Samsung Galaxy I7500


introduced the i7500 mobile phone which its first Android phone. The Samsung
i7500 is an advanced smartphone with a full 3.2 inch AMOLED touchscreen, a 5
megapixel camera, 7.2Mbps HSDPA and a WiFi connection. This gives users fast
access to Google Mobile and Internet services. With the 3.2-inch AMOLED
display, the user is assured of a sharp multimedia playback and full-touch
ease. The smartphone with a 5 megapixel camera supports various multimedia
codec formats and has a long battery life.

The Samsung
i7500 White Galaxy Silver is a Quad-band phone you can call anywhere in the
world. This is because the unit for all networks in the world fit. If Android
OS operating system is installed. This allows the unit to expand with various


The design
of the Samsung i7500 is a determining factor in the popularity of this
smartphone. Of course we saw earlier in the Google Android mobile phone operating
system but were also provided with a physical QWERTY keyboard. This Samsung
i7500 Galaxy is the first Google Android mobile phone from Samsung that is
getting the full-dislpay AMOLED touch to operate. Below the display we see a
few more buttons to the phone function of the Samsung i7500 can control or
scroll through the menus. Samsung GT-i7500 has Android mobile with beautiful
design around that gives the smartphone an attractive appearance.

General Specifications 

The audio
file types used by the Galaxy Samsung i7500 be played are MP3, AAC, AAC +,
e-AAC +, WMA, RA and H.263, H.264, MPEG4, WMV video files, visit the Google
Android smartphone. The battery has a capacity of 1500 Mhz but the battery time
are not reported. The dimensions of the Samsung i7500 amounts 115 x 56 x 11.9
mm and it was a relatively compact cell phone. Finally, we report that the
Samsung i7500 via USB, Bluetooth MicroUSB and other devices to connect.


Google Android 

As you may
have read that Samsung i7500 is the first GSM mobile phone of the brand with
the Google Android operating system. The smartphone uses the Cupcake 1.5
version of Google Android and the mobile phone is a bit fast to work has the
Samsung i7500 Galaxy with a Qualcomm 528MHz processor MSM7200a. Cupcake The new
1.5 version of Google Android allows you to take videos with the Samsung i7500
to take and play. You can also create your videos with one click and send to
Youtube or Picasa for editing, or let everyone see. The Samsung i7500 Galaxy
obviously has a very important feature  that allows Google Android 1.5
Cupcake screen rotation and a virtual keyboard which gives full-touch display
to operate.


A smartphone
like the Samsung i7500 is obviously not without mobile internet and the
possibilities for the mobile Internet on the go are certainly present. The
display of the Samsung i7500 Galaxy Android with 3.2 inch also big enough to
get simply relax and surf the mobile Internet. The Samsung i7500 Galaxy
supports GPRS and EDGE, but for the Dutch it is of course a better support for
HSDPA and UMTS which is more interesting. Besides the above all compounds you
may also see a WiFi connection support in the Samsung i7500 through which it
brings faster internet service on your finger tips. With the Google Android OS
it is obvious to enjoy more & fast mobile internet. And you get more in
Samsung i7500 Galaxy like full advantage of services for example Google Maps,
Picasa or Youtube. The mobile Internet browsing with the Samsung i7500 is
equipped with the Google Chrome Lite browser.

Digital Camera 

The Samsung
I7500 Galaxy is not only a business mobile phone but has 5 megapixels digital
camera. You can of course take great pictures and videos with this camera and
it gives functionality in the Google Android 1.5 operating system so that you
can Cupcake photos and videos to certain Google services site. For example, a
picture captured in Samsung GT-i7500 Galaxy, can be used as a touch and send the
pictures to Picasa on the Internet, then for image editing or publishing. It is
still unclear what extra features the 5 megapixels digital camera has. The
latest mobile phones from Samsung are equipped with integrated face & smile
detection and such other flashes. Once we know more about the camera
functionality of the Samsung i7500 we will of course let you know immediately.
Update: The 5 megapixels digital camera in the Samsung i7500 has a powerful
autofocus and power LED flash feature.

GPS Navigation 

One another
nice feature discovered on the Samsung i7500 is the GPS receiver which allows
the mobile phone and navigation system to work. The GPS receiver on the Google
Android smartphone can quite accurately determine your location and then in
combination with Google Maps the ideal route to your destination can be
calculated. The GPS receiver in the Samsung i7500 Galaxy can also be used for
geo-tagging. This means that you can first take a picture or video with the
Samsung i7500 and you make geographic data to this file so that you can always
find out where the photo or video made. We do not currently have any
information related to navigation on the Samsung i7500 Galaxy.

Layer’s Augemented Reality Browser 

specification that has become known during the announcement of the mobile phone
on August 14 is the Optic Internet. The Layar’s Augmented Reality Browser such
as the application is also mentioned, according to Samsung puts a layer on the
digital camera image of the mobile phone. Layar or Optic Based Internet uses
GPS, camera and compass in the GSM. It is also based on Location Based
Services. If you use lens to look around you see real-time image in the petrol
stations in the vicinity. Finally, the Samsung Galaxy Optic Internet with its
exclusive Layar of Rain Radar. The smartphone offers everyone outcome that go
looking for a gas station, ATM or restaurant. This interesting feature of the
Samsung GT-i7500 mobile phone is unique and it certainly has a line for the

Music and Multimedia

The mobile
phone is also equipped with Bluetooth A2DP wireless support so you can connect
a stereo headset. Earlier we wrote about all the 5 megapixels digital camera of
the Samsung i7500 which you can record videos. This automatically means that
your other videos on the mobile phone can play. Think more of Youtube and other
videos you can download from the internet. The internal memory of 8GB Samsung
i7500 is large enough for hours of music on the mobile phone store. With a
memory of memory card you can expand the smartphone course. For entertainment
and other functions can also use Google Apps and Android Market applications to
start new Samsung i7500 Galaxy can download the convenience of this mobile
phone even further.


specifications of the Samsung i7500 Galaxy are very good and especially working
with Google Android is a feast for the multimedia enthusiast. Despite the
battery cover and some minor glitches in the software (which probably in the
next update are fixed) is a good device. You do not have to worry about the


  1. Obviously the differences between the version in black and white are simply aesthetic. This will continue to have Android 1.5, AMOLED touchscreen of 3.2 inches, a 5 megapixel camera with flash, 8GB of internal memory, GPS, 3.5mm jack, or WiFi connectivity, among other features.

  2. Mulitmedia feast!?!? You must be kidding. I’m a support of Android but it is not yet even todate, Oct. 2010 a mulitmedia feast. Codec support has been overlooked.


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