Olympus E-620 digital camera

Newly crowned by TIPA (Technical Image Press Association) as the best entry SLR range the Olympus E-620 has a reflex response to the standard 4 / 3, both lightweight and compact equipped with a sensor 12 Megapixel and a nice LCD screen mounted on the head referred to direct.

The E-620 has a major changes in reflex input from Olympus range including a new module with AF 7 collimators (5 cross) which replaces the previous system which did AF 3 AF areas. A more efficient auto will make the most of new optical engine sonic SWD.

The Olympus E-620 works with a new chip information processing: TruePic III + . I expect a better treatment of electronic noise on the sensitivity range that extends from 100 to 3200 ISO. A beach in the background of most people who do not go up to ISO 6400 or 12800. The burst rate is correct with 4 fps 5 views in RAW mode. Finally the E-620 still allows the management of flashes (model FL-50R, FL-36R) wireless remote (3 groups with 4 channels and up to 99 flashes per group). Note the presence of modes art that can create JPEG files directly with the effects more or less attractive as pinhole mode or soft focus.

The method of direct referred LCD does not change much. It still has the recognition of faces but remains far too slow for daily use. The lack of HDMI video output to connect the camera to an HDTV or Full HD.

Olympus DSLRs have always presented a good quality of slr. The E-620 is no exception to this rule and the box is rather qualitative. The finish is very correct and it is very light. The E-620 is a very compact model that will satisfy photographers in search of a discreet lightweight. Equipped with optical pancake 25 mm f/2.8 the reflex is easily conceal under a coat. Hold ding on E-620 is not much good . Orders are easily accessible while I would like to preferred that the adjustment wheel is positioned a little lower, closer to the thumb. This entry model does not provide protection against moisture or dust.

Enjoy the rotating LCD screen mounted on ball joint which allows, under direct shots original and more discreet. It will nevertheless be familiar with the responsiveness on the auto detection of contrast. The outbreak of E-620 is not really silent and there is no trigger mode silencers referred directly, that limits the noise to the movements of the shutter. Worse, in Live View mode as like previous models the mirror of the E-620 drops 2 times (the first time to reset the sensor) that is used by the AF detection contrast or phase difference.

On the short handle of the Olympus E-620 is the conspicuous presence of the witness timer who also serves as a cell for remote control. The small gray circle is a unit for measuring the white balance which is complementary to the measure through the lens.

The other side of the button is use

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