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Scythe Makes Setsugen High-End VGA Cooler Official

Scythe is announcing today the second High-End VGA Cooler by the name "Setsugen" (English: Snow field). Setsugen VGA Cooler is equipped with a genuine Slip Stream...

Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer Review

With graphic cards coming out with more powerful cores, each faster than the one before and along with the overclocking enthusiasts looking to squeeze that bit...

Spire Unveils Slimod VGA Cooler

Introducing the newly arrived High-end VGA Graphics Array cooler, Slimod. This cool VGA Card cooler is brimming with technology and innovation. Applicable to the...

Thermaltake Launches ISGC-V320 VGA cooler

Products of Thermaltake’s ISGC series have become representative of silent and good performance coolers. Users have already been expecting the newest ISGC VGA cooler...
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