Kodak Zi8 – Slim Pocket Camcorder

The new Kodak Camcorder Zi8 comes in a practical pocket format and lends itself to spontaneous and simple video recording. With Kodak Zi8, you can capture  movies with full HD resolution of 1080p. The small device is suitable as a constant companion, his videos can be transfer via computer after a few clicks on the Internet.

After switching ON, the Pocket Camcorder Kodak Zi8 is ready in about two seconds for the video recording. The device starts in the last selected recording format. In addition to Full HD resolution of 1080p, the HD versions are 720p and WVGA with 854 x 480 pixels and photos with a resolution of five megapixels available. All recordings manufactures to the camcorder in 16:9 aspect ratio. When the viewfinder is the 2.5-inch monitor, the image can be seen even in sunlight too.

Camera that can be used with single hand
The Kodak Zi8 fits comfortably in your hand and can be easily operated with one hand. However, the switch requires a strong pressure on the appropriate button. The red record button is also used for navigation in the menu – unfortunately not a good idea of Kodak. Users quickly confirmed inadvertently request or a menu to start recording, although it really wanted to move only left or right.

This lens offers an capture of 2.8 and a focal length of 6.34 millimeters. Pictures are converted into the small format, the recording type according to the active is 42 to 61 millimeters. The camera lens has a fixed focus. Thus, the camera delivers sharp images in normal mode only if the filmed image of at least one meter away. At the top of the Zi8, there is a button to switch to the macro focus range. The sliding button can be operated even during video recording, but the pictures in the macro area are sharp only at a distance of 15 centimeters.

Full-HD video with fixed focus
For recording images in the Kodak Zi8 installed a 5.8 x 4.3 millimeters wide CMOS sensor with a resolution of five megapixels. It provides images with natural colors that are sufficiently detailed. As a result of the rigid focus, however, affect the sharpness of the images left to be desired.

In general, videos are seen better at a resolution of 720p at 60 frames per second than 1,080 shots with the higher resolution. For short films, which will be published unedited on the Internet, ranging from image quality in both formats all.

The video recording with the Kodak Zi8 can be done, in spite of the existing tripod socket is usually with his free hand. The built-in image stabilization is thus in theory a good idea.

Audio Recording with Mono Channel
The built-in microphone of the Kodak Zi8 takes the sound to only a mono channel. For most recreational uses of these cameras, this is sufficient abundance. Who needs a better sound that draws on the connection for an external stereo microphone. A speaker on the front of the pocket camcorder delivers the sound when the videos are played in the device.

With a maximum of 32 gigabyte SD or SDHC memory card Kodak Zi8 records up to 10 hours of footage. The 128 megabytes of internal memory is sufficient only for a few photos or short video snippets.

USB connector instead of accessories cable
About the fold-out USB connector allows the Kodak Zi8 like a USB flash drive connected to computers. However, the cable to the USB port is extremely short-fall, so the camera on most PCs and is not next to it. The computer recognizes the memory card in Zi8 as an external drive. The files can be easily copied using Windows Explorer or similar programs on the hard drive.

More comfortable the copying process starts with the program from Arcsoft Media Impression which accompanies the Zi8. The corresponding installation file is located on the internal memory of the camcorder. Media Impression not only helps when you import the video, but will present films one upon request at the online portals, Facebook, Youtube or Vimeo.

In addition to the movies via AV and HDMI cables from the Kodak Zi8 on display devices such as transfer, for example flat screen TV. For both types of connection cable is included.

Conclusion: Handy guide for casual videographers
The pocket video camera Kodak Zi8 is the equivalent of a camcorder snapshot camera. The facilities are rudimentary, the setting options are limited. Therefore the device is ready to handle and allows shooting at a touch.

Compared to a full-featured camcorder needs of the buyers at the comparatively low Kodak device, however, accept some compromises. But who wants to quickly and easily add videos to publish it unedited on the Internet to find the perfect companion to the Zi8.

The MSRP for the Zi8 is between 10 to 12,000.


  1. The Zi8 is better unless you really do want to submerge your camcorder. The ability to focus on people and things as close as 6 inches vs 3 ft is a major benefit of the Zi8. Plus you can record people and sounds from a distance and in stereo with the Zi8 using an external microphone. I wonder how many warranty claims Kodak will have when they realize that the seals aren’t as waterproof as they have been told. Especially in warm weather when the seals shrink.

  2. Kodak does not stand behind its products. I bought the Zi8 in November to take on a cruise. When I got home none of the photos came out. I started using it just for videos, then some of the videos did not come out. Then it died completely in March. I had to mail it to them at my expense. 2 weeks later it came back and still will not come on. They refuse to give me a refund, even though support told me to take it back to the store to get a refund. I bought it from kodak.com and they refuse to give a refund, claiming that they only do that for 30 days. So if your camera breaks after 30 days, you are screwed.


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