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Final Fantasy XV Demo – Titan Trailer

Players have sought to overcome the limitations of the demo Episode Duscae of Final Fantasy XV, so much so that they were able to...

Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha playable demo now available for download

The next Unreal Tournament from Epic Games can now be tested in an unofficial pre-alpha version of Windows. The record is highlighted as part...

Xbox One now supports Trial and Unlock Game Demo Functionality

The last update of the Xbox One can download playable demos for independent games available on the console to test the game and unlock...

Crysis 2 demo tweaking

If you find that the demo of Crysis 2 is almost unplayable, try these few tweaks that should boost the visibility of the game,...

Shattered Origins: Guardians of Unity Demo

Mankind has destroyed almost the entire Earth for unnecessary wars and endless paths to resources. This space simulation takes you into the middle of...

Call of Duty: Black Ops Demo Available Now

Epic Single Player Mission, WMD, Comes to Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network.The thrilling mission from Call of Duty: Black Ops, WMD, is now available worldwide...

Download Dragon Age 2 Demo

Dragon Age II demo, which is a BioWare's RPG sequel, has recently released for download at The Dragon Age Website. Word is that " In the...

Epic Games and EA Kick-Start the New Year With a Demo for Bulletstorm

Get a Taste of One of 2011’s Most Anticipated Games Starting on January 25.People Can Fly, Epic Games and Electronic Arts Inc. today announced...

StarCraft II Demo Download For Windows and Mac OS X Now Available

On the StarCraft II Website, people can now download the StarCraft II game Demo for Windows and Mac OS X platform. Word is that...
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