Need for Speed Shift (PS3)

The Need For Speed game series has been a source of great joy and enormous disappointments for those players who are fans of driving titles. The fact is that the franchise, over time, was diversified to the point that many, even too many times, NFS was launched into the market with specific differences of inexcusable and a progressive decline in their levels of quality and fun. So, the first time you hear about NFS: SHIFT, many wonder: "Another Need for Speed? Was it really necessary? ". The answers to these questions are, in order as to "why again". SHIFT will take us back to the spirit of mostly realistic simulator of the original title which gave the name and home to the saga. There is a desperate realism simulator (which no one anticipated like a Flight Simulator, but with cars), but it is true that it moves away from the street to focus on tuning the components. From the different level of cities it enters into the channels and approaches the pure act of driving from one point of view closer to that of the other, a sports simulation games developed by the previous incarnation of Slightly Mad Studios, under the name of Blimey!

It was time for a completely new Need for Speed series. After a few rather mediocre games like Carbon or ProStreet or Undercover, it was obvious long ago that the development studio EA Black Box had ran out of ideas and had no desire to do something new.

So Electronic Arts decided to pass the baton to another company that had another way of thinking and to apply a shock to the franchise. Project was commissioned by Slightly Mad Studios, a developer apparently new but whose heart was formed by the same developers and designers who worked intensively in racing simulators games like GTR, GTR 2 and GT Legends, three of the best simulators games on the motor world with four wheels.

Slightly Mad Studios thinking was completely different to what Need for Speed had been so far, and therefore they wanted to create the ultimate gaming experience in terms of simulation car, which meant breaking with the past. It was time to clear the slate and rewrite Need for Speed from scratch. Thus Shift was born, the heir to reclaim his throne.


Without marginal racing

If anything characterized the Need for Speed was marginal for their careers and / or at night, outside the law, in cities with traffic or police chases. Another signature of the house was the tuning, changing the design of cars and parts to build tuned cars, was either missing in the latest rendition of the game.

Shift gets rid of that all. This is a racing game and a car, and there is more to say. No more competition in town, busy circuits or bets and persecution. In Shift, the cars will always run in real circuits, without loopholes in illegal competitions and cars prepared for the high competition. That is, Need for Speed has become a standard racing

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