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Songbird 1.8 version released for Windows, Mac and Linux

A new version of Songbird was put online by the developers, who have concentrated their efforts on the part of data synchronization. With audio player,...

Songbird 1.7.2 stable version released for Windows and Mac OS X

The Songbird media player is available in a new stable version 1.7.2 stamped takes over from version 1.4.3 in late 2009. Songbird has neglected the...

Designers of MetaLab accused Mozilla for Copying

We already knew that the main browsers on the market tended to inspire each other. Everyone seems to play the game we put together...

Songbird goes into version 1.4

The proponents of open source music player Songbird can now download a new version, 1.4.3. The development team stated that it incorporated new codecs...

Discover the secrets of Songbird

Released several months ago, this media player appears as a competitor to iTunes and some of them predict the same success as Firefox. Discover,...

Songbird 1.4.1 Beta 2

Songbird is a freeware open-source music player. It is a cross platform tool which enable a new way to play and manage songs. The...
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