Nokia N96 Mobile Phone

The Nokia N96 is the successor of the Nokia N95 which was an absolute cracker. The N96 is a true multimedia monster: play music, watch movies, play games, everything is possible. Furthermore you have the option to receive live television. That works well. The image is sharp and is easy to read subtitles. The N96 comes with a 5 mega pixel camera that is able to make beautiful pictures and make videos. The internal memory of 16GB is more than enough of everything on the phone set. Surfing the internet on this N96 is no problem. The phone supports UMTS and HSDPA, making you almost as fast Internet access at home. Furthermore, the N96 is equipped with an intelligent navigation system, including the convenient "walk" pedestrian mode so you can easily find the way. The Nokia N96 is mainly controlled by the multimedia buttons and pull the ‘standard’ keyboard. All in all, the Nokia N96 is a fantastic phone.

First impression
The Nokia N96 comes in a nice box and a lot of accessories: a battery, a charger, a charger for the car, a data cable, TV cable, manuals, software and a headset. Like the N95, the N96 to be opened two sides: one side for the standard buttons and a side of the keyboard shortcuts.

Nokia N96 Operating System
The N96 has a Dual ARM CPU 9264 MHz processor with 128mb RAM. The device runs on the new symbian OS 9.3 S60 OS. Like the N95, the Nokia N96 with a dual slider at one end to the regular keypad and the other special multimedia keys. The internal memory of this smartphone is a whopping 16gb and that is through a microSD memory further expandable with 8gb.

The menu and the screen
The N96 uses the Symbian operating system, version 3. Once you press the menu button, a number of icons appear. This is very clear, especially with the bright 2.8 "screen. Moreover, the image can be tilted by the duplex unit is extendable. The image can thus be displayed both horizontally and vertically. This is very useful when you for example on your TV phone watch. The quality of the TV signal is also very good.

The camera
The camera in the Nokia N96 is a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, this makes great photos . Pressing and capture a photo takes about two seconds. This is also a disadvantage that we find on almost any mobile phone.

Mobile Internet and GPS
If high end N96 device offers this course to all communications. So this smartphone supports quad band GSM networks. There is also support HSDPA on the N96 so you can quickly rush through the internet browser. Also not on this Nokia lacks WiFi, so you can easily connect to wireless networks as the internet or file sharing.

With the large screen and 3G Nokia N96 Internet is ideal for mobile Internet. Besides to connect the Internet via UMTS or HSDPA is also possible to use a wireless network using WiFi. Besides 3G, the N96 Internet  can be use as a GPS receiver, including Nokia Maps. This makes the device very suitable for navigation. The license to use navigation is unfortunately still be bought separately.

Memory and Battery
The Nokia N96 has 16GB of internal memory onboard. This is incredible and far enough to the phone packed with films, series and music. If you find 16GB is not enough, then you also have the possibility to expand the memory via a MicroSD card. This must be purchased separately.

The battery of the N96 has a maximum standby time of 220 hours and a talk time of 220 minutes. In normal use a standby time of 60 hours but realistic.

Nokia PC Suite
It is possible for your Nokia N96 to sync with your computer. This allows images, movies and music files from your PC to your phone to copy. You can also manage your contacts with the software, synchronize your calendar or software update. 

Nokia N96 Multimedia
As a multimedia device, the Nokia N96 extensive multimedia capabilities. So this is a very good smartphone with 5 megapixel camera. The various special camera functions and the Carl Zeiss Tessar lens makes this camera very sharp pictures and videos. Of course, the N96 also features a media player that all your music and play videos. On the large TFT color screen movies are very good to their right, and the FM radio ensures that you will never be bored. This is the new Nokia DVB-H TV receiver so you now can watch mobile TV on the smartphone. Because the Nokia N96 has a GPS receiver and A-GPS device with Nokia Maps can also be used as navigation system. With A-GPS is the system in no time with a satellite connection and use the road. Finally, the N96 also has an Office document viewer so you most office files like Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the phone can open and view. His extensive multimedia and communications capabilities, the Nokia N96 is truly a phone for multimedia junkies, who expect more than just a phone that can call and SMS.

The N96 like the N95 is a dual-slider, which means that he two sides can be opened. The lens cap is gone, the camera starts after pressing the shutter button. New is a slider for the key lock. Also, the placement of the headphone output improved, it now sits at the top of the phone.

The software has undergone a minor cosmetic update, but users of Series 60 will feel right at home. Mainly standby settings screen is extended. The home phone supports DVB-H for watching live TV, but this is a special (and expensive) to extend your subscription. We are very pleased with the display of h.264 material the picture is bright and sharp. The battery life is significantly improved over the N95.

However the N96 is not without downsides. The phone has not become faster over the N95 and the new keyboard is a little too smooth, in our eyes. In addition, the application and cancel out low-key. When we play video dims the keyboard, so we cannot see which button we can pause the video. The rear panel can be removed to replace the battery, but the thin plastic which makes the phone feel cheap.

The RSS reader is useful, the browser is clearly behind competitors like Mobile Safari (iPhone) and Opera (Windows Mobile). Sometimes we force the screen orientation to change them back, so the page is finally readable display. And although there is support for the IMAP protocol implementation is very limited.


  1. N-96 is one of the best mobile of this season . First i was using N-73. Now i have got N96, great mobile. All the feature are excellent including 16 gb memory and music buttons on front. It will help a lot for shuffle music for music lover. As we are talking about music it have a graeat crystal clear sound. I have owned it hope you ‘ll soon.


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