Colin McRae : Dirt 2

Developer(s) : Codemasters
Publisher(s) : Codemasters
Engine : EGO
Platform(s) : Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable
Genre(s) : Racing
Mode(s) : Single-player, Multi player
Media : Blu-ray Disc, DVD, Wii Optical Disc, UMD, Download
Input methods : Gamepad, keyboard, mouse

Colin McRae is the best, charismatic and famous driver who has created history in World Rally Championship. His awesome riding style, technical skills and aggressiveness, won him countless fans. His titles and victories achieved in the World Rally Championship took him to receive the title of Member of the Order which is a British Empire Medal offered by the British Empire. The name of this great Scot will always symbolize the spirit of representing the world rally. His instinct to overcome and the ability of communion man-machine help to achieve victory against all odds.

He became so famous that in 1998 that the Codemasters Company held a rally game that bore his name. This was the first demonstration for the first PlayStation.  How one could make a great game of the genre leading him by the ground of realism. His physics engine was unmatched at the time, and the cars had a spectacular finish with visual impairment included. Moreover, respect for the British firm for the spirit of the competition left us appreciate how one lives one hope in the fight against the clock, as the real pilots.

The great success of the game brought after several sequels, with a declining quality in the same order as they were leaving. PS2, Xbox witnessed PCo products, without being wicked, it went diminishing their chances and fun from the first game. With the arrival of the first DIRT completely missed the feel of the championships by installments and the time came to test the variety of competitions against other opponents in the same race, different vehicles, scenarios changed the spirit of the saga.


Although many players-including myself-our encounter may seem a step backwards in the series but we must have global perspective and understand the latest twist in the saga has taken Codemaster’s rally. What we want is to give developers more options for users, rather than testing more attractive to "done" with the game in every way. After all, this is a business, and is easier to please more people if there are more types of careers that are only present if the trial stages are finished and a smoothing control over the ride. This is a verifiable fact, although many of us really want-and-miss a game that offers 100% rally in this generation.
With teammates like Travis Pastrana, Ken Block and Dave Mirra to remind McRae recently in "X Games" and inspired by the off-road racing extreme, Codemasters aims to correct the course taken by the saga, released in the tunnel of this generation skidded and nearly going out of the road. See if you have known DIRT2 Opposite to achieve a dynamic and beneficial to the series and especially for the user. Dirt Tour
In the early version of Dirt 2 we have to play, were not all elements of the game is playable. But there were a number of disciplines tried to rally a role to play in the Dirt 2. These different forms are put together the rally in Dirt Tour, or under the career mode. The trailer will win your heart. After each race you return to your trailer, you walk quietly in and choose a new race. It seems boring to repeat that but it is actually a way to use bypass loading screens.

In the game you will see different rally and off-road vehicles at your disposal. For each type of race in the game there are ten cars you can choose. In the beginning you can buy some cars for the four different types of racing and thus in the whole game you’ll probably be with them. Unlike in games like Gran Turismo the game environment feels quiet familiar as you drive in. And do not be afraid about your car after a while it turns to a piece of junk. Now the times come for a upgrade as your rank increases.

This upgrade is unfortunately not comprehensive. You merely had simple things like a professional upgrade to buy, so that you can get better acceleration, top speed and good driving ability. You can have car of your own taste by adjusting toy on your dashboard or your rear. If you want then you can add a dashboard hula girl.




In the first race you are directly in a car and driving on the steps of Colin McRae two things you will have to do. First enjoy playing the game again. If you had completed the first race you’ll not face any trouble with the controls. This is not a easy task. I had failed in Battersea London race. The difficulty is different to each event, it seems, in a traditional rally stage we drove quickly to the competition. This is still our view the best mode already mentioned. How many new variants rally in Codemasters Dirt 2 stops, we still attain the most fun from riding the traditional rallies and more especially the mutual competition between different players.

Race Driver Grid who has played knows what that means: at any time should you go wrong with your car, you can just rewind the action and again just before boarding on the point you can make correction where you made a mistake. That way you do not always play the race again. Serious racers will use these flashbacks but hate, wrong end of a race, race and end points is zero. Dirt 2 gives the players to use or not to use the flashback feat.



We cannot drive too many conclusion due to limited range of races played so for.  What we can say with certainty is that Dirt is beautiful. All then cars and the environments are sharp, but more impressive is how realistic everything in the environment reacts. Example full blast on a stone wall, then have a chance that wall collapse, and of course your car is too heavily battered. This is no coincidence that Codemaster’s last year has acquired the British Sega Racing studio and part of the expertise of the studio is in processed.
Hard racing …
Now you’ve selected your car, have given a nice tan and have fun dice to hang your mirror, you can finally go racing! And here you will not soon you get enough. DiRT 2 is using the same engine as Race Driver: GRID, which is certainly a big plus point of the game.



The car’s movement is great and realistic. Computer opponents are certainly not so worst. But what is the most annoying thing is that many time in the race simultaneously you will lock yourself at the first corner of the circuit. Everyone just sets out full throttle and that can be quite annoying. The computer opponents can never be less throttle, not ending up in the crowd.

After practicing a while, you will pass the opponents cracks in the corners, but you can still always choose the difficulty level just to give yourself more challenge. This is very handy you can do this at any times.
Muddy graphics!
DiRT 2 looks very good. The cars are shown in details, highly realistic water splash against the mud flies and you forward your ears! And if your race is over, you have to watch the replay again to enjoy the spectacle.

The different camera points are very well put together and this fun to watch, especially because you receive every detail of sound effects and viewing environment. What a pity then, is that you cannot save several replays later again just to share them.



And even if you crash, it will be very bold to look back. The damage model in the game looks good and it is very realistic. It has now perhaps one of the best damage models in a game. This is certainly one of the best improvement in this game, compared to the other parts.

In addition, the game also has a very nice design with interactive menu, which is actually just for your camper with a piece of land where it is. And, as already mentioned, the more you drive around the world the more your plot will vary. This is done in a very nice way and very look are original. There is still not yet a game that can match the menu.

DiRT 2 is a direct sequel and it shows too. This means that it remains a good choice for fans of the series. Graphic is thick in order, the damage models look great, the new game modes are not very fancy, but everything is very amusing. It is unfortunate the loading time is higher, but Colin McRae DiRT 2 is a great title for anyone who keeps a good racing game.



Although the WRC-old sensation with Colin McRae in the lead no longer present in the game. The game runs not only rallies, but now includes many more kinds of race types. The game is thus accessible to everyone. Thanks to the beautiful graphics, nice details and a good gameplay.  


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