not providing HDMI slot in their stb, which means no use of spending good money on brilliant LCD tv’s when they can’t even get a decent good signal out of the stb. The impact can easily be seen on a 52" like big screen LCD tv’s. The picture doesn’t show good detail due to the raw processing of signals through the age old composite slot in the new generation tv’s. I can trace the difference easily coz I was using the virgin digital tv service in UK on my LCD with flawless video picture quality . Realizing and noticing all these faults during the initial few days after getting my new dth connection from airtel, i kept calling them everyday and explaining my situation every time to the useless customer advisors. Every-time they apologize and said sorry. Like these are the best words they have on offer, except any relevant SOLUTION. During the last 12 days or so, I have already spoken to 9 customer advisors, 4 floor supervisors (Roshni, Avinaash, Benjamin, Puneet), 1 customer retention member (sandeep), 2 technical engineers at different times. At each occasion they have booked my complaint for – wrong channel package running on my second tv (muti-tv) connection. – stb hang problem and other technical faults. Each time I have been given different complaint numbers and also the time slot, mostly the next day for engineer visit at my home. Each time i waited for the engineer to come, and on one occasion the engineer called me at some awkward time to ask if he can come now. I had no other option but to say him NO as i wasn’t at home that time and he hung up the call after saying that ‘no problems, i’ll call you again tomorrow to re-schedule my visit’. No call he made after that. And to my surprise the next day the customer advisor told me, their system is showing that my issue has been fully resolved. Even i got the same sms on my registered mobile phone no. as well. Once again i got a call from an engineer after speaking and explaining my situation to one customer retention team member (sandeep) when i made a request for disconnection and refund. The engineer said that he is coming within the next half an hour, but again he didn’t turned up. I received the same sms the next day that my issue has been fully resolved. I explained this cheat to one new floor supervisor (puneet) in the morning today, he assured me once again that the engineer will visit by tomorrow, i.e. 21/10/09 mor., but to my surprise i have again received an sms just now (at 21:00) that the issue has been fully resolved. I spoke to one new customer advisor and asked about my previously made request about a week back to discontinue with services/ refund of my full money due to lack of customer services and wrong behavior on behalf of airtel and he said that my request is still open. Also that they have got no policy to refund back the money. I don’t know what to do. I am pretty much frustrated and tired now.

  4. Vibhor,

    Thanks for saving me with the hassels. I was planning to buy the airtel dth but with the kind of service you mentioned these ppl don’t deserve to be in the market. In the protest i refuse to buy their service.


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