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Sony Introduced Its Powerful Hardware And Software Line-Ups For The Next Holiday Season

PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PSP (PlayStation Portable) Models Announced at TGS 2010 include Classic White PS3 System with 320 GB Hard Disk Drive, Two-...

Monster Hunter Tri Review

Monster Hunter 3 on Wii is a game of epic hunt allows players to track down monstrous creatures on land and in water. Each...

Nintendo Introduced Classic Controller Pro for Wii Across North America

Today Nintendo of America launches a new game controller for its popular Wii system. Previously sold only in Japan, the Classic Controller Pro accessory...

Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite 3 announced for PSP

Capcom has now announced at a press conference the game Monster Hunter Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite 3 for the PSP. Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite...

God Eater in pictures on PSP

Exclusive to the PSP, God Eater materializes as a Monster Hunter-like quality, designed to be carried up to four cooperative online. Instead of presenting...
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