Samsung C3050 Mobile Phone

Samsung is fond of mass production of simple and affordable handsets, and one of them is the model C3050. We shall now take a closer look at what you really expect from this phone, which will be a good fit for those who do not do a lot of money to the mobile phone.

A first impression of the C3050 is a mixed experience. The phone is very stylish as it is located in the box, and could easily pass for an expensive phone.


Unfortunately, crushed all we must have exclusive performances with once we lift the phone out of the box. Here is the plastic on plastic, and also a sense that the phone has unnecessary empty space under the back cover. C3050 seem a bit empty.

Sliding mechanism, however, we do very well. This is just the right tight and sliding well.

C3050 has a volume control as the only keys located on the side of the phone.

Click, click

My phone menu keys are also in plastic, and make a fairly high click sound when you press them. Unfortunately, this helps the impression that this is a cheap phone. The buttons is good press, and has good response.

The number keys are completely flat, but horizontally separated by three RAND in shiny silver plastic. This makes it easier to navigate between the buttons with your thumb when you type on your keyboard.

Screen to C3050 is two inches high. It could always be bigger, but is more than authorized for phones in this price range. The resolution of 128 x 160 pixels does, however, undermined the images you display on the screen becomes blurred.

When your phone is in sleep mode, the current date and the current time with large numbers and letters. This is like very well, and make sure you do not have to open the phone to check time and date.

Rene menus

C3050s menu icons are clean and neat. Samsung has in fact made the very simple and the impossible can be ugly no matter how comp screen had to be.

The menus on the phone are generally easy to follow. We wonder, however, remains as to why Samsung believes that Bluetooth is a program. Bluetooth function could with advantage have been placed in the settings menu.

A huge annoyance at C3050 is confirmed lock key. Click this sleep mode, open your browser and you get home you have selected in your browser. Pure habit, acquired through the use of many other phones, makes you automatically press this button to bring up the main menu. It takes a little acclimation before you avoid opening your browser each time you enter the menus. Button’s shortcut can also be changed.

The sales package to the C3050 is sparse, and includes:

  • Phone with battery
  • Chargers
  • Headsets
  • Instructions for Use

Design and usability

  • Form: The sliding keyboard
  • Dimensions: 9.7 x 4.7 x 1.5 cm
  • Weight: 86 grams
  • Display: TFT, 2 inches, 128 x 160 pixels, 65 000 colors
  • Shortcut Keys: Volume
  • Input and output: Samsung’s proprietary
  • Short positions: Yes, the Micro-USB
  • External antenna socket: No
  • Menu System: Samsung’s own

On such a simple phone that C3050, it is reasonable to expect a fairly good battery life. It meets the phone in the highest degree requirements. At moderate use should not be charging this phone more than once a week. We measured the time to talk right over 6 hours, which is quite OK for a GSM phone.

C3050 supports four GSM frequencies, which means that you can call home from virtually all over the world.

The phone is however having no bars when it comes to surfing the mobile web. The fastest technology is Edge. And it is perhaps just as easy, since the built-in browser is completely miserable.

It comes with no cable in the package to the C3050. Thus, you have only Bluetooth as transfer option, unless you choose to buy an extra cable.

Poor web browser

Even wap pages use the phone several minutes to download. When the phone do not even manage to put in place a wap page, how to clear a common web site? C3050 can not. After a few long minutes comes the error message "Not enough memory".

This is a problem Samsung has been a long time for their cheap phones with NetFront browser. Now it really begins to be time to get into a better option!

A good option for the C3050 is to download the browser Opera Mini, which adapts standard web pages on small mobile screens.

With the exception of the browser, the C3050 has a quick telephone. It should, strictly speaking, only fair, since you can make very few advanced operations with your phone.

Expand the memory card

Internal memory of C3050 is 20 MB, which do not have very many files and photos. If you are willing to spit in a few tens of a memory card, you can still get plenty of space on the phone.

C3050 has no built-in e-mail reads. It has; however, it is a small selection of useful features, such as alarm clock, world clock, calculator, notes and converts.

Poor sound

Unfortunately drawers C3050 on one of the points that are most important in a mobile phone: Voice quality is too poor. Both we and the other side thought the sound was too bad. The sound has big wave and metal, and can be compared with the sound you get with the calls made via walkie talkie.

Ironically it sounds better by using the included hands-free kit. This required, however, that you held microphone part of the handsfree close to the mouth during the entire conversation, allowing hands-free kit was not very "hands free" anyway.

It constantly chopped in the conversation on our part. During the talks disappeared in both words and sometimes half the sentences, so we were not with us to carry out a normal conversation.

This is simply incapable Samsung, and makes natural to the phone scores very low with us.

Technology and features

  • Mobile networks: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Internet Speed: GPRS, EDGE
  • Wireless transmission: Bluetooth 2.0
  • Retrieving e-mail: No
  • The quoted battery life: 8 hours of speech, 13.6 days standby
  • SAR value: 709 W / kg
  • Internal Memory: 20 MB, support for Memory Stick Micro
  • Address: 1000 contacts
  • Calendar: Yes
  • E-mail reads: No
  • Features: Alarm, notes, stopwatch, calculator, Converter, world.

