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Gosalia 1.0

Gosalia is built on the famous Linux Kernel with the Ubuntu and Debian Utilities. With Gosalia you have no worries of having to code...

Linux distribution openSUSE 11.3 first draft version will published by July 15

Distribution openSUSE 11.3 development cycle begins with the online version of Monday Milestone 1 that can be likened to an Alpha version 0. This...

How to recompile the linux kernel

Reasons to recompile your Linux kernel You’ve bought some new hardware and want support for it in Linux. You want to access features of Linux that...

Linux kernel 2.6.6

The new version of the linux kernel, version 2.6.6 has just been released. This version fixes most of the bugs found in the earlier build,...

Knoppix 3.4 hits the mirrors

The much awaited version of Knoppix, version 3.4 is finally here! New features among many include version 2.6.5 Linux Kernel, KDE version 3.2.2 and...
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