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Cisco Teamed Up With Portugal Telecom to Bring World-Class Cloud Computing Services

New Cloud Computing Services to Include Virtual Servers, Unified Communications as a Service and Virtual Desktop technology. Portugal Telecom and Cisco today announced the extension...

Easyspace Launch Virtual Private Server Meta Trader Solution

Easyspace, one of the leading providers of Virtual Server hosting solutions in the UK, has launched a new VPS package to provide a robust virtual...

Teamspeak 3.0 Beta 7

TeamSpeak is flexible, powerful, scalable software which enables people to speak with one another over the Internet. TeamSpeak consists of both client and server...

IBM announces Linux offerings for the System z mainframe

IBM today announced new Linux offerings for the System z mainframe to help clients run smarter and more efficient data centers that maximize the...

IBM Acts to Enhance Security of Virtual Environments

IBM introduced IBM Virtual Server Security for VMware vSphere, a software product designed to help organizations secure and protect their virtual server infrastructure. The...

Easyspace introduces SaaS applications for Virtual Server range

Easyspace, one of the leading providers of domain names and web hosting services in the UK, has announced the launch of an extensive library...

Mount a VHD file with VHDMount

 There is quite some time that the SP1 beta 2 of Virtual Server R2 is available on internet. Among the new features of SP1,...

Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 Escapes Delayed Beta Process

Finally emerging from beta after Microsoft told an already anxious customer base in May of last year it would eventually be available early in...

Microsoft Delays Virtual Server Release

Microsoft continues to modify "Viridian," a move that will delay the first public beta of the software. Microsoft officially confirmed that the first public beta...

Microsoft announces new licensing policy for virtual servers

Microsoft announced today that they are changing their licensing policy for running Windows server operating systems inside a virtual machine (VM). The old licensing...

Microsoft to support Linux with next Virtual Server

Microsoft will support both Linux and Solaris in its next version of Virtual Server. But virtually, on top of Windows. At the same time, the...

Microsoft unveils Virtual Server 2005

Microsoft has unveiled Virtual Server 2005, claiming that the virtual machine for Windows Server 2003 will help customers provision datacentre resources. Shipping in Standard and...

Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 to be shipped on October 1

Microsoft Corp. next month will release Virtual Server 2005, its first foray into server virtualization and a key element of the broad management platform...
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