C3050 has a built-in music player for the simple ones. You can turn on the cycle, as well as choose from various pre-minded soundscapes.

Poor sound – again

Unfortunately, none of them really manage to make it good for your ears to listen to music with the C3050. The sound is flat and sharp, and ashamed also of an eternal murmur.

On the other hand, this is not unusual for phones in this price range, and C3050, is located just on the average when it comes to sound quality in music player.

It is possible that a decent headset can improve the sound considerably. Since the phone only has Samsung’s own port for cable connection, you must buy a transition that fits your headset.

Radio in room

C3050 has an FM radio under the cover. This automatically searches and stores the available channels for you. The channels are stored, however, only the frequency and not by name.

Strangely Samsung has turned up the volume on the radio in relation to the music player. Do you have good hearing; you will experience it as unpleasant to listen to the radio and even on the lowest possible volume.

It comes with no games with the C3050, but if you want you can download games via a direct link in the phone menus.

The market’s worst mobile phone camera?

Camera C3050 has 0.3 megapixel resolution. Some photo light or flash does not exist.

The photos you take with the phone’s camera are generally pretty bad. The details flowed out under most lighting conditions, in addition to the images usually are darker than reality.

In dark conditions the images are grainy and washed out, and the bright areas are often over-exposed.

The picture at the bottom left is a so-called map which shows how well the camera is able to view the details. In C3050s case, stopping detail reproduction of about 7,000 lines. By comparison, the land of Sony Ericsson W508 is on 13,800 lines. A typical compact camera will often get up to about 40 000 lines.

Detail is thus not overwhelming the photos taken by C3050. Is it important that the mobile takes good pictures, you should choose something else!

You can also record video clips with the C3050, as with the resolution 176 x 144 pixels. This is such a comp that the result is used very little. The picture is very Pixelated, and barely good enough to appear at the phones own screen.


  • Media Features: Music Player
  • Media formats: MP3 / ACC / ACC + / eACC + / WMA / WAV
  • FM Radio: Yes, RDS
  • Wireless stereo (A2DP): No
  • Media Outputs: Samsung’s proprietary
  • Java Support: Yes, unspecified
  • Games and Entertainment: No (the ability to download your own)
  • Camera Resolution: 0.3 megapixels
  • Autofocus: No
  • Zoom: Digital zoom (Up to 2x)
  • Flash or photo light: No
  • Video shooting: 176 x 144, 15 fps
  • Other: Adjustment of brightness, multi-shot, panorama


C3050 is a cheap phone with the sliding keyboard.

A first impression of the phone is good. C3050 looks actually more expensive than it is, when it’s on the table. But when you start using it, check quickly that this is a phone of the cheaper variety.

Samsung materials are plastic, plastic and more plastic. This makes the phone feels very cheap. In addition, it is fairly easy, and with the plastic, this allows the phone at times feels somewhat empty.

The menus are clean and attractive to look at, and most menu options are logically placed. The menus are so simple that it looks fine on the comp screen.

C3050 supports all four GSM frequencies, so the phone can be used virtually worldwide.

Poor sound

The question then is: Do you really want to use it? Sound quality at C3050 is in fact so bad that it was tempting to write SMS rather than call. The sound is big wave and noisy, and can be compared a little with the sound you get with a walkie-talkie.

C3050 also has a built-in music player. Are you a music lover to the bone, you will hardly be satisfied with the sound C3050 serve it. We’re talking cutting tones so it literally sings for. You can adjust the sound a bit by using audio equalizer, but this helps a little.


FM radio is also in place and this we like good. Unfortunately, Samsung chose to set up the sound of the radio so much that good ears will be able to experience the radio listening as a direct unpleasant.

To surf the web with C3050 was no simple matter. The browser can handle only wap pages, but struggled to load even with these.

C3050 camera takes pictures at a resolution of 0.3 megapixels. This is not exactly a lot, and a resolution we had hoped we would get to see on many phones now. This is, after all, 2009.

Optics in the camera is unfortunately also very poor, making sure you get pictures that are both grainy, over exposed and blurry under most lighting conditions.


Are you interested in using as little money as possible, we will also recommend that you look at models like the Nokia 3109 Classic. This has no camera, but compared to the Samsung C3050 is strictly speaking not a loss.

Are you willing to round one thousand lobe, can Sony Ericsson G502 is one alternative. Another option is the Nokia 6300, which now has fallen so much in price that you do not have to pay more than about 1,200 pounds for it. The latter phone oozes in addition of good build quality, and has much better camera than the C3050.


  1. yo
    i have recently perchesed this phone and i have found that is a great phone the sond is not that bad at all i play music on it and the quality is the same as an expensive phone. so waht if its plastick big woop like dude sereosly. i have to agree with the camara to some degree tho its not to bad but its not great. i got this phone for $69au and i mean what more cud ya expect for a phone this price. LOL u guys r geeks


